This is a solid go-to pizza that’s light on the wallet. Sprinkle a wooden pizza board lightly with cornmeal and … ($12.49, Whole Foods), 2: Amy’s Rice Crust Cheese Pizza: This had an overall soft crust, with spots that were chewy and dense. 'Rona goes to sleep at 10 p.m.? This was the driest and spiciest of the test group, the same color as the tomato sauce that lay in an adhesive schmear anchoring cheese that melted into a stout carapace for pieces like individual calzones. As far as a review of how the pizza tastes, here comes the pros and cons. It browned nicely at the edges, and the mozzerella cheese melted evenly over a sweet tomato sauce that had none of the metallic bitterness that afflicts so many frozen pizzas. The chopped peppers and onions stayed crunchy fresh, and the cheese held firm to the slices without falling off like a greasy waterfall with the sausage and uncured pepperoni. Just enough spinach leaves strewn atop to give the impression you’re eating something light and refreshing. Paul Stephen is a staff writer in the San Antonio and Bexar County area. ($4.98, Central Market), 1: Home Run Inn Deluxe: Deep dish is the style Chicago is known for, but this take from the Windy City focuses on an ultra-thin crispy crust that held all six toppings with command. Not that that’s a bad thing, because cheese. ($6.49, Sprouts). Just as in our grocery aisles, we ban 100+ colors, flavors, preservatives and more that are often found in food. But when those options are off the table, what’s a person to do? Selection of boxes from the Taste Team's frozen pizza shootout. Classic brands — Mike Sutter. ($4.98, H-E-B), 2. ($5.47, H-E-B), 3: Red Baron Classic Crust Pepperoni Pizza: Red Baron’s the missing link between Totino’s and DiGiorno, with an old-school shellacked crunch across the bottom and a thin layer of aerated chew in the middle. You got 'em. ': San Antonio Twitter reacts to coronavirus curfew implemented for Thanksgiving, Rank: The 20 San Antonio ZIP codes with the highest number of active COVID-19 cases, 'A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving' Is Coming Back to Cable for One Night Only. The three cheeses are a mozzerella-white cheese blend and Parmesan. Wait until the pizza stone is thoroughly heated, about 15 minutes. ': San Antonio Twitter reacts to... S.A. officials impose curfew during the holiday weekend, Magazine names two S.A. butchers among the best in America. Freschetta finished the equation with a good balance up top: a dense spread of glossy, spicy pepperoni, cheese that pulled apart like a mozzarella stick and thick sauce that tasted like tomatoes first and sugar second. But be prepared that it is small and would only serve one. What to know about San Antonio's Thanksgiving curfew, A list of Black Friday store hours in San Antonio, from Target to Academy, Affidavit: Man accused of emailing threats to San Antonio pastor. Well, unless you happen to have an 800-degree wood-fired Neapolitan-style brick oven in your back yard. Open the freezer, naturally. Screamin’ Sicilian Supremus Maximus: These boisterously-named pies have a knack for standing out on the shelf. 30-degree temperature drop, storms coming to S.A. Texas State football player killed in San Marcos. DiGiorno costs about a third to a half what you’d pay for a delivery pizza, and it’s entirely as good as some of them. It’s thin and crisp with enough rigidity to deliver its dank cargo to eagerly awaiting maws. Pizza Romana's Roasted Garlic Pesto pie is all about the bold flavors of garlic and Gorgonzola cheese. Your guide to purchasing KN95 and NIOSH-approved N95 masks, This is the list of iPhones that could no longer be updated with iOS 15, Coronavirus updates: S.A. officials impose curfew during the holiday weekend, 'Rona goes to sleep at 10 p.m.? take & bake pizza sale We’ve made that last part easy by putting our Large Take & Bake pizzas on sale for the special day — grab them for $9.99 each* on 2/9/18! Urban Pie Red Pepperoni & Sliced Chicken Sausage: Urban Pie swaps out the everyday Italian sausage for some pepped up chicken sausage for a tasty pizza that packs a lot on top of the wafer-thin crust. Paul Stephen is a writer with the Taste team at the San Antonio Express-News. ($4.98, Central Market), 3: Caulipower Three Cheese Pizza: This cauliflower-based crust was thin and aspired to cracker crispiness. The collar was as bubbled and risen, with air pockets that fanned out to the tips. The pesto on this pie is made primarily of roasted garlic, olive oil and cheese. After just 15 minutes in the oven, your home will be filled with wonderful pizza-y aromas and sounds of munching satisfaction. A bright burst of lemon juice aggressively slashes through all that fat and salt. This is a pizza to remember. This is far healthier than frozen store brand pizzas that are preservative laden and chock full of artificial ingredients. Prepared Foods is where culinary expertise, convenience and high standards meet. Paul Stephen / Staff Show More Show Less 2 of 35. Served piping hot fresh out of the oven or pulled cold from a box of last night’s leftovers in the refrigerator, nothing satisfies like the cheese-and-carb pleasure bomb that is pizza. The pizza comes with its own baking pan, and it looks flimsy, but holds up to the heat for a perfect finish that rivals all forms of carryout. ($6.98, H-E-B), 3. This week the Taste Team crunched and munched its way through more than two-dozen frozen pizzas to find the best offerings in four categories: the classic grocery store staples; the fancy schmancy pies with luxe ingredients; the supreme, deluxe and other multitopping pies; and because we found so many options that fit this bill, we even have a whole category dedicated to gluten-free pizzas. The real fun happens when crumbles of lamb sausage spiced with clove, cinnamon and coriander begin to release their fat and juices over that crust. The cheese was gooey and melty and even puffed up and browned in the oven. We’ve named a winner and two runners up for a total of 12 pizzas we found worthy of stockpiling in our own freezers. 1: Freschetta Naturally Rising Crust Pepperoni Pizza: If crust makes up more than 50 percent of your pizza happy place, Freschetta’s got your back. In lieu of sauce, this pizza sports several layers of Asiago, mozzarella and Grana Padano cheese. If there was tomato sauce, it was lost under the cheese. I would make this again and add my own toppings like pepperoni, mushrooms and jalapeños before baking it. Try one a ready-to-eat sandwich for lunch, order custom pizzas or pick up chef-prepared family meals for dinner. Whole Foods Market: Do Not Bake your own pizza - See 89 traveler reviews, 4 candid photos, and great deals for Annapolis, MD, at Tripadvisor.

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