Put out moth balls and set off foggers and it’s almost like they are thriving on it so now since I have read all this I will be gutting my pantry this weekend and wiping walls and everything in there. Laura, YOU ARE THE BEST! Since they’re nocturnal pests, they seek out dry goods that are tucked away in cabinets, pantries, and cupboards. Doing what i did (previously posted June 17th 2014) worked. Going in at night you would see a swarm of them. As the little creeps fly around they hit the water and drown. Meal moths eat dried foods that are sitting in storage. 4. I was eating it without my glasses on when I noticed a squirming larva in front of my face! Just make sure you kill them before they have a chance to breed and lay more eggs. Can someone post a picture of what they look like. In the folded parts of juice boxes. Tomorrow I’m going to go through the entire upstairs with a flashlight, a toothpick, and some spray, and see if I can’t find out where they’re hiding upstairs. We have wall to wall books in my husband’s study. Anything I am not throwing away will go into freezer for a week. Use a sanitizer solution from the store or make your own using vinegar. Started cleaning another pantry and found a closed container of steel oats i only bought a few months ago literally burst with the amount of larvae inside of it. It’s cooled off a bit so I’ve been leaving our bedroom window open, hoping to slow their life cycle. As i said we recently moved to a newly constructed home. She had the moths, blamed it on me, I thought she was crazy. and put in clear plastic containers. I pulled my stove and refrigerator out, and cleaned the rest of the cupboards without food. I have them in my bedroom, n honestly it’s sickening!!! What I noticed today was the larva infestation didn’t travel very far away from the original outbreak. No exceptions. It’s disgusting to see everything dusted with tiny white eggs. I went into the pantry and just started chasing the little buggers around the room, on the walls and on the ceilings. (https://www.instagram.com/todayshomeowner/ and https://www.pinterest.com/todayshomeowner/pins/), And we always appreciate when our fans tell their friends about the practical home improvement advice they receive from “Today’s Homeowner.”. Very few were caught. Our battle runs its course daily and nightly. But, I am really grateful to all who have posted. Well, I see that are not alone. And then I just waited them out. Best wishes again to everyone struggling with these dang pests. I’m hoping persistence pays off & I don’t need to pay an exterminator. I’ve used Safer moth traps all through this period which do catch moths. Fortunately, my husband has been helping me. But they are getting a little better. We dont have many stores around here but we have walmart and lowes. Even inside cardboard boxes when you haven’t broken the seal. I found webs, cocoon webs in the inside toaster grill part. And make sure not to miss any gaps or crevices by using a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol. Glad our post on pantry moths was of help! Also ordered some moth traps on amazon even though its been a while since ive seen a live moth. how to get rid of indian meal moth in wheat. That is supposed to kill the eggs. However, they are still a problem because adult moths lay eggs that continue the cycle. My kitchen has still been free of moths for months now since my deep clean and keeping all dry goods in the fridge. This will prevent the spread of pests to other food sources and prevents them from breeding another round of larvae. I find moths going after them big time. What else can I do? It’s depressing that it may take so long to get rid of them. I check everything every day for evidence of cocoons etc. I left my dish pan filled with water. I cleaned the hell out of the my kitchen but they keep re appearing. I throw the food straight into the garbage and outside of the house. It can range from brown to orange based on the food the larvae are eating. I was told you’re always going to have stragglers for the next few months once you remove the food source because the remaining larvae will still go through their life cycle. A couple of weeks later I notice a couple of moths in the main party, so now I think maybe not maggots but moth larvae and goggle moth larvae in pantries and find your website. I looked for more but so far that is the only thing I have found. Grubs and moths everywhere friend could not understand where they could be coming from. Just do your homework — the info is easy to find if you know how to do proper research. I will say this, I have another cabinet that has those famous “peg holes” I sprayed the holes with kilts, used the vinegar mixture, put bay leaves in shelves & drawers & so far they have stayed away! These pests depend on animal and plant fibers for food. The electricity dries EVERYTHING on their beings. I suspect they came from a bag of spelt flour i had in there rather than the freezer as normal. Cheers, and keep the faith folks, comparatively speaking we are still in the 10% with pantries of food! HELP PLEASE? Glad to hear our article on pantry moths was of help. But, don’t the food companies have better control? I am now being cautious not to buy too much, i am sure the clutter of an overstuffed pantry didnt help. Since then I have not had issue with moths. The ONLY SOLUTION has been- I grease down the top of the cabinet with Oil-any kind will do-old bacon grease, Olive oil. We did the major clean and toss and everything new went into Tupperware but we still saw the moths from time to time. Oh my thank you so much for the info. These are the only airtight containers that have really worked for me. You may see them in your bedroom because of the soft sheets or clothing in your closet. The tents are working, but I have taken everything out of boxes (fabric, winter clothes, blankets, etc.) Help! The worm crawls in everywhere. should i throw all the dry items? Inspect the pantry for moth larvae, store food in airtight containers, place bay leaves on shelves, and seal crevices around the pantry. Nothing is working!!!! Okay…that’s done…what else? They’re caterpillars. Vinegar is an effective solution to kill Indian meal moths. I share my house with other people and keeping anything any sort of clean is impossible.

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