It would be more fair to say that the Xotic pedals aren't necessarily TS clones per se, but just opamp/diode distortion circuits in the long line of opamp/diode distortion circuits which everyone has been making for ages. It's capable of a 30dB+ clean boost with an adjustable ±15dB two band active EQ which adds a … There's a description on the Xotic website: "The BB Preamp offers awide variety of sounds. I've seen two different diode arrangements, one with just two back to back which would be more compressed, and one with two series pairs, so I've included a switch so that you can choose either, and also have a … The BB really reminds me of the Reverend Drivetrain II, which essentially uses the same circuit (I traced it out). And that would be a difference between the AC and the BB as well, since the BB uses the TS-like non-inverting clipper stage. Here's the Xotic BB Preamp pedal, a popular boost/overdrive pedal. The third gain stage is mainly a boost (vaguely similar to a MXR Micro Amp almost maxxed out), and the final stage is the Baxandall tone circuit that's used in the RC/AC. Xotic BB Preamp I really love the sound of this one.

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