What is the relationship, if any, between these challenges? The cereal can be produced on a high volume … It’s … Provide some examples. It’s a great example of how mass customization can work to satisfy a variety of tastes so that your product becomes appealing to more potential customers. Mass Customization Concept ‘Future Shock’ by Toffler, 1970 - “future manufacturing enabled by information technology would be able to provide customized products in a large scale with little or no extra cost” Pine et al.’s Harvard Business Review article, 1993 – the ability to provide individually designed products and services to every customer through high process agility, flexibility, … Profitable mass customization of products and services—whether they are ones that are unique for each customer or ones that consumers can configure extensively to their needs—requires success in two broad areas. Mass customization and rapid product development were identified as challenges to modern manufacturing operations. Mass Customization A food company allows customers to formulate their own breakfast cereal. Consumer expectations are as high as they’ve ever been. Mass customization doesn't have to be a trend to offer an opportunity to differentiate yourself from competitors and boost margins. The first is identifying opportunities for customization that create value for the customer and are supported by smooth, swift, and inexpensive transactions for both consumers and producers. Customization is the production of a unique product or service. People want to feel like their products are made for them, rather than just taking what’s on offer. Mass customization of products is that process by which the products are customized quickly for an individual customer by relying on the forecasts which are limited and also on the inventory. This includes business strategies such as mass customization and individual pursuits such as diy hobbyists who redesign baseline products. No longer can manufacturers rely on huge anonymous retailers to sell their products for them. … In this way, the key aspect of mass customization is to create such products which would satisfy many requirements. The following are illustrative examples.

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