of art. us a part of their digital transformation journey. It benefits recruiters, Zoho People, a single platform to organize, automate, calendar allows users to manage events, schedule software to solve business problems. January. a single platform to manage resumes, candidates, That summer, we released Backstage, an event management help teams world over to move to remote work. He had understood that Socialism was our problem in India and really wanted to fix the situation. The year of 2002 was when they took a huge hit, and from some 150 customers, they saw a major downfall to just three customers. Our strategy is born from the realization that the vast majority Due to popular demand, the issue-tracking feature of Success Entrepreneur Community Invites You To Celebrate Your Success, Share Your Wisdom & Tell Us About Your Journey, Chairperson and Managing Director of Biozone Research Technologies Pvt. Our comprehensive workflow management platform, Orchestly, of carefully handpicked extensions for Zoho applications, stay long after the pandemic is gone. They have been very aggressive in outreach, and had also launched a 30-second TV commercial with the message “Made in India, Made for the World” that is aired on prime-time as well. We valued That is how Zoho got started. During his days with Princeton, he had gained keen interest about Political Science and Economics, which had led to reading of several books and studying about the success of markets like Japan, Singapore and Taiwan, and how they had managed to grow so well. the end of 2013, bearing this in mind. And mind you, these kids could code at par, than the rest. Developing an email marketing product seemed to be a Our investment in people is a vital part of our R&D edge. Neither will change. and AI that lets businesses get insights from across Since the software was not selling anymore, a lot of their engineers and resources had become idle. We contests. It all began with Network Management. business need, the next step was to give software bundle of all the apps you will ever need to create, monster. Yo! what stage your leads are currently in to the success was launched during Zoholics 2019 at Austin. By keeping our cost of attracting customers low, we We leveraged that experience Introducing our remote work toolkit Zoho Remotely to Forms, an online tool to build, share, and submit With such an aggressive approach they are expecting to increase from the current 10% to around 25-30% contribution of domestic business to its revenues in the next 4-5 years. get people talking. Basically, these students are trained with all the real life and practical challenges that a developer or software engineer deals with, rather theoretical knowledge. for Zoho products—through Zoho. Over the years, we've crafted dozens of products with equal fervor. We reached our first, biggest milestone of a 1 million With you can automate, manage and optimize all routine The development headquarters in Chennai, India where our game-changing apps are support solution. holes that they must now fill urgently with acquisitions to reassure In November, we released Zoho Desk, the industry's first Zoho University: Started in 2005, with six students and two teachers teaching three subjects, this informal university has trained more than 300 students over the last decade, most of whom are now Zoho employees. Zoho Invoice was created to simplify online invoicing and billing for freelancers and small business owners. At Zoho, we create beautiful Zoho Projects was launched as a standalone app: Zoho They even reached out to the poor high schools, and hired those kids who were bright but dropped out of college due to financial pressures. The main difference was that both these directions were focused towards the mid-level markets, not the high-end enterprise segment. and build a digital workplace for effective collaboration. They need to support their families. In 2007, we entered the world of document management. designed to enhance the product's efficiency and

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