Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. These are used to invoke functions in various programs. These are the keys that are present on the top of the keyboard and these functions keys have a predefined function. You can also find another numeric keypad on th… Multimedia Keyboard. There is also a set of several keys present on the right side of the keyboard for typing numbers. The shift keys print these types of symbols. Every keyboard contains a set of keys known as the alphanumeric keys. Pretty much all computer keyboards include some of the same keyboard keys, including letters, numbers and special symbols. The navigation keys consist of four arrows: one pointing up, one pointing down, one pointing right and one pointing left. These keys are used for typing numbers. Microsoft excel and the DBMS software respond to the tab key by moving the cursor on the next cell of the same row. For example, F1 is used in many Windows programs to open the "help" menu. This key is an alternative key for pressing the ok button on the screen and is used for entry of the desired process. Computer Hope: Computer Keyboard Key Explanations. The shift keys are used to type the special symbols that are present on the upper side of the normal keys such as numeric keys. All of these keys – which can be located to the right of the letter keys – have multiple functions. Pressing shift and holding down a number will type whatever symbol is also on that number key. The keyboard that has all multimedia buttons is called multimedia keyboard. Many computer keyboards have "function keys," beginning with the letter F. They're … These numeric keys consist of numbers from 0 to 9. There are 26 alphabet keys from a to z with the help of which you can type any text or word from the document. Indiana University: What is the Windows Key? Many computer keyboards have "function keys," beginning with the letter F. They're typically located at the top of a keyboard. On the top row, the letters "Q,W,E,R,T and Y" are lined up. Two enter keys are located on the keyboard one on the letter side of the keyboard and the other on the numeric pad. Numeric keys. For example, the "question mark key" doubles as the slash (/) key. Advantages and disadvantages of first generation computers, Advantages and Disadvantages of Fourth Generation of Computer, What is spooling in OS [operating system] with diagram, Advantages And Disadvantages of Third Generation Computer, How to create a website using HTML on notepad, Difference between Hard copy and Soft copy. Twelve function keys are marked from F1 to F 12. Examples of these keys include the "comma key," the "question mark key," the "colon key" and the "period key." While typing on the keyboard in a document the enter key is used for changing paragraphs within the text and coming to a new line. This key can also be used for moving in between two items in a dialog box. When it's used on other operating systems, it's sometimes called the "Super" key. These keys come in handy when you are writing a document and want to move the cursor up, down, left or right on the page. The alphanumeric keys are those keys on the keyboard, which can type in letters or numbers in the editor, which includes all the alphabetical keys from A to Z and the number keys above that. The shift key works well in combination with other keys, therefore it is also known as the combination key on the keyboard. Also with help of the shift key, the number pad on the right side of the keyboard can act as the direction keys. The shift key is located at both the right and left side of the keyboard and they are located below the caps lock key on the left side and below the enter key on the right side. Also, two shift keys are present on the keyboard. The letter keys are set up the same way from keyboard to keyboard. Also when pressed in a dialog box, the tab key can highlight the menu boxes in the dialog so that you can opt for the highlighted text with the help of the enter button. We put down the information into the computer with the help of an enter key. Other special keys include the "caps lock key," the "shift key" and the "tab key.". Function Keys. The function of the tab key is to advance the cursor on the next tab stop. They are also called the number keys. The "control key" and the "alt key" can also be used in conjunction with other keys for shortcuts. This key also allows you to type the character in upper or lower case, and also numbers to the symbol. These keys are used for typing numbers. These keys move the cursor around your display screen, much like a mouse would except not as fluid. Many keyboards designed for Microsoft Windows have a "Windows key," with a Microsoft Windows logo. They have more features as compared to the left side numeric keys – the digits from 0 to 9, decimal, addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication. They are also called the number keys. If you press and hold the shift key along with the letter key then it would provide you with a capital letter as an output. An eject key you press to load CDs or DVDs. The number keys located directly above the letters double as symbol keys. Symbol keys include the "dollar sign," the "percentage sign" and the "number sign." Also tab key can help to move the cursor half an inch on the page. The punctuation keys are the keys on the keyboard that relate to punctuation. Wherever the cursor lands is where the next letter, number or symbol will be typed. The shift key can also be utilized as the shortcut key for the keyboard and can be used in performing various shortcuts. Depending on your keyboard, you may have special keys up top – located above the numbers – that control the volume of your speakers, or the fast forward/rewind option when viewing a film. … Common keyboard shortcuts include pressing "control" and "C" at the same time to copy a selected item, "control" and "home" to jump to the beginning of a document, and "control" and "end" to jump to the end of a document. These numeric keys consist of numbers from 0 to 9. For this reason, this common layout is often called QWERTY. The number keys can not only type numbers, but they can also double up as a symbol keyboard, which can be used to type in different symbols which include the $, %, @and a set of other useful symbols. The "colon key" doubles as the "semi-colon" key. Like the number keys, pressing shift while holding down a punctuation key will allow you to type the other function. It can be used to open the Windows Start Menu. The number keys on a computer keyboard are often located in two different spots on the keyboard: above the letters and to the right of the letters. The enter key is also known as the return key. What Are the Five Categories of Keys on a Keyboard? Command keys on a keyboard are keys that relay a command, such as "delete," "return" and "enter." The navigation keys are located between the letter keys and the numbers keys on the far right of the keyboard. Also in a command prompt which does not a graphical user interface use the enter key to accept the instructions that are provided by the user in the form of written codes. Some also have special function and command types of keyboard keys that can be used to give commands to a computer rather than simply for typing. There are 26 alphabet keys from a to z with the help of which you can type any text or word from the document. The term "alphanumeric" refers to either letters or numbers, but not symbols or command keys. You can also use the navigation keys to scroll through the history of sites you have visited online. Computer Hardware Explained: History Of Computer Keyboards.

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