And that is a great money replenishes close right here. If you are not doing a live webinar then just simply make up a whole list of questions, I’m sure there are hundreds you could get. And then you can plug this into almost any business. But at the end of the day once you find something that works, aka bread and butter, let it go, let it be pre-recorded. Whatever it may be, tell them where they are applying it to without that one main pain that they had in getting that benefit, so how to run high profit webinars and add them to your business without knowing anything about webinars. Yet, I’ve been able to make myself and others millions online, and this is where I show you how. My pain point, again, happened to be going through and without becoming an expert webinar speaker, without knowing about webinars, without having to become a great linguistic analyst, learning NLP or neurolinguistic programming; just simply follow the script, follow what I have, fill in the blanks and watch how powerful what you say is. You’ve got to go travel, you have jet lag, then you speak and then you hope that you close all those people because they are in the right mindset that they should be like when they come into your webinar; so that’s reason number 2. I am here to make people rich and then once they get rich they pay me more money and I make them super rich; that’s it. When it’s a webinar you should have those conversion rates especially when NLP is inducted inside of it, you are following the script, you have this power point, everything is aligned into all of these neurolinguistic buying habits and buying triggers that are inside people’s minds and all you have to do is press the button. The ultimate ClickFunnel training. And I am really building up almost this wall of help so that way once you get over that you’re probably 99.9% done with your webinar, and then if you still need that final 0.01% you can call up one of my consultants, they will help you, it’s usually 5 or 10 minutes and your just like “That’s it, I’m ready.”. So these are all mainly tertiary, what I would call them, hooks. I specifically say that because I want those people to just jump off my webinar, I don’t want them anywhere near me or my products because at the end of the day someone with that thought process they are going to come through and they are going to be bugs. Try and look towards instant gratification. For a lot of people, if it isn’t instant then what I love to put is “My Dirty Little Secret”, and dirty little secret for some reason everyone wants to know those. In the past 30 days we have sold over six figures. So it doesn’t have to be big, just like I didn’t deliver something extremely huge, I didn’t go into all the details. If it’s something like financial investing, maybe it’s the idea that their money is going to be instantly lost in the stocks with a crash or something of that nature. Guess what? So again, they just want that instant gratification. 20+ Templates Inside! So the good thing is you still failed with… yes, that’s fine. Sure I didn’t explain it all the way, but that was enough for people to stay, and honestly that is of value. Here was the experiment that I did – it was the old model, I built everything out. Solo ads aren't hard, but mastery of solo ads requires sales funnels, landing pages, tracking & some marketing know-how. it’s worth the $14,000. But if they have a j-o-b then if they are just over broke; that’s what j-o-b means to all of us here on the internet. You think you don’t have what it takes to succeed – that’s probably for a lot of people. Simple, right? That’s really a great one – in a box. Again this is all covered inside the script so we will move on to the next slide. We can make and leverage our time and our efforts.”. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. And if you can solve your main pain point here, wouldn’t it make sense just to pay me that $5,000 one time? Of course I have these videos, these training so everything should help you. So again, you go in, “My Goal Is…” and you simply state here is what I want to do, at the very end you are making your main promise. Having a written script gives your presentation structure. For me it was we have done this for lots of other network and affiliate marketers and we have made over xyz or we have spent over xyz in dollars or time and testing for your product. I haven’t. Insert details about how the information is going to be processed, Solo Ad Secrets: Build A Private 100K+ Email Marketing List.

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