Close. I'm done from the accutane treatment for about a week or so and I still have a bit dark spots and they're fading away day by day so can I tan or will it make the dark spots … The old methods of high doses for short periods (3 months) is gone, doctors frequently now prescribe lower doses for longer periods (5-to-6 months) of time. There are currently 25 Accutane + Dark Spots questions and doctor answers on RealSelf. Sometime this little pimples leaves scar a lot. During Accutane, your skin will be thinner and more sensitive to the sun. Will I see any fading over the next couple of months on accutane? Accutane treatment is complete bliss for some people and a pretty rough experience for others. 2020 MDalgorithms Inc. I’m not outside often for over sun exposure and when I am, I am sure to put on a light moisturizer with sunscreen. What treatments can be done to remove them? Expect gradual improvement. Recent studies have changed the way dermatologists prescribe Accutane (Isotretinoin). And as far as knowing which patches the less ingredients the better because you want to simplify everything! It's have been moderate. I have some dark marks on my face that was left behind by acne and I'm wondering if it Will go away with Accutane. Try to avoid extreme exercise and especially training that puts a lot of weight or pressure on your joints, like running or jumping. The Accutane will make your skin very sensitive, and exfoliating will make it red and sore. Waxing or laser hair removal is a no-no during Accutane. Hopefully someone can help us out with that one. Use. are those ingredients safe to use while taking accutane?? spot patches/treatments while on accutane? Press J to jump to the feed. During treatment, your skin, lips, nose and eyes will be dry. During Accutane… 80 mg per day. 1. If your mood gets low, mention it to your dermatologist and see what you can do to prevent this from happening. i’ll ask my derm about niacinimide bc if it’s safe it could help lighten some of my scarring but i also don’t want to use it if it’s going to be super irritating. During treatment, your skin, lips, nose and eyes will be dry. i’ve seen a few people in here mention that they use those little acne patches on their breakouts while on accutane. I'm under treatment of oretane, which cream can I use for healing of acne and removing dark marks? Tretinoin as spot treatment while on accutane? To get long-term clearance, it’s usually advisable to continue Accutane for 5-6 months. I've done with acutane a month back and since then using derma roller for scars, and have better results but my dark marks by acne are not fading away, even though I'm using regularly cream with salicylic acid, tea tree oil and morning a extract+ gentamicin sulphate cream+ scagel. in some youtube videos of watched i’ve heard of people on accutane using products with hyloraunic acid and niacinimide. Waxing will pull on your skin and cause a wound that may leave brown spots. I’m in an “elopment” wedding in 9 … I developed dark spots on both sides of my cheeks while on accutane. Am 24 y female on isotretinoin 20 mg for 4 months now ,i have dark spots which are really annoying me and seem to be persistent doctors here told me i can undergo superficial peeling although i read this contraindicated with isotretinoin but they say recent studies allow this n even laser is... How long do these marks usually last? I have really uneven skin, and dark spots with hyperpigmentation around my lips. Using Vaseline in your nose before bed can help protect and moisturize it Your hair will be less greasy, so you’ll probably only wanna wash your hair every few days. Made with ❤️ in San Francisco. Once you stop Accutane, these changes will disappear. Antibiotics doesn't work for me. ... ever get pregnant while on Accutane because it can … Tretinoin as spot treatment while on accutane? Most people see some improvement after 6 weeks and significant improvement after 3 months. This subreddit is meant for discussions about progress, side-effects, and the like. Posted by 21 days ago. i’ve seen a few people in here mention that they use those little acne patches on their breakouts while on accutane.

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