Below the listing you will find a “deactivate” link that you can [36], In 2009, Zimride partnered with Zipcar to allow customers who have rented out a Zipcar to bring passengers on trips. San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley), Operating Status of Organization e.g. The terms of the deal are not disclosed, but the move allows Zimmer and Green to … Your PayPal account must be registered AND verified in order to receive your payments. [11], Zimmer was inspired by the empty seats he had during his commute from Upstate New York to New York City while an analyst at Lehman Brothers. [15] The company name comes from the country Zimbabwe, where Green had observed locals develop a grassroots public transportation system. Ride with no bookings: If a ride has no bookings you can cancel your ride by going to your Zimride dashboard and [1][2][3] The company was founded in May 2007. Lyft sells its Zimride private carpool business to the parent company of Enterprise Rent-A-Car. [14] Drivers decide what to charge passengers, although Zimride offers suggested charges based on gas costs. Zimride by Enterprise Holdings is an American carpool program that matches inter-city drivers and passengers through social networking services.It is offered to universities and businesses as a matchmaking service. They just may have a shot at making carpooling sexy". You cannot deactivate a ride with an active booking request; you must cancel the Here's a (cheap, green) ticket to ride form S.F. individual schools and companies. As a student at Cornell University, Zimmer took classes on transportation. date to be eligible for a refund. Choose if this is for a regular commute or a single trip and then the dates and times for departure and returning. Zimride, sold by Lyft to Enterprise in July 2013, was founded in 2007 to connect users for long-haul rides and car pooling for universities and businesses. [26] The new version of the site was designed by LinkedIn's mobile product and design lead Frank Yoo. [4] [5] As of July 2013, the service had over 350,000 users and has partnerships with Facebook and Zipcar. [32] The plan originated years before when Zimmer reached out to Zipcar CEO Scott Griffith while working at Lehman Brothers. SaaS, Android, Cloud Computing, Medical Device), Where the organization is headquartered (e.g. However, if you must cancel a ride, go to your Zimride inbox manage transactions on the right side of under Accounts there is a place to enter your PayPal email Click the “Post a ride” button in the top right corner of the screen to create your ride posting. [17], In 2007, Green and Zimmer launched the first version of the rideshare program at Cornell University; in six months, the service had signed up 20% of the student body. [14], In 2012, Zimride redesigned its website for use on smartphone web browsers. [15] The majority of Zimride users are women. [6][7][8] [9], In January 2015, the service removed the public ride sharing option, and was offered solely as a matching service within universities and businesses. was booked with a credit or debit card. [13] Reuters noted "The Zimride brand promise is to reduce CO2 emissions, lower the annual strain on our transportation infrastructure and help everyone involved save money. The service made the vast majority of its money from SaaS-based ride-matching software that was run privately through. [15], The site had over 350,000 registered users as of July 2013. Sorry! [18], In August 2010, Zimride announced a $1.2 million round of seed funding from FLOODGATE, K9 Ventures, Keith Rabois, and Teddy Downey. your ride after bookings are accepted, passengers have the right to cancel their booking and receive a full refund. to 11:59pm on Wednesday night. to L.A. Ridesharing apps that could change the way you get to work,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 13 August 2020, at 20:34. On May 22, 2012, Zimride launched Lyft to give Uber some low-priced private driver/Taxi competition. [26] Representatives at the University of Southern California note that Zimride is "a lot different than reading a blank ad. [15] By 2007, Zimride was active on both Cornell's and UCSB's campuses. Zimride users often become friends with their passengers or drivers. Zimride is a secure ride-sharing platform for companies and universities. When logged in, go to Manage Account under your name and then click Manage Transactions link. [13] Noting that 80% of the seats on American highways are empty, Zimmer asserted that ridesharing is "a huge opportunity to create efficiency to save a lot of money and to reduce our environmental footprint. rides as this causes a big inconvenience to passengers. Eventually, John Zimmer decided to focus on Lyft. Cancellations & Refunds: Passengers must cancel a ride 24 hours prior to the day before the departure [12] After learning of the progression from canals to railroads to highways, he viewed ridesharing as the next step towards efficiency. Zimride is a secure ride-sharing platform for companies and universities. Using Facebook adds credibility to your profile, We’ll never post anything to your wall without asking first, We preserve all your Facebook privacy settings. Green developed Zimride after sharing rides from the University of California, Santa Barbara campus to visit his girlfriend in Los Angeles. [13] In 2009, Zimmer and Green were named finalists in Business Week's list of America's Best Young Entrepreneurs. Depending on your networks requirements, you must have either have a valid eID or email [13][15][19][24] Universities pay around $10,000 per year to use the platform. You can contact Zimride at or call our toll free number, 855-ZIMRIDE (946-7433). [14][32] The site then ranks the options and assigns a score to the best matches. Your address [2][8][20] Green and Zimmer promoted the service through guerrilla marketing; in particular, the pair would dress in frog suits and hand out flyers to Cornell students. For best match results enter the complete address. [2][21], In April 2012, Zimride had 29 employees, and had facilitated more than 26,000 carpools. find the ride you would like to cancel and click the “deactivate” link.

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