*For Google .  This map comes from the Abbott's Illustrated Counties series of county guides: Dorsetshire, its history, antiquities, places of interest, etc a complete, concise and exhaustive story of Dorset from the earliest times to the present day'. To the right of the landmass, red circles and crosses mark observation points outside the drawing's boundaries. The adjacent counties are named but lack any internal detail, recording only the path of rivers that cross county boundaries. Map of UK is a site dedicated to providing royalty free maps of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, maps of British cities and links of maps to buy. Often, hotels in nearby towns can be much cheaper than those in the main town, such as hotels in Dorchester, etc. Please link to this website in the following form: Map of UK by Tourizm Maps © 2003. This drawing is very worn with some areas missing. Lord Burghley added several place names. See the results of your search on the right side. Settlements and notable buildings are also recorded pictorially; a small building with a spire represents a village, while more important towns are indicated by groups of buildings. The Ordnance Survey Letter Book notes that Mr Budgen was to be at Dorchester "on a new piece of work on the 29th Day of this Month", allowing us to be fairly certain of the authorship of this drawing. The map below shows the counties of England with Dorset highlighted: Map of England Showing Dorset. The signal station, on the London to Plymouth route, was closed after the Napoleonic War. This is a map of Dorset by Christopher Saxton, datingfrom 1575. Due to the presence of a Protestant Queen in the form of Elizabeth I, England was under threat from a catholic crusade from Philip II of Spain. Learn how to create your own. The financier of the project was Thomas Seckford Master of Requests at the Court of Elizabeth I, whose arms appear, along with the royal crest, on each map. In 1806, a Royal Navy Shutter Telegraph Station was built near the racecourse. A Tourizm web site. www.map-of-france.co.uk, Greece Maps - The islands and sands around Poole are recorded in detail and the various channels marked and named. This is a large map of Dorset in England. Europe. A red pecked line, starting at Allam Chine on North Shore, marks the county boundary between Dorset and Hampshire. For further information on the towns and villages within Dorset please contact one of Dorset’s Tourist Information Centres who will be happy to help. Pencil script records the date of execution and scale of the drawing. Dorset shares its four borders with the counties of Devon which is to the west, Somerset to the north-west, Wiltshire to the north-east, and Hampshire to the east. You can use this map to help find towns for hotels and vacations in towns in Dorset near your main hotel holiday destination. This atlas was first published as a whole in 1579. USE OF MAPS: All original maps on this site may be reproduced on other web sites without modification, See our cookie policy, Outdoor Adventure Breaks and Holidays in Aviemore, Scotland, UK, Lochaber and Fort William - The Outdoor Capital. Often, hotels in nearby towns can be much cheaper than those in the main town, such as hotels in Dorchester, etc. It consists of 35 coloured maps depicting the counties of England and Wales. Maps where marked: GEOATLAS.com ® 2004 © Graphi-Ogre. The long stretch of sand in this plan is Chesil Beach. The financier of the project was Thomas Seckford, Master of Requests at the Court of Elizabeth I, whose arms appear, along with the royal crest, on each map. www.map-of-australia.co.uk, China Maps - Illustrating the increasing used of maps in government matters, Lord Burghley, Elizabeth I’s Secretary of State, who had been determined to have England and Wales mapped in detail from the 1550s, selected the cartographer Christopher Saxton to produce a detailed and consistent survey of the country. Pillesdon Pen, a hillfort, is indicated by concentric rings to the left of the plan, although it did not become obligatory to record archaeological sites until 1816. To the right of this is Dungeon Hill, a hillfort surrounded by a single rampart and a ditch, indicated by shading. On the right-hand edge of the manuscript, a note records the scale of the drawing, the date of execution and the names of the surveyors. Use the controls on this Dorset map to zoom in and view specific Dorset towns and villages. Map of England - Dorset . This map is actually a proof copy of one which forms part of Christopher Saxton’s Atlas of England and Wales. The summits of hills in this undulating countryside are left bare. In the lower margin there are notes concerning 'Dangerous places for landing of men in the county'. Signal points are marked along coast leading down to the beach, the most notable being Abbotsbury Castle Signal Staff on Abbotsbury Common. UK. , Share

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