Do you really have enough power, enough knowledge, to do it? The essence and use of a true theory, however, is that it is a single concept that unifies many facts, many possibilities, many measurements; if we are forced to define a theory as the set of all its possible variations—which your notion of M-theory seems to imply—then it is no longer a theory in the proper sense of the word, no longer an explanation. My criticism, however far outweighs my appreciation, and it can sometimes get pretty hot. SBS: As you are a veteran of the counter-culture movement, I am wondering if you would not mind speaking about your own personal experiences with psychedelics. Thus the Heisenbergian shift in physics from the notion of mechanistic determinism to that of indeterminacy and probability is perfectly in line with Guénon’s picture of the triumph of the Substantial Pole over the Essential Pole—which must, according to him, lead to the apocalyptic dissolution of our present world. Prem Baba is a disciple of Sri Hans Raj Maharajji, also known as Sri Sachcha Baba Maharajji (b. In doing this aren’t you declaring that Eurasianism is objectively better than Atlanticism? (Perennialist Titus Burckhardt [1908-1984], in his book Alchemy: Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul [1986], speaks of the close relationship between psycho-physical dissolution and psycho-physical petrification.) Furthermore, as my wife Jenny comments, those most likely to survive this kind of war—if any survival is possible—would be the Luciferian global elites; the common man, who might still retain a shred of human decency and Traditional sensibility, would likely be wiped out. 1 (1999), pp. (Please note that this quote is not found in the original 1962 edition), [39] Interestingly enough, James Fadiman (b. Lord Northbourne (Ghent, NY: Sophia Perennis, 2001), pp. They looked. Both because you have touched upon many of the crucial issues of our time, and because the work of untangling your ingeniously-constructed contradictions presents a fascinating challenge in itself, I consider you a worthy opponent. In compiling such a dossier we need to move beyond isolated anecdotal accounts, like the one above about the cows and the pigs—though these will always be useful—and begin compiling data relating to the possible existence of one or more social engineering campaigns operating simultaneously on many levels and in many nations. If physical theory begins to mimic the underlying chaos of probabilistic indeterminacy that it discerns on the material plane by itself becoming chaotic on the conceptual plane, the whole idea of natural law is called into question. I know too well that a great majority of Englishmen are fond of The Indefinite which they Measure by Newton’s Doctrine of the Fluxions of an Atom—A Thing that does not Exist…. They love reading about it. Not all theories of quantum mechanics recognize the phenomenon of the collapse of the wave-function, however, nor do all those that recognize it accept human observation as the causative factor. Columbine). [34] For a further discussion of this topic see, “UFOs, Mass Mind-Control, and the Awliya al-Shaytan” available online at:, [35] See Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert, The Psychedelic Experience: A Manual Based on the Tibetan Book of the Dead (New York: Citadel Press, 1990). Why the Masons had an interest in schizophrenia in general, and DMT in particular, I do not know, but I believe that garnering such support enhanced the esteem of my study in the eyes of the relevant regulatory and funding agencies.” [Rick Strassman, “DMT: The Brain’s Own Psychedelic” in Rick Strassman, Slawer Wojtowicz, Luis Eduardo Luna and Ede Frecska, Inner Paths to Outer Space: Journeys to Alien Worlds through Psychedelics and Other Spiritual Technologies (Rochester, VT: Park Street Press, 2008), p. 48]; “Curiously, another MKULTRA faction consisted of representatives of the Scottish Rite of Masonry, which had sponsored research into eugenics, psychiatry, and mind control since at least the 1930s. However, since the Traditionalists accept traditional civilizational Islam with its whole spectrum of sacred art and philosophy, as well as (in most cases at least, for those who are Muslims) the traditional madhhabs of the shari’ah, while the Salafi Jihadists reject these things—not to mention the fact that most of the Traditionalists, at least in Frithjof Schuon’s branch of the School, are Sufis (as was Guénon), while the Jihadi Salafists reject Sufism and believe that any Sufi can be legally killed—how can you justify saying that the Jihadi Salafis and the Traditionalists share the same fundamental conservative position? He is high above their claims [21:22]. (It must not be forgotten, however, that according to René Guénon and Ananda K. Coomaraswamy, Soma and Haoma, in their higher symbolic sense, are not psychoactive plants but the source of the “Draught of Immortality” which effects the return of the Human Form to its fitra, its primordial Edenic state before the Fall. 76:30]; Allah created you, and you can do nothing [37:96]. [43] William Griffith Wilson, more commonly known as Bill Wilson (1895-1971), the co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) was convinced of the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, especially LSD with alcoholism. “Stolen waters are sweet, and bread eaten in secret pleasant.” the most powerful refutation of Stephen Hawking to date (published as an appendix to Science and Myth), and he’s now setting his sights on Albert Einstein. If your Fourth Political Theory requires its exponents to postpone God in favor of Chaos, how can either faithful Muslims or faithful Christians follow it? After the movie, which was both an epiphany and a delight, I had planned to corral the other three viewers so we could retire to the espresso café across the street and hold an impromptu Wolfgang Smith discussion group. The second thing I learned is that my generally negative view of quantum mechanics, of chaos and indeterminacy as somehow creative and form-giving—this being by far the most common picture of that world—had to do with a view of the sub-atomic world of potentia that ignores the true significance of the phenomenon known as “the collapse of the wave-function” thereby also ignoring the fact and necessity of vertical causality that wave-function collapse demonstrates. In the past two prosperous decades, we have purposely brought about through our social policies an increase in the percentage of children living in spirit-crushing poverty in America by over one-third, from 15 percent to 22 percent, which will soon make life in America more violent than it had been when we were much less prosperous. In other words, the kafir Jinn are working to break down the Great Wall from their side as well. In other words, if the universe is all there is, it cannot be viewed and measured as if it were a discrete object. A friend of mine once said to me, back in the 60’s: “Acid would be great if you could have all that incredible imagery without those feelings”.

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