Zinc phosphate. H&W Global has extensive experience in masking and plugging parts to ensure that specific areas are plated or painted according to our customer’s unique specifications. Zinc Phosphate Coating at H&W Global meets or exceeds stringent military standards, including: It is predominantly applied to steel as well as zinc surfaces and less commonly applied to other metals. Heavy-grain is a pretreatment for steel often required in military applications. H&W Global offers a variety of custom printing and marking applications for metal parts and components. Solvent Based. The BONDERITE phosphate conversion coatings can be used on a wide range of metallic surfaces including galvanized steel, electrogalvanized steel, zinc-alloy-coated steel aluminium, zinc, cadmium, silver and tin. The color of the zinc phosphate coating lies between light and dark gray. The bare coating, with no supplemental sealing or treatment, will not be corrosion resistant for very long on its own. Benefits of Zinc Phosphate Treatment. Matt. It is used for unpainted applications. High production rates may require more frequent analysis to assure process control within established limits. H&W Global carefully selects the best ink to use based on our customer’s specific graphics application requirements. £54.95. There are three types of phosphate coatings. Heavy-grain is a heavier or thicker coating and it is capable of retaining supplementary oils and waxes better than fine-grain. The goal is to cover the metal so as to “mask” areas that need to remain uncoated. We can meet your shipping requirements regarding both time and budget. Unless otherwise specified, the frequency of testing for free acid, total acid, and ferrous iron is made prior to starting production. 16-24hrs. Our threaded inserts (or screw thread inserts) are wire thread coils that offer stronger, steel-like performance on threads, especially on softer metals that have issues with maintaining their threading. Can metals other than steel be zinc phosphate treated? H&W’s industrial CARC services include the following steps: racking, cleaning, paining, sealing, unracking and packaging. Ideal for use as part of the anti-corrosive system with Johnstone's Steel & Cladding Semi-Gloss Topcoat. 4.5 out of 5 stars 5. We have now changed paint suppllier to PRONTO and still with the same system (zinc phosphate high build and 1k poly top coat) we have used this system for 4months and so far no top coat adhesion issues but we are still in the short term?????. This fine-grain conversion coating method is for the pretreatment of ferrous metals and zinc/zinc alloy coated metals before paint is applied, as per the requirements of Federal Specification TT-C-490 and Military Standard MIL-DTL-16232. H&W Global offers custom masking for commercial and industrial parts during the painting, powder coating, and some chemical processes. Zinc phosphate enhances paint adhesion by giving the paint something to bond to securely. We also offer marking of parts and components using stamps and a variety of customized inks in enamel or epoxy. Zinc phosphate is widely used in automotive and military applications, but is used to a lesser extent in general industry where high paint performance may not be required. Products by type. Zinc phosphate conversion coating is a trusted process designed to prepare metal surfaces for painting by providing an excellent foundation with the best possible paint adherence and a high level of corrosion protection. Heavy-grain is usually chosen for its ability to retain rust preventive oils and waxes since it acts as an absorbent substrate. The conditioner stage immediately precedes the zinc phosphate stage. Henkel supplies a range of BONDERITE products specially formulated for specific applications including nickel-free coatings that still guarantee very firm lacquer adhesion and excellent corrosion protection on metal surfaces. A modified zinc phosphate coating is a medium weight crystalline phosphate coating. H&W Global offers complete light assembly of parts and components, or kitting, as specified by our clients. Threaded inserts, such as Heli-Coil®, can be quoted and installed upon request. Ideal for all metal substrates including gates, railings, metalwork, steelwork, plant & machinery, Easy application & protects against rust on ferrous metals. 11 sqm/l . Each can be customized for your specific metal and desired coating type. Further treatment following zinc phosphate conversion treatment has been proved to have a significant beneficial effect on the long-term performance of the coating. This preparation removes oil and grease from the surface, using aqueous or solvent-based cleaning solutions, creating the ideal bonding surface for subsequent treatment. Suitable for use with a wide range of metals, Generates a fine crystalline coating as excellent foundation for subsequent paint coatings, Compatible with a wide range of solvent and water-based paints, Products available for use with a range of water types. 4.5 out of 5 stars 11. There are three main steps in the pretreatment of metals with a zinc phosphate conversion coating: Cleaning and activating of the metal surface, application of the conversion layer and sealing/post-passivation. A quick drying, single pack anti-corrosive primer for steel. H&W Global Industries, Inc. is certified: H&W Global Industries, Inc. Containing zinc phosphate, it is lead & chromate free. By increasing the concentration of the conditioner, finer zinc phosphate crystals are obtained and the overall coating weight is reduced. Post treatment will reduce the porosity of the surface and increase its barrier performance against water and salt spray thereby improving its overall corrosion resistance long term. 86. The purpose of a conditioner is to add nucleation sites on the clean metal surface in order to promote a finer crystal structure. We utilize a vinyl cutter for cutting stencils. The crystalline layer has very good corrosion protection properties and is an excellent foundation for subsequent painting or organic coating. It reduces paint-to-metal reactions and forms a barrier between the substrate and the paint. H&W offers zinc phosphate applications, which are often specified by the military and defense sectors, especially for equipment that might be exposed to severe environmental conditions. HALOX® Zinc Phosphate is a universal lead-free and chromium-free inorganic corrosion inhibitor designed for water-based and solvent-based coatings.

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