With some improvements, it could be much better. Now Joyo has entered the infinite sustainer market with the new JGE-01 Infinite Sustainer. I recently learned about two or three resonators I'd never heard of before, and I'm keen to hear how they compare to my beloved Ebow. But I can't recommend it based on it's current state. Ever since, the EBow has since enhanced string sustain for everyone from Queen to Queens of the Stone Age. There is a video out there comparing the TC one with 2 different Ebows, and the Ebows sounded noticeably better, and the reviewer said the Ebows were much easier to use. Hey Everybody, I'm a musician who primarily works as a film composer, but I've also played in bands my whole life (Sleep Good, Sound Team, Rf Shannon). I've always been really into string sustainers and recently my brother and I started a company producing sustainers here in Austin, TX. I sent this email to them just now. The EBow has the extra high harmonic setting. The shape design is very good. But after using and comparing the Sound Stone with my eBow, I decided against going forward. Re: Sound Stone = EBow copy? 18:22 . Hi, I just wanted to offer some feedback regarding the Sound Stone I received yesterday. I found the magnetic effect of the Sound Stone to be too strong, like riding a bucking bronco at times. Chords Of Orion Recommended for you. EBow Wars: Joyo Infinite Sustainer | TC Aeon - Duration: 18:22. 65 videos Play all TUTTI Vito and Dharmapala Records; The Sound Stone … So after watching a few YouTube videos yesterday I ordered a Joyo infinite sustainer £60 new. Then TC Electronic released its Aeon string sustainer last year. Soundstone vs EBow: A/B test. This unit is similar in size to both the Ebow and the Aeon. Processed through distortion, modulation, delay and reverb, and/or overdubbed through loopers, this small object can create massive electronic soundscapes, and with more and more modern players seeking new sounds, the EBow has seen a surge of popularity. The EBow has been around for around 40 years or so and up until very recently, it has had little to no competition. The Sound Stone wins on affordability ($35 vs $99 new). Is this just something I need to get used to, hold it further away? Note how it triggers new Miku notes unlike the single sustained note of the EBow. This was the reason I pulled the trigger on one. The Sound Stone Handheld Guitar Sustainer. Ive been thinking about getting a EBow ever since I saw Mick Ronson using one with David Bowie at Live Aid. Which is the better guitar resonator? We aimed to make something as inexpensive as we could so … Dave, Ambassador/ Writer / Artist for Seymour Duncan I really wanted to like it.

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