All photos and content are copyright protected. ~Elise. Here is a gluten free version I found this morning that uses this as inspiration: Now go back to the next big chunk of dough and repeat the process. For example, if your pumpkin weighs 9.5 ounces, then you should add 5.5 ounces of ricotta. The dough should be very sticky, impossible to work. Use the traditional pumpkin or butternut squash for a similar taste. The color, the texture and the flavors of winter squash, fried sage and browned butter are a match made in heaven! As you are rolling the dough out, you'll notice that it goes from tacky to smooth. Most canned “pumpkin” is actually made from butternut squash, so I use them interchangeably in recipes like this. it is important to boil gnocchi in small batches so they don't stick to each other. This recipe is easy to make and with Fall just around the corner, this is the perfect opportunity to try to make these gnocchi. Use light and fast motions with your hands to avoid overworking the dough. Bad measurement for flour. Remove approx. Right off the bat, you've got to know that this is not a Denise Original Recipe. These seasonal dumplings are tossed in a simple brown butter sauce infused with fresh rosemary and red chile flakes. Hank Shaw is back, tempting us with pumpkin ricotta gnocchi. Read more about our affiliate linking policy. You may need to make adjustments for that. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. of all purpose), so not too sure what happened there. Thanks so much for this recipe.I last made gnocchi too long ago to count, so this was really my first time. Jump to recipe. Pasta with Spinach, Artichokes and Ricotta, Read more about our affiliate linking policy, Gnocchi with Radicchio, Leeks and Ricotta Salata, 1 cup of puréed cooked pumpkin or winter squash (canned or homemade)*, 1 cup ricotta (use whole milk for best results), 3-4 cups cake flour, Italian "oo" flour, or all-purpose flour. You can also substitute rosemary or oregano or thyme for the sage. Is there anyway to amplify the pumpkin flavor? Is this weather crazy? Italian pumpkin gnocchi dumplings made with pumpkin or winter squash, ricotta cheese, parmesan and flour. And the wetter the squash, the more flour you’ll need to hold the dough together — and that makes heavy gnocchi. I used Semolina for flour and BTW this freezes well too! Try not to overcrowd the trays so they don’t stick together. Add enough gnocchi to the pan to cover it in one layer. The pumpkin does keep the gnocchi moist and it is also for color. Learn how to make these flavourful Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi. They are de-li-cious! Did you know you can save this recipe and order the ingredients for. What keeps these gnocchi fluffy are the ricotta cheese and a light hand with the flour. :) Gnocchi is simple but very good so here we’ll be taking something already delicious but changing things up a little to elevate the flavor, so we’re adding squash as well as some cheese (ricotta and parmesan) and nutmeg. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Maybe half pumpkin/half butternut squash? The instructions were very easy and great to follow! The gnocchi will not be quite as good, but they'll still taste fine. This does two things: It makes the dumpling a little thinner and lighter, and it creates depressions and ridges that sauce can hold onto. I love making... Wow, I am writing this post and its 70+ degrees outside. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. If I wanted to bump up the pumpkin flavor in this, any recommendations on how to do that? While any winter squash (except spaghetti squash) should work with this recipe, I prefer to use butternut or kabocha squash. Cook for another minute, then turn out onto plates. A little dense (and I only used 2 1/2c. These gluten-free banana muffins are light, fluffy, and bursting with banana flavor. Most likely you used too much flour, which happens a lot when you first make gnocchi because this dough can be really sticky. Yes the butter and sage was yummy- but the gnocchi itself was not so much. He hunts, fishes, forages and cooks near Sacramento, CA. Thank you! Truffle salt? Could you use olive oil instead of butter? ADD the eggs and flour and combine until it forms a soft dough yet does not stick to your hands. Pumpkin Ravioli, also known as Tortelli or Agnolotti, are a typical dish of the Northern Italian regional tradition.An autumnal delicacy with a refined taste, Pumpkin and Ricotta Ravioli contain a delicate heart, composed of the right mix of flavors perfectly matched to each other.. It should be just slightly sticky. You want your dumplings to have a crispy side and a soft, pillowy side, and this is how to achieve that. The key to making any dumplings is to make them as light as possible. We’ve all had leaden lumps of unhappiness before; they’re memorable, and not in a good way. Preheat an oven to 400°F. By using ricotta instead of the more traditional potatoes, you end up with little pillows that are light and fluffy. Let us know how it goes if you give it a try! Once the water is boiling, add in 1 tsp. 250g flour plus extra for putting on work surface to roll gnocchi. The healthy alternative to potato chips. Serve as soon as they're all done, dusted with black pepper and the truffle salt, if you have it. Sorry this recipe disappointed you. I made these for dinner tonight and was disappointed in the lack of pumpkin flavor in the final product. The mixture will be sticky at fist, but will become smoother as you work in the flour. Welcome to an easy and delicious homemade dinner! Hi Kristen, I haven’t tried freezing them, but don’t see why they wouldn’t freeze well. Once the gnocchi is done, whip the ricotta cheese and Manchego cheese together and place at the base of your plate. So naturally I had to create a recipe for a delicious... English Toffee is a buttery, chocolate confection laden with walnuts and broken into bite-size... For a pretty long time, I found the thought of making macarons to be very intimidating. Add whatever you want to flavor… just make sure it’s something on the dry side! Our pumpkin and  ricotta gnocchi are a twist on the classic. Then put them in a freezer bag and freeze. – Pumpkin gnocchi was delicious. Such a great recipe! The only thing that can make this dish even better is a dash of truffle salt. I am usually all about the fudgy brownies but I must... A twist on a classic Thai curry recipe to celebrate the flavours of this season. ~Hank, I made these and blogged about them. The most perfect three ingredient Buttery Homemade Mashed Potatoes. Pumpkin Ricotta Gnocchi with Rosemary Brown Butter Sauce, oasted Pumpkin with Dukkah, Yogurt, and Fried Bread, plus 2 tablespoons all purpose flour, plus more as needed, Needles from 1 (5-inch) sprig of rosemary, « Baked Penne Vodka with Chiles and Basil Breadcrumbs, A Cornbread Chorizo Stuffing Recipe + Some Thoughts ». All Rights Reserved. Want more details about this and other recipes? 6 Repeat! Either store the dough in the fridge or store the boiled gnocchi in the fridge. For the squash, it is better to use butternut squash as it has a little nutty and sweet flavour to it and for the ricotta, I suggest using a more solid ricotta so if you’re using my homemade recipe, let the ricotta strain for longer than 15mins. The only thing I changed was to make a simple sauce with white wine, lemon, and half and half.

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