On some level, this versatility is incredible. Spin it around to the side and you’ll see the aluminum brushed siding that sits at around one-and-one-quarter inches deep. Perhaps it’s all the lush brushed metal, but the Q90T looks like it means business. There’s higher-end 8K QLED TVs like the Q800T and Q950T, but the Samsung Q90T is as premium as you can get with a 4K resolution. At this time, I have not reviewed a superior 4K LED TV to the Q90T. As for backlighting, I mentioned earlier that there are fewer zones, but as I’ll discuss shortly, that isn’t a weak point for this TV. There was a problem. You're averse to tweaking picture setting ... Write a review Share how you use your new Samsung … Blooming is well controlled, which is especially evident when subtitles run over the lower black letterbox bars on some movies without turning the black bar gray. While cables do tuck nicely behind the screen, it’s kind of a bummer that Samsung has removed the OneConnect Box from the Q90 Series. To start you on that path, the Q90T offers five different preset picture modes – Dynamic, Normal, Natural, Movie and Filmmaker Mode – and the difference between Dynamic and Movie could very well be over 700 nits. The Samsung Q90T is actually a fair bit cheaper than last year’s Samsung Q90R flagship because Samsung has made a few cuts in terms of the design of the TV – there’s no OneConnect Box and there are fewer local dimming zones than last year. In terms of app support, you’ll find all the mainstream apps – Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus, Rakuten TV, Apple TV, Hulu and YouTube – with few, if any, exceptions. Certain areas of the screen appear blotchy, resulting in what is known in TV circles as dirty screen effect (DSE). Let me explain. Compare that to the quarter-inch-deep design of the LG CX OLED and the Samsung looks massive by comparison. As it turns out, Samsung had some interesting plans to shake up its 2020 TV lineup, which were revealed at CES earlier this year. built-in speakers and uses Samsung's new Object Tracking Sound feature that helps give the illusion of object-based surround sound straight from the TV. The Q90T is one of the heaviest 65-inch sets I’ve wrangled since Samsung and Panasonic sunsetted plasma TVs. Samsung has added the ability to make Amazon’s Alexa the default voice assistant — much preferable to Samsung’s own Bixby — but the integration felt awkward to me. Check out our best televisions of 2020 for more options. I suspect a review of a replacement sample will lift any reservations because the Q90T outperforms every other TV I’ve seen in its class so far this year and in all prior years. You want a fast, responsive smart platform Perhaps it just feels a bit stale to me because I use it so often and have done so for a long time (I walked through the OS thoroughly half a decade ago!). So far this year, only Sony’s X900H has provided more out-of-box color accuracy though with slightly lower color volume due to lower brightness in HDR. The Q90T is a very eye-catching television. All rights reserved. Using Portrait Display’s Calman software along with a SpectraCal C6 HDR colorimeter and Videoforge Pro pattern generator, I measured sustained peak brightness in HDR at 1,500 nits, which is plenty bright enough to deliver a stunning HDR picture that pops off the screen. As I viewed this TV over several days, I often found myself thrilled with its picture quality. Samsung’s Tizen OS is fine. New York, You love TVs that totally hide the wires The Q95T is the top of the line Samsung 4K QLED TV for 2020. You will receive a verification email shortly. It’s similar in many ways to Sony’s flagship X950/X95 Series that can please every AV enthusiast simply because of how many ways there are to tweak and play around with the settings. I afford this opportunity only in extreme cases when I suspect a TV may have been damaged or is otherwise defective. TechRadar is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. Speaking of object-based surround sound, the Samsung Q90T does support Atmos and DTS:X, which is great if you plan on picking up one of Samsung's Dolby Atmos soundbars like the new Samsung HW-Q70T, HW-Q950T or HW-Q900T or if you plan on providing your own Atmos-based system. While 4K HDR content looks as amazing as you'd expect on this TV, the HD SDR isn't bad either thanks to the Samsung Quantum Processor 4K. I made minor adjustments to the white balance that further improved color accuracy, but I think most people will be thrilled with the TVs color without adjustment. You'll need to tweak the settings to find the perfect balance between brightness, color accuracy and contrast, but when you do it really shines. Definitely install a security strap for safety if you stand-mount this TV. The only downside is that, compared to Roku TV or even Android TV, Bixby search still isn’t great. In addition to the 55in QE55Q95T model on test here, you can buy the … The Samsung Q90T QLED TV doesn’t need to use its intense brightness to dazzle viewers and instead goes for natural colors and exceptional black levels. This is also something I intend to look into further and will update as I learn more. The answer, with a few caveats, looks to be yes. The Q90T does have four onboard HDMI inputs, though only one of them is HDMI 2.1 capable. Purists, however, may want to look to the Sony A8H OLED, Sony X900H LED, or one of LG’s OLED TVs if strict adherence to creator intent is of paramount concern. The problem we have with Tizen is that, when you’re using Bixby as the default assistant, searching for movies can be sort of a headache. We don't recommend tossing out your Dolby Atmos system for the TV speakers, but OTS is a nice feature for folks who aren't able to spend on a standalone system. Color accuracy in the Q90T’s Movie picture preset was good out of the box in both SDR and HDR. Please refresh the page and try again. Traditionally that’s meant we’ve recommended QLED TVs for folks with bright, open living rooms and OLEDs for folks who have a home theater or light-controlled basement. The app itself includes classes in yoga, mindfulness, strength training, stretching, barre, pilates, dance, cardio and more, with more partners to potentially arrive later down the line. Check out our guide to the. I’ve mentioned the lack of Samsung’s One Connect box, which takes all incoming connections from game consoles, Blu-ray players, etc. The Q90T is a very eye-catching television, even if its bezels aren’t as invisible as the Q90R. I still have many TVs to review, though, so I’ll continue to update throughout the year. That’s how big of a difference these settings make. Moreover, it’s still a fairly chunky screen, especially when you have it sitting next to a razor-thin OLED. With one HDMI 2.1 input, the TV is set to support advanced features for many years to come. It’s a bit of a shame that only one port is HDMI 2.1, however that’s better than none at all. Its convenience and practicality are missed. Most of the weight comes from the stand, a robust, sweeping brushed metal piece that attaches to the center of the TV. It has a fast response time that results in clear images with minimal motion blur, and it has a low input lag and FreeSync support. The same is true if you say "Show me Apple TV Plus" or "Go to Disney Plus", to which Bixby replies that it can't help you, despite those apps existing on the store. I will say that Samsung’s auto-detect feature, which recognizes what you’ve plugged into the TV, labels it correctly, and allows instant control through its own remote, is something I have always appreciated about Samsung TVs and counts greatly toward this TV’s ease of use. Putting our gripes with Bixby aside, Tizen delivers a phenomenally fast and responsive experience 99% of the time. Say, for instance, you want to watch the 2014 film Exodus: Gods and Kings (for whatever reason) but you can’t remember the subtitle. Samsung has also backed off on its tendency to over-sharpen the picture by making its picture presets less aggressive in the sharpness department. Given the Samsung Q90R was one of my favorite 2019 TVs, I had high hopes for its 2020 successor, which I presumed would be the Q90T, reviewed here. Samsung Q95T/Q90T review: Tizen OS Like all of Samsung’s 2020 TVs, the Q95T runs the latest iteration of Samsung’s Tizen OS-based smart platform … There’s nothing wrong with it. Let's dig into them in a bit more detail.

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