Males and females are nearly impossible to distinguish, and they are not sexually dimorphic in physical appearance. The female lays 2 to 6 dark blue-green eggs that will beincubated by the female only. The young will leave the nest within 10 to 13 days after hatching. Catbirds nest in 46 of the lower 48 United States and across southern Canada. Some hearty individuals hang in there as far north as New Jersey. The male will help with nest construction, but usually adds very little. A proportion stay in the U.S., where they primarily occupy the Gulf Coast and Florida. Nests are typically around 4 feet off the ground, but may be on the ground or as high as 60 feet. Catbirds usually build nests on horizontal branches hidden at the center of dense shrubs, small trees, or in vines, including dogwood, hawthorn, cherry, rose, elderberry, grape, honeysuckle, and blackberry. Incubation last about 12 to 14 days. The female builds most of the nest. The nest is cup shaped, made of twigs, leaves, grasses andgrapevine bark, lined with rootlets, pine needles, and horsehair. The nest is generally located in a shrub, thick vine, or small tree about 2 to 10 feet above the ground. They are about eight or nine inches long, and their wingspan is under a foot across. They spend the winter across an equally broad area. Most Grays weigh between one and two ounces. The Gray Catbird is, well, gray. Their plumage is soft gray, the tops of their heads are darker gray, and the undersides of their tails are rusty red.

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