Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Pottery Barn is right for you. Rep entered a return in the system noting that it was delivered! I never received Pottery Barn Kids Halloween costume shipped Oct. 6. Refused delivery again. I contacted them again and was told the email was sent in error and my order would be shipped shortly. This person said they could not even find the return even though the first rep said they had received it into the system. I contact pottery barn again, waiting on hold for 50 minutes and am assured that UPS will be out the next day with a call tag to pick it up but they "could not give me tracking info." Called customer service today, they said they'll refund me and send someone out to pickup the base. I got another email soon after that saying I had to re-order due to lack of stock. I would never recommend buying from them because they can't track anything from subsidiaries companies even if you buy from their website. My account was disputed and they still charged me for the product which I never owned. I looked into the refund after weeks and saw there was a replacement issued. Now it's showing November 4th! Never came and the website kept pushing back the date, beginning of October, middle of October, end of October, November, now December. The feet were crooked, the three flat pieces which made up the top of the item were also crooked. My new “estimated “ delivery is now the end of December however I don’t think I am ever going to see my order. They first couldn't find the order, then found out that the parts of the desk were at different vendors and they had no idea where they were and if/when they would be shipped. I am deeply disturbed by the complete lack of service I have gotten from Pottery Barn. The office furniture is used minimally in a home office. They won’t cancel or hold my order and the customer service agents are the rudest people ever. Their customer service is always outstanding. I called and talked to their customer service several times . On Monday I saw that the chairs were in the distribution center so I called again to process my return. Bought a $100 item with a gift card. I am contemplating returning that item due to such horrendous customer service. If I could give them less than a star I would. I will NEVER order furniture from them again. this time they put box in my living room and left saying they dont put together chandeliers! I am a designer with a professional Interior Design studio and I have honestly never had customer service worse than this. Beware of using them for any purchase. I didn't even mind paying high prices for the staff they offered . Makes me think they are getting ready to ship it (although no correspondence to the contrary). Pottery Barn doesn't even deserve a one star rating. They then told me I could call back to get a refund, which I did when they finally received it. Congrats pottery barn you stole 53.50 from me. After I am able to resolve this issue I will pay the shipping, but I will never shop with them again. I placed an order in July with a ETA of End of August and it is now the end of September (12 weeks) and my delivery window continues to get pushed out. Last week they told me they would put in cancellation request to the vendor and I would get an email in 24 hours and a phone call. I called immediately and requested to cancel my order at which time I was told I cannot cancel my order and that I have to wait for the items to ship to the distrubution center before I can cancel. Then the next rep said that a merchandise credit was sent out by USPS despite the fact that this was eligible for a full refund to the original form of payment. I scheduled the appt then and was wondering how that's going to look like.. in the past when I paid that white glove delivery or whatever the fancy word they use for it, they came and put everything together for me! Buyer Beware... atrocious customer service! November 13th rolls around and no call was received, customer service is unhelpful, then tells me that the estimated delivery date is now February 19th and couch hasn't even started being worked on yet. The foam padding is flimsy and doesn't even stay put. It was supposed to ship 5 weeks ago. I strongly encourage anyone reading this to be very careful with this company. They said I couldn't even get a refund because I bought it online from their website but it was a subsidiary company. I received the bill and paid it in full. There is no communication b/n departments, no one has answers for me, no has any clue what they’re doing! The delivery man said that he knew it was damaged upon picking it up at the warehouse, but they gave him the green light to deliver. The customer service department straight up lies to customers - we were told twice that we would be contacted … Also, advertising an item as "in stock and ready to be delivered" seems dishonest at the very least when it is not available for months. Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore. For the price of Pottery Barn I would have expected much more. they didnt offer shipment to the store or any other regular shipment!! Good job Pottery Barn. The Delivery guy came and informed us that they only had 50% of the bed (2/4 boxes). they took the money out the same day. So maybe I will get the sofa next year? The sofa I ordered last summer came two months after promised delivery date. It never shipped. All the negative reviews are the truth.I ordered framed art work 6 September and the delivery date has changed 4 times. Utter garbage sofa. I am a designer with a professional Interior Design studio and I have honestly never had customer service worse than this. crazy!! I called back, the next person could not even connect properly, so I called back again. This is still not resolved. At this point, I am very disheartened. Ordered a vanity from back in the beginning of September and was set to be delivered the end of September when I purchased. I ordered a desk at the beginning of June and was told it would be delivered by mid-September. My order # is 306453227572. If I could go back I would not buy this couch though. Have emailed customer service and have called customer service multiple times. !! I told them it was a gift and I needed it before it was to ship. I got another email shortly after saying my order had been cancelled due to non-payment. At which point they refunded 3 out of 4 items and refused to refund the last item.

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