The most common issue that home inspectors find is the CSST system is not being properly bonded. Design by Fuel Rocket. There are documented fire inspections where it was believed a lightning-strike caused damage to unbonded CSST, resulting in gas-fueled fire damage. Fill out the quick form to your right and we’ll be in touch very shortly. You're now the proud owner of some wonderful corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST). The current home I live in here in central New Hampshire had these flexible gas lines installed in 2001. Working with CSST is not really a do-it-yourself proposition.  This connection may be made at either: the ground rod, the ground-wire running to the rod, or in the electric service-panel (also known as Circuit-Breaker Box or Panel). In regard  to your article on the CSST systems being installed in new homes. (back … Homes built with CSST flexible gas Lines before the Building Code required bonding were built correctly to the Building Code at the time they were built.  BUT that does not mean they are safe.  These homes may, or may not have bonded gas lines.  Only an inspection will determine if the gas lines are safely bonded as required by today’s Building, Plumbing & Electrical Codes. A "T" More on this in a just a moment. If you own a home that has CSST flexible yellow gas lines and was built prior to 2007, this fire-risk may exist in your home.  Most homes have gas lines in their attic, walls & basements.  CSST flexible gas lines in the attic are a prime candidate for damage from lightning strikes. Because the CSST snakes its way around bends and obstructions as one solid piece of tubing, you only have a fitting at each end of the line. With this new system in place you don't need heavy black iron pipe anymore. The electrical service grounding system. ct hit from a hot bolt of lightning will bore a hole in a traditional black iron pipe. Traditional black iron pipe takes a lot of time to cut and thread. DEAR BETSY: Congratulations!   A Home Inspector will (or should) specify the need for a safety-upgrade based on today’s Building-Codes and Safety-Practices.  ** This should not be confused with unbonded CSST flexible gas lines being safe.  In response, CSST manufacturers developed electrical bonding requirements staring as soon as 2007.  FAC is a short length of tubing designed to connect the gas-distribution pipe to the gas-burning device. These are traditional black iron pipes that I installed in 1987. Check with your local plumbing inspector to see if they are permitted. As you said, the new CSST is installed like electrical wire. Although the manufacturer states that it is completely safe, in fact safer than ridged black pipe, it has some serious issues. To add a line in the future you need to have an extra gas port on the manifold within the panel. I suggest you look up the article in the Dallas News if you want more details. Building-Codes have something called ‘grandfathering’. This black jacket has energy dissipating properties that will help protect the TracPipe® CounterStrike® stainless steel pressure liner as well as other fuel gas system components if the TracPipe® CounterStrike® becomes energized due to lightning.”, ** NOTE: This is not an endorsement of this product by JNR Plumbing LLC. A typical black iron pipe installation has many 90-degree, tee, and coupling fittings. You can practically tie it in a knot it is so flexible. What about existing homes? In addition, standards bodies will frequently issue errata or reissue standards over time and governmental bodies may change which standards they incorporate to law. Serving Stamford, Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Norwalk, Westport, and Wilton, ADDRESS: 130 Lenox Ave., Stamford, CT 06906. 50 natural gas through the pipe. They have worked well for many years. I just saw your article and thought I would provide feedback. There are documented incidents where severe lightning has struck homes. Many of the manufacturers of this material require professional installers to take a short training course that familiarizes them with the small nuances of this unique gas piping system. Is it safe to use?  It is engineered to significantly decrease the potential for lightning-induced damage to fuel gas piping systems IF, installed correctly. We posted this document in order to allow citizens to read the laws that govern us. A flexible gas line is made from thin-wall stainless steel. The dielectric yellow jacket is believed to actually increase this problem. And, we've installed them too! Each end of a piece of pipe must be threaded. It's messy and hard work, but I must admit I sort of enjoy it. We respect your email privacy.  As compared, CSST is sheathed and the corrugation is not highly visible. Many of the laws in this collection were re-keyed into HTML and diagrams redrawn for increased usability and accessibility. Menomonee Falls Fire Department Many of my fellow contractors who install gas lines thought it was unsafe. These are two short pieces of the flexible stainless-steel gas lines. This appliance must be installed with a three (3) foot / 36 in. Is there another alternative gas piping material? If you are not able to get CSST tubing and can't handle working with black iron pipe, consider using soft copper. The CSST systems can be installed one of two ways: The series installation resembles traditional black iron piping. Lightning has caused many house fires that have flexible gas lines. It's important to realize you need to think about overall safety. Our team of expert technicians provide the best plumbing, water heater, and natural gas services in Connecticut. Only a direct hit from a hot bolt of lightning will bore a hole in a traditional black iron pipe. CSST flexible gas piping must be bonded to reduce the risk of damage due to a lightning strike on the home. Connecticut Building Code has allowed CSST gas lines since the 1990’s. Building Codes requiring bonding of CSST flexible gas lines came into practice no earlier than 2007. What's more, the threaded joints on both sides of the fitting can also be potential leak points. A CSST brass fitting, a steel manifold or rigid pipe component connected to a CSST fitting. CSST Bond Wires or Clamps Shall NEVER Be Connected to: A ground that is independent of the electrical service grounding system. Only that it met building code requirements at the time it was installed. Black iron pipe is the exact opposite. Email- [email protected]. This is because they are connected to a bonded (if properly installed) gas-distribution system. Visit SEVERAL firehouses to get different opinions. A larger diameter mainline CSST pipe supplies gas to smaller branch tubes that feed each appliance. Only if local code allows flexible gas line connections. If you use copper for gas lines in your home, be sure to label them so a future weekend warrior doesn't mistake them for a water line!  Their testing shows bonding will largely mitigate the risk for only “indirect” lightning strikes (those that do not hit the home). All Rights Reserved. We do realize that Bonding must be installed by a licensed professional, particularly an Electrician. A parallel CSST system mimics an electric panel. If you care to, read an article that was published in April of 2003 in the Dallas News regarding banning this installation in the city of Frisco, Collin County, Texas. I have this flexible gas line in my own home in central New Hampshire and never worry about it at all. As you can quickly see, if we sized the gas line to only carry 100 Ft3 of natural gas, then we’d never be able to get 100,000 BTU/hr from the furnace because not enough fuel is … A flexible gas line is an ingenious method of supplying natural gas to fireplaces, furnaces, cooktops, clothes dryers and any other gas appliance.   Yellow flexible gas lines were used in the testing. I've had no issues with them at all and I even had to do a kitchen remodel where I extended an existing line. CLICK HERE to get FREE & FAST BIDS from local plumbers who install gas lines. I know as I have installed thousands of linear feet of the heavy material. All of the gas lines that feed each appliance start at a central distribution point. We've seen all kinds of specialty plumbing fixtures. Errant screws or nails used to attach cabinets, trim, pictures, etc. I responded to this very interesting email with a few thoughts of my own. The pipe is extremely durable and rarely has a lightning strike cause a fire in a house with black iron pipe. If you have ANY DOUBTS about flexible gas lines or CSST, visit a local firehouse and talk to the team leader that's on duty. That would never happen with a piece of traditional black iron pipe. Maxwell J. Brunner A ground joint union must be installed as close to the water heater as possible in the gas supply line feeding the water heater to permit servicing of the water heater. CLICK HERE to get FREE BIDS from Plumbers to install Flexible Gas Lines. We pride ourselves on offering a variety of services that best meet the unique needs of your property. DEAR TIM: The natural gas lines that are being installed in our new home are not the heavy black iron pipe. Interested in one of our services? © 20187 Tim Carter. Please see EFF’s page on this issue or the U.S. Court of Appeals docket for more information about ongoing litigation over your right to read and speak these laws.

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