EPA News Release on Technology Challenge. Low capital cost could mean a higher life cycle cost, and that means the alternative implemented is not economical at all in the long-run, hence not a good choice for the betterment of the community. EPA’s Headquarters facility in Washington, DC recently upgraded an existing 6,000-gallon capacity rainwater harvesting system with OptiNimbus real-time controls to manage stormwater retention and use more effectively. The University of Virginia (UVA) Bay Game is a computerized simulation based on the Chesapeake Bay watershed. With the advent of nanotechnology, now construction materials are designed and manufactured in micro- and even nano-scale. More information on Public Service Enterprise Group. Webster essentially defines innovation as the “introduction of something new,” whereas invention is used synonymously with “discovery” and entails “a product of imagination.” Invention refers to the process of devising something useful that was not previously known or existing. V. Firat Sever The diesel engine, or compression-ignition (CI) engine, was … A fusion of technological platforms, data, and physical devices is unlocking new approaches. The Lake Clarity Crediting Program uses a suite of stormwater tools and protocols to target ongoing effective actions to reduce urban stormwater fine sediment and nutrient pollutants to Lake Tahoe. Countries around the globe are seeking their own sources of comparative advantage in the innovation landscape. More information on GreenPlan Bay Area. When drought conditions subsided, the DPR system was decommissioned and Wichita Falls subsequently implemented a permanent indirect potable reuse (IDR) system. Based on data collected from all 50 states, those report cards have not rated the overall infrastructure with a grade higher than a D+. Control Room Operator/Performance EngineerCompany - ConfidentialCharlotte, North Carolina, Journey LineworkerCity of Alameda/Alameda Municipal PowerAlameda, California, Substation & Meter SupervisorCity of Alameda/Alameda Municipal PowerAlameda, California, System OperatorCity of Alameda/Alameda Municipal PowerAlameda, California, Electrical Equipment SuperintendentCity of Alameda/Alameda Municipal PowerAlameda, California, Director of Power DeliveryPlatte River Power AuthorityFort Collins, Colorado, Chief Executive Officer (CEO)Central Municipal Power Agency Services (CMPAS)Eden Prairie, Minnesota, Reliability Compliance Specialist/Sr. More information on recycling water and energy. More information about Project Sense. Engineering patents are legal agreements made between engineers and the federal government to allow the creator of a product or an idea the ownership of said invention for a period. Our goal is to anticipate and evaluate emerging inspection and maintenance trends and to further mold these trends into valuable breakthrough innovations. It means applying design thinking, prototyping, and in-market experimentation quickly. A new group of materials are grown, biologically. Since 2011, the Foundation has awarded 16 grants to research organizations through the challenge and continues to strive to spur change to improve worldwide drinking water while reducing sanitation-related problems. Using funding from EPA’s STAR grant program, two national research centers conduct research on innovative technologies that can be implemented in small systems. Presently, Colorado River Municipal District’s Big Spring facility provides water to five communities using direct potable reuse (DPR) processes. animal varieties or surgical methods for the treatment of human body). Contact Us to ask a question, provide feedback, or report a problem. Invention and innovation are two important concepts in our daily lives. Create internal awareness: Creating internal awareness about disruptive technology and fostering a climate of change is important. 1 of 12 NEXT PREV Virtual reality. More information on these and other facilities with potable reuse capabilities can be found in EPA’s 2017 Potable Reuse Compendium. Researchers at University of Nebraska-Lincoln are working with farmers on Project SENSE (Sensors for Efficient Nitrogen Use and Stewardship of the Environment), which uses innovative technologies to optimize nitrogen fertilizer use. Tweets by @WFM_Journal Legal regulations provide only some specific criteria that must be met by an invention so that it can be granted a patent. EPA has highlighted the following examples of how innovation is currently being deployed in the water sector, organized by the 10 market opportunities defined by EPA. More information on Gresham's Wastewater Treatment Plant. Utility Patenting. Filing and prosecuting in Chile or abroad of Paris Convention applications and PCT applications. The role of computers in designing structures has been getting bigger and bigger since the 1980s. Cotton gin: The cotton gin is a machine that separates seeds, hulls and other unwanted materials from cotton after it has been picked. Visit the UK’s dedicated jobsite for engineering professionals. This list is an ever-growing one as new areas of innovation are introduced to the industry on a regular basis. Just like the patent, the utility model is a right that protects engineered products. The technology utilizes a computer aided design model to make an object of essentially any shape with various materials. Using this process creates biogas and has enabled DC Water’s Blue Plains Advanced Treatment Plant to generate 10 megawatts of electricity, which is about one-third of the plant’s energy requirement.

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