Once a month, fertilize a pineapple plant with a balanced fertilizer. They need minimal water so ensure that the soil never gets soggy, just moist to the touch. Watering your oriental pineapple doesn’t take much effort because it’s a tropical... Humidity that Ornamental Pineapple Tree Needs. Moderate humidity is fine, so it will do well in the average home. Regular Fertilizer. Ornamental Pineapple Plant Care Pineapples are a part of the bromeliad family which has some 2,700 species of bromeliads that are too numerous to name, among these bromeliads are the ornamental pineapples which can bring flavor to your landscapes and gardens, as beautiful as these plants are the fruits are not edible but adds to the beauty of this garden plant. … They like a very bright place that is protected from hot afternoon sun to avoid burning of the foliage. Summary of indoor pineapple plant care: A pineapple plant needs a warm environment as it’s a tropical plant and can’t tolerate cold temperatures. Ananas comosus'Champaca' has sword-like, spiny, green leaves, held in a dense rosette, with the fruit held in the center on a sturdy stalk and typically grow up to 5 inches (12.5 cm) tall. Winter temperatures should not drop below 59 degrees F. These indoor plants like a warm spot with high humidity levels. It is curious plant with an ornamental Pineapple growing from the top, but this Pineapple is not for eating. How To Grow And Care For Pineapple Plants. Taking Care Of Ornamental Pineapple Tree Watering Ornamental Pineapple Tree.

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