Intonation adjustment is made by tightening or loosening a small hex-screw threaded in each end of the bridge behind its U-shaped mounting bracket, which moves the bridge slightly forward or backward to adjust string length. Thread starter In Absentia; Start date Nov 21, 2014; In Absentia Member. But it's very difficult to place one correctly - and once you drill, you're stuck with what you've got. I had a McCarty strung up 10-48 and never had any intonation problems at all. :poke: Theoretically it is true. The designer did his homework on that design and it works flawlessly. Intonation adjustment is made by tightening or loosening a small hex-screw threaded in each end of the bridge behind its U-shaped mounting bracket, which moves the bridge slightly forward or backward to adjust string length. Nov 21, 2014 #1 I am trying to adjust my intonation on my PRS Custom 22 Trem and with it all the way forward towards the neck, it stops just short of being perfectly in tune. ie where you place your fingers? Seems that PRS are known for precision manufacture, something I found lacking in my Gibson Explorer (being picky though, I do like the guitar a lot, it just has came out of the factory with a few flaws that I found a bit surprising). bob, I used 10-46 sets, but PRS ships with 009-042 for some odd reason... Never played a PRS with poor intonation, and I don't think one exists..   Your link has been automatically embedded. I would concentrate on intonating the A, D, G & B strings and hope the two E's aren't too bad. These bridges are Gibson compatible (LP Junior, Melody Maker) and sound and functionally simple "high-end". So I go on the PRS site and look at the parts store to look at the replacement bridges (adjustable) and my jaw drops. The compensation for the individual strings is built into the design of the bridge. By In tune everywhere. The only way you get intonation out of a wraparound bridge would be to play with string gauges............which would likely make for unusual string tension causing some strings easy to bend and others nearly impossible. built in compensated sattles and you can tweak by rotating the whole bridge. I ended up getting a scratch n dent PRS Mira S2 at a great price that has a wrap around bridge though and I dig it. Modern. the only way to play truly in tune, is a fretless! Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Huggy B, May 12, 2015. Allowing you to use any gauge strings and always be perfectly in tune. I've had bridges like this. Huggy B Whiizzz. PRS hardtail guitars have no intelligent way to set up intonation, there are no adjustments excepting for the outside strings. In the real world, it REALLY works! Was thinking of a Tele for next guitar but now considering a PRS Mira. Let not your heart be troubled:thu: My SE had the best intonation of any guitar I ever owned, and the USA PRS guitars with the compensated bridge were just as good.. This is the official website of Mixedmartialarts LLC. Is this it? It says something about a Tone Pro Locking Bridge. Dave Hunter has made a career out of explaining the relationships between guitars and amp tone, and the technology that creates it. A wraparound bridge is an integral bridge/tailpiece unit constructed traditionally from a metal bar drilled with six holes on the underside, into which the strings are loaded from the front before wrapping up and over the curved bar and heading off over the pickups and toward the neck. Thanks all. Good guitarist? Mixedmartialarts LLC. You can move the bridge back at either post by screws that go through the bridge from the back and contact the post. Paste as plain text instead, × PRS Style. Any way you can test it, play it first? × after owning 4 USA PRS guitars, and a killer PRS Soapbar SE with the compensated bridge, please be assured, there is NO electric guitar bridge anywhere with better intonation. The original renditions of these are solid, simple units, where the curved, slightly contoured bar acts as a single saddle piece for all strings. the only way to play truly in tune, is a fretless! Note: Your post will require moderator approval before it will be visible. See: and Display as a link instead, × You can move it back and forth to accommodate different gauge strings. So TECHNICALLY a fretted guitar is ALWAYS playing out of tune, but even-tempering attempts to minimize the error. The ABM 3022 is the perfect solution for PRS-style guitars. for me, they've been fine. You can post now and register later. It comes complete with our locking studs. You try to make the best out of what you've got. But since I didn't let me add that, since guitars use even-tempered tunings, small errors are built into the guitar. Messages 7,211. Getting rid of the several, poorly-connecting moving parts and going with one billet is the appeal of the wraparound bridge. I know the PRS wrap around bridge is a bit different, but intonation is just about spot on with 10s, no issues at all. As crude as its design is, many players are still big fans of this bridge for its admirable sustain, resonance, and overall simplicity. Hi Guys, I have my 2 SE 245 guitars set up with USA nuts, filed out for 11s. The built-in compensation works for 9 gauge strings. The strings are set so low the first string is constantly bussing. He has authored or coauthored dozens of books on guitar topics, columns in Guitar Player and Vintage Guitar magazines, and is considered a top authority on amps and effects. Yes, but the point is this, When you play in different keys a perfect is actually in a different place on the neck. The PRS hardtail is made from white pot metal and it is of the wraparound style. Guitar Amps & Effects For Dummies Cheat Sheet, The Building Blocks of the Guitar Signal Chain, Classic Guitar Tones from 4 Classic Body Woods. Each one butts up against it's corresponding post and that's it. A bridge that's installed correctly doesn't need to be adjustable.   Your previous content has been restored. Clear editor. The PRS compensated bridge is a work of art., Joined: Mar 10, 2015 Messages: 2,373 Likes Received: 3,263 .   You cannot paste images directly. bob. Let not your heart be troubled:thu: But wouldnt there be more room for error then? Wraparound bridges clearly have very limited intonation adjustment facilities, but a workable compromise between all strings can usually be achieved. Even after a more adjustable bridge was introduced on the Les Paul a few years later, the wraparound bridge remained standard equipment on the Les Paul Special and Junior and several other models thereafter. Well that exclude me then! There are so many things that can effect intonation on a guitar, having the fixed wrap around bridge really limits how well you can get it in tune with itself. The designer did his homework on that design and it works flawlessly. TonePros PRS Large Studs Wraparound METRIC Tailpiece AVT2M-C CHROME NEW SEALED AVT2M-C This fully intonatable bridge is designed to fit the Santana™ model ... more or other metric imported PRS® instrument. I believe they are compensated for a light set of .010- .046. Ask any PRS player. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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