Real Nectar Mattress Reviews By Real Customers. The Nectar Mattress has a medium firm feel, rating around 6 on the 10-point firmness scale. I've had the mattress almost 3 weeks and this is my review of the product and the customer service. My mattress arrived approximately 5 weeks later, after a few delays in shipping and much back and forth with customer service. But for 2020, the manufacturer has made enough significant changes to materials and construction that we've re-reviewed it here. We too noticed the strong odor after unpacking the Nectar mattress, which went away within a … 3. Nectar Mattress Amazon Reviews: On Amazon, the bed has earned 4 of 5 stars and consumers say it helps with back pain. Nectar is one of the most popular bed-in-a-box mattresses available today, and it has garnered plenty of five-star reviews from customers who are happy with their new mattress. Honest Mattress Reviews is a community designed to provide consumers a platform to share their reviews. In many ways, it’s an upgraded version. Mattress itself is uncomfortable, I would say firm, nothing close to memory foam mattress experience. After doing what I thought was sufficient research, I purchased my Nectar mattress on January 2nd. Nectar build their reputation with decent quality mattress and loads of fake reviews before and now … 3. Pillows are cheap unbranded filled with shredded poly-foam. It’s not unlike the new car smell, and it’s caused by similar compounds. Other Beds From Nectar Nectar Lush. Share your opinion! Nectar Mattress Review Breakdown. My husband and I did a lot of research on mattresses before choosing our king-sized Nectar: Quality, comfort, customer reviews, warranty, ease of return, and cost. No other sleep company offered a 365 night sleep trial of their mattress, and free return if not liked! The mattress is okay. Nectar Lush is a newer mattress than the original. This firmness is on the higher end of the average range most sleepers tend to prefer. One caution--you will see the Nectar mattress in a lot of online reviews, but many of them will be for the old version. The Nectar mattress reviews also comment on the price, as it offers good value for the cost. The Nectar mattress originally debuted back in 2016, and has seen some small revisions over time. And many Nectar mattress complaints note an unpleasant smell that lasts for a few hours to a few days. ! The mattress measures 11 inches thick, making its profile close to average. After all, the Nectar is an accommodating bed with a medium firmness setting (6/10 on our firmness scale), three foam layers and a great price point.

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