If the seller does not make arrangements for postal or door-to-door delivery, you will either need to hire a customs broker to clear your goods and forward them on to you, or go the port of entry and clear them yourself. In some EU countries, a reduced rate of import VAT applies. Shipping artwork is a crucial factor when buying a work of art, yet it's often overlooked. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Within the EU, unless an exemption applies, the importer of art, antiques and collectibles is liable to pay import VAT at the rate determined by individual countries. endobj %�쏢 #art. One differentiating factor involves delivery times. Plus – for a return journey – an Import Invoice for return to your studio within a Customs defined period – generally under two years (ex: coming back from an exhibition; a dissatisfied customer etc) to claim relief from payment of import duty. Bubble wrap not only fills space in the box but also cushions your artwork. they might just be sent for exhibition).​​ ​. 164 12 0 obj For example, in the UK, HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) assigns an EORI number to importers and exporters. you have a specific customs or tax query which you can't find an answer to from official information available online. If your item is accompanied by a licence or a certificate, tick the appropriate box and state the number. Live Customer Service from Carnet Specialists is also available using Click to Chat and Click to Call. All rights reserved. Understanding customs Customs is a common term in international shipping which refers to the duties, fees or taxes levied on goods transported from one country to another. Notices about how this works in your country will vary. Whether you are moving a single piece or arranging a multiple-stop exhibition tour, we have the knowledge to properly handle the shipping requirements for registrars, galleries, dealers, collectors and auction houses. insurance. Customs documentation like invoices and forms to be included in the shipment. Additionally, a long list of exclusions means that your shipment might not necessarily be covered. USPS IMM - International Mail Manual - 1 International Mail Services > 120 Preparation for Mailing > 122 Addressing, you need an Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number to trade goods with, imports or exports of goods into or out of the EU, It is irrelevant if the economic operator is, all customs related activities within the EU, when importing from or exporting to a country outside the EU. Easyship offers the perfect partner for shipping artwork just about anywhere in the world. These cookies do not store any personal information. When shipping this type of artwork abroad, it is crucial to know the time when the painting was finished. Their use is not mandatory but where they are available they simplify customs clearances in dispatching and receiving countries that are party to the ATA carnet or Istanbul Conventions. This means that artists importing artwork FOR SALE into the UK for an art competition or juried exhibition or a gallery exhibition MUST PAY 5% VAT to Customs & Excise at the border. I won’t speak about packaging procedures (maybe in another post), I will focus only in shipping. In some EU countries, a reduced rate of import VAT applies. Sign in or sign up to complete Customs forms online to declare the contents and value of your shipment, or just select and print an online Customs forms. UPS and FedEx both provide $100 of standard shipping insurance. An export invoice is REQUIRED for all artwork sent to a country outside a customs union (such as the European Union)Export invoice Example: You need to amend it to indicate whether it is commercial or a proforma invoice. UPS and FedEx have dimensional limitations, so if you're shipping a larger piece, a freight company may be a better option. For more information on shipping artwork abroad or in this country, please call PACK & SEND for your nearest store on 0345 873 9990 ), billed party name and address, bill date, entry date, and port of entry. Artists, below are a series of “97” codes for you to use when shipping your art internationally. Continuous shipment monitoring with two-way satellite communications. Give the quantity of each article and the unit of measurement used. Charges are based on the VALUE of the art. Painter's tape or a tight layer of plastic wrap around the glass can help prevent punctures should the glass break during transit. You've sold your artwork, and ideally, you'd install your piece for the buyer or art collector personally to ensure it's in perfect condition. In some EU countries, the standard rate of import VAT applies. Drivers are available to monitor your shipment until it is loaded on the aircraft and from the moment it's off loaded.

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