Wonderful instuctions,Thanks so much. I haven't posted on this blog in literally years. I’m not writing up a complete set of instructions but will share some information about my Solid Stars and Strings quilt that I’ve just started. Making the fabric takes so long that I doubt I’ll do another. Quilting started last week and now the ... added by Ann 3 months, 1 week ago. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. I trim these from the back, lining my ruler up in the top left corner where there are no strings. Nov 17 How to Use a TOWA Bobbin Case Tension Gauge HollyAnne Knight. Read more at Quilts Etc.. Slow, steady sewing was key to getting this part done. I’m so grateful for each person who supports me and my family. I don't know... free-hand/crazy/log cabin pieced. Funny though, I never would have guessed there was a border added. Once I get a project to that stage, I see a finish in my sights and I become a bit obsessive about crossing it off my to-do list. under. A president must bring those things with him. But seeing it close up, I’ve changed my mine. Continue adding strings on both sides, pressing between each round until the foundation is covered. Congratulations on getting another quilt done. Quilting by the BayQuilting by the Bay is a store in Florida that opened in June 2002. In honour of my American friends celebrating their Thanksgiving-. Or are you keeping that a secret? I am so close to a finish on this one. I love string quilts, but when I look at this pattern I see the white squares as being prominent instead of the colorful stars. Change ). . At this rate, Mary, I’m going to have to live to 150 to catch up to you. STRING & STORY Quilt & Live with Confidence. om een quilt te maken uit het boek van Brigitte Giblin. We must accept finite disappointment but never lose infinite hope. added by sandradny 2 weeks, 2 days ago. the hands of the children of all men on this earth. I wanted a quilting design that honored the piecing, didn't have many starts and stops {burying threads takes so much time}, and was less densely quilted than usual for me. That’s another one off my flimsy pile. added by Ann 4 months, 3 weeks ago. Wonderful quilt. When they were large enough I added corners of blue fabric or small sets of Coins to allow me to insert them into single or double columns of the background. At least the roses didn't fade. Besides quilting this blog is a journal of daily life including other things besides quilting such as knitting, crochet, travel and gardening, cooking and family. The course opens again in January, so get your name on the wait list now! I put 14 stacks aside for the 14 rows needed. I cannot believe I missed this before. The quilt is beautiful I have made several string quilts. Why is that? My old skirt is now well and truly unrecognisable, and well on its way to becoming a cushion cover. Nov 10. LOVE IT! Free Motion Quilting, Tips Tuesday. Love this quilt and the backing is gorgeous! Een buitenkans! I would see people move their quilts under the needle with such ease and precision, and knew I wanted to feel that same sense of accomplishment, but it never happened...Until Free Motion Quilting Academy. String quilts are very popular this winter, being shared all over the internet world. I’d really be tempted to make this but I made a Spider Web string quilt and I was so tired of it by the time it was finished I was really happy to gift it! The first string is placed face down against either line and sewn with 1/4 seam as usual. So far they are my favorite of all your string quilts. I missed a few months, so hope to get back to the string quilt. Brilliant, Haven’t visited your site in a while, but was really taken with these quilts! Awesome pattern and great directions, I am going to use up all my fabric in this lifetime and this is another great pattern. I love it from a distance yes, but up close is more fun where you get to see all the little bits and pieces. With busy quilts like this, I don’t bother with a “cool” edge to edge design. I've been doing deep cleaning in my house, so I don't have much to show for the past week or so. Thanks for another terrific tutorial! Ten Things on My Christmas To Do/ Bucket List, Turkey Photos, Winter's Palette, Fans Applique, Homemade Bagels, Week #14, Flying With the Cannons and Rune Dictionary, Week #15 Magick Most Evile (and Riddle's Diary, no title), Page 1 of 1524 ( Shop. It is a holiday exuding gratitude- gratitude for others, my gifts, and God's character. Well done and you ought to keep one quilt every now and then!! Thanks! We used FaceTime to see exactly what ... added by Ann 3 months, 2 weeks ago. Happy that your flimsy pile is getting smaller, that has to feel good. Help support this blog by doing your shopping using the link below. Britt. Thanks for sharing. Thanks for answering that question. I am really ... added by maggie fellow 3 weeks, 1 day ago. I just couldn’t find it on the web site– as I wasn’t sure what it was called. It seems folks are determined the conditions won't stop them from enjoying it; in fact, are going all out to make this a Christmas to remember for all the right reasons. The backing was one I got when a fabric store went out of business. ! They really are striking. For the shrinking “to be quilted” pile. under. And by the way, you can gift that quilt to me anytime! Thanksgiving is one of my best holidays. I really like this quilt. I really have to agree with you about it’s harder to see the design close up. Then, I remembered Bonnie Hunter's free string x pattern, and a version that I liked the colors. Lovely quilt. Along with their … I’m here to add some extra party to FMQ, so how about a fun quiz to find your perfect motif? Gonna have to find time to make one of these and maybe keep it for myself! I thought that I wanted to make one also. under, added by Sarah Craig 1 month, 3 weeks ago. Thanks! If you’ve ever left a comment, given a like, used my fabric, read my books, made my designs, taken a class or forged ahead more boldly into machine quilting, thank you so much! I told myself that once I use up all the fabric I bought for backing I’m going to start buying the wide backing for large quilts. under, added by Linda Swanekamp 0 minutes ago. Sew 4 blocks together to form the star as shown in the quilt diagram at the top of the page. I can’t figure out where to draw the lines on the fabric to make the stars . Narrow sashing between the blocks finished it off. if not impossible for them to govern this country. under. Beautiful work! They’re fun if you aren’t having to hurry. I couldn’t do this without YOU! I just use my mat to line up my ruler, I don’t worry about being exact. Forty-two would be a 72 ... added by Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana 0 minutes ago. An All About Strings Blog Hop is happening this week, Strippy Scrappy Large Thread Cone Block Tutorial, a post over on Confessions of a Fabric Addict, thrifty quilts. I have a bad habit of setting tops aside until they are way out of date/out of style. is a daily quilt blog about hand quilting started in 2007. The finished top aged in my closet for about a year before I finally hauled it out to quilt. I think hand sewing a binding is my second favorite step of the process - choosing fabrics is ... added by Cynthia Brunz Designs 5 months, 2 weeks ago. 30466 posts love the quilt can you help, Please tell me what size you cut your strings for this quilt. It is the only coin you have and only you can determine how it will be spent. Add borders if desired. When men fear the loss of what they know. Anyway, it's a cute top that used lots of leftovers and strings with only a bit of fabric pulled from my stash for the stems and leaves. ( Log Out /  I did finish the embroidery on 4 more Harry Potter: Project of Doom blocks. Hi, I’m HollyAnne, and it’s my job to guide you to quilt with confidence! My second String Tulips has more yellows in the border. Your email address will not be published. I will definitely be making this quilt. Because of FMQA I know I will continue this quilting journey and am equipped to finish the quilts that I start!”, “I went from beginner to intermediate [quilter during FMQ Academy]. I have made several the same way but I go one strp more and add a piece of batting and a backing square and sew them all together. under. Now I see how you get your shape. "The evil that is inside men is at the last a matter for men to control. One thing I have to say about quilts with a design like this… They look awesome from a distance when you can see the whole pattern. I still have a good pile of quilts to long arm and one thing that keeps me from getting to it is piecing the backs when I need more than 2 widths of fabric.

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