What was life like for each of them? This article may contain affiliate / compensated links. Sherpa Adventure Gear has had a real economic impact on the lives not just of Sherpas but other groups in Nepal. "Without them I wouldn't have got up there. When you wear Sherpa Adventure Gear, you’re helping to teach a child and create opportunity for a new generation. "There were few houses. From the highest peaks of the Himalayas, our people lead the world of mountaineering with warmth, grace and good humour. Yes, certainly. We walk back down to the showroom to browse the growing Sherpa line. We want our children to be educated to go out into the world. These are noble sentiments. In fact, Tom was thoroughly upset when someone walking with a cigarette butt accidentally ran into him, burning a small hole in the jacket! Tashi Sherpa is his name and after meeting him at a press launch we knew straight away that he is humble and conscientious man with a real desire and passion for his work. Is Sherpa Adventure Gear suited to UK conditions? Admittedly, I was a little bit hesitant when I was ordering this jacket as I wasn’t sure if it would be warm enough for the temperatures in Iceland and Finland. It also extracted a terrible cost. In 2018 Sherpa employed 1600 local people, 1296 of which were women. The room is a buzz of activity with highly-skilled and adept pattern-makers, cutters, seam-sealers and laser-cutters. Later, when the climbers returned to camp two, a much larger group of Sherpas attacked them, punching and kicking them and throwing rocks. Click below to join our free travel blog training! We built this backcountry skiing community for you, the passionate skier, and hope you enjoy the hard work we put into all the reviews, routes, videos and posts we create. for what it’s worth, the Hungarian dry cleaner gave me so many compliments on the jacket, saying it was very well-made!). So far so good. Next morning, lacking access to any facilities, the Sherpas relieved themselves in the street in front of the embassy, prompting fury from embassy staff, but offering an eloquent reminder that the Sherpas weren't servants who could be arrogantly dismissed. I think the whole focus now it telling the story [of the brand] over and over again because we know our products can stand up with anybody’s. Cookies help us deliver our services. The inexplicable passion among a small, wealthy European elite for exploring the mountains of the Sherpa homeland, together with the Sherpas' ability to cope with altitude, gave these people a chance to escape difficult lives herding yaks or carrying loads for traders. A deeper investigation into this relatively new and exotic outdoor clothing brand reveals a story that is even more compelling than the one you can read on their About Us page. Check out our full article on the best down jackets for men and women. For full information, please see our. To test them out, both Tom and I ordered the Annapurna Hooded Jacket, to act as our down jacket, as well as the Makalu Jacket which will serve as our outer shell to protect us from the wind. I was able to fold the sleeve but this might be something worth considering when ordering items. Most Sherpas worked as coolies transporting loads for the few rich traders that lived here. Stephens cites the district of Taplejung in eastern Nepal, location of the world's third-highest mountain, Kangchenjunga. I'm the classic example. By applying these cultural traits in business Tashi and his counterparts have been able overcome overwhelming obstacles and focus on the possibilities. Of course. We love the small attention to details, from having little prayer flags by the zippers or seams, all the way to the lovely jacket lining. There are going to be some serious changes in the next election and hopefully it will be for the better. But there are ways for us to assimilate the best that the west offers and mix it with our own unique heritage. Rarely in this capitalist, money-driven world do you find a company that directly donates to a great cause with every product sold, and still maintains a strong sense of heritage while battling to keep up with modern demands, but this is exactly what Sherpa Adventure Gear has done. I had the benefit of the best education my parents could give me.". Driven by epic adventure stories and good food, she is on a mission to go, eat, and write about as many places as she can. To find out about our response to COVID-19 click here. Its owner, Tashi Sherpa, is the nephew of Gyalzen Sherpa, one of those who worked on Everest in 1953 and the last of them to die, in his early 90s, a couple of years ago. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases and more. It has kept me warm and dry during pretty grim weather conditions which says a lot given that I get cold quite easily. Out of friendship and gratitude, Hillary and his friends founded the Himalayan Trust, a sustained development effort that saw schools and health centres built and an airport constructed at Lukla in the mid-1960s. That self-confidence matches a broader development in Nepalese society, the rise of the janajati movement, janajati meaning indigenous ethnic groups. "But do you say progress is evil? In keeping with this, every garment from Sherpa is then  finished with  an Endless Knot, an auspicious symbol that represents the unity of thought and action, words and deeds, wisdom and compassion. To be honest: very little. When we went to see Tashi telling the brand’s story, he showed ambition that was almost palpable but with a sense of great humility too, which really echoed the brand’s ethos. 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