One of my favourite stories was when he was wrongfully accused, arrested and detained as an undergraduate for “inciting a riot”. Tomorrow is exactly five years from the time that Joe Kincheloe died. He wrote more than 45 books, numerous book chapters, and hundreds of journal articles on issues including critical pedagogy, educational research, urban studies, cognition, curriculum, and cultural studies. I think about Joe often. For all of the prodigious scale and scope of his own published work across each of these institutions, his exemplary generosity as a scholar will long be remembered for the publishing guidance and opportunities that he provided for well over 600 books of colleagues through the many valuable books series that he edited, principally with Shirley Steinberg, his partner in love, work, and family. Finally as soon as Joe could manage he said “do I look like Gerard Depardieu?”. The McGill Reporter is McGill University‘s journal of record. Man we miss you Joe. You’d never know that he was so successful and accomplished, because he never talked about it. Looking for more news, videos and expert opinions? They are so beautiful. 6. My son Cohen was born with severe complications. If you’re going to be a fan, then be one, and there’s nothing wrong with loving your team, no matter what team that is. The guy wrote 45 books, he had three graduate degrees. As a bluesman and educator, prolific author led the way in critical pedagogy. I had to take a leave of absence from work. Then and always. 8. Truly a remarkable man. I enjoy the work of people like Jeff Duncan-Andrade, Joe Kincheloe, Shirley Steinberg, Graham Smith, Linda Smith, Leonie Pihama and Moana […], The International Journal of Critical Pedagogy, The International Journal of Critical Youth Studies, WHAT JOE KINCHELOE TAUGHT ME ABOUT LIFE by Ryan Clements, All rights reserved by The Freire Project - Made by, Henry A. Giroux | The Spectacle of Illiteracy and the Crisis of Democracy, Diversity on education: challenges and perspectives, Developing warrior-scholars, rethinking success |, CJAD National Podcast on Trump’s America, Shirley R Steinberg Sept 2, 2017. Over the course of 50 books, including Teachers as Researchers and Kinderculture, and countless articles, Joe systematically uncovered the ways in which institutional influences in the construction and representation of knowledge, identity and culture were badly serving certain populations. I think a lot of people would be discouraged at this prospect. Visit the McGill Reporter archives. I can’t even pretend to do justice to his stories. This is perhaps the most practical, success related, thing that Joe ever taught me. He wrote what he believed. People who could write their own articles on the things that Joe taught them. When he played, he was the music, and you felt it. You’re in our hearts tonight. […] always make it out in the whitestream system. It was the most uncertain moment of my life. But thank you for sharing your time with us. Joe was such a support, always there to cheer us up. Is Trump’s Rise a Result of America Declaring War on Institutions That Make Democracy Possible? The taxi driver is as important as the President. He wrote songs for all his grandkids. (One would as soon want to stop Bob Dylan on launching into “Just Like Tom Thumb Blues.”) And yet he was as quick to laugh at another’s story; as interested to take note of others’ struggles; as soon to be overly polite to the rude and surly; and as certain to be patient with the inevitable frustrations of getting from A to B in today’s world. It was a great time. I have been around so many people in my life who hide behind their titles and accomplishments, or even worse, shove them in my face to make them feel superior. Did he hide? That is what Joe taught me. Some things were direct, things that he’d tell me when we’d go on walks through the woods near his home in Morin Heights, Quebec. Do my work and everything else that I want is possible. He is easily on a short list of the most influential men in my life. I just noticed it from him.

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