The Locrian mode is the only odd ball mode. As the name suggests it's easiest to think of this as a Locrian Mode with a natural 2nd. On the guitar, Lydian is the fourth mode of the major scale, and the sound that’s created when the 4th scale degree functions as the tonic. Do you work out solos crafting exactly the right notes or do you tend to improvise more? Now diving into a little chord theory, the B diminished chord contains the notes B, F, & D. It also wants to resolve to a C major: The reason the G7 & B diminished hold the same sort of tension is because they are almost the same chord! The Locrian mode is the 7th mode of the Major scale. Let’s do another example. The same holds true for all of the modes. If it goes to a C, you are not really playing in B locrian, but C Ionian, since that is where the harmony is going. The Dorian mode or Dm mode, the E Phrygian or Em mode, the F Lydian mode, the G Mixolydian Mode and the A Aeolian mode. Here is a list of the Locrian in every key: I play guitar. The Locrian mode is a Diminished mode and is the 7th mode in the key of C major. C Locrian Mode. C, D, E, F, G, A, B and C. Look at the image below and think of the B Locrian mode starting on the green B note and playing all the notes to the B note on high E string. Let’s do an example. In this post, we are going to explore exactly how to do that. For more about the modes, I would recommend any books or videos (or old magazine articles, if you can find them) by Frank Gambale. Funny, while doing some research for this article, I came across several blogs that mentioned songs like YYZ, Enter Sandman, and the song Black Sabbath as examples of Locrian, but other than the flat five note common in each one, they are all built on single note riffs (pretty awesome ones at that) but with no chordal harmony suggesting the Locrian mode. As I mentioned earlier, the locrian mode can be defined by the following: With the derivative approach, we are only really concerned with the fact that it is the 7th mode. Remember all of the modes in the key of C major have the same notes. You would start this mode off with the Low E string, 7th fret, 1 finger. “Guitar Secrets offering A Visual Learning Experience, Lead Guitar Made Easy. Let’s look at the locrian scale using the derivative approach. I like making music. They are not too hard to understand, and it only works if you can practice them over chords. It is of course E flat major: Therefor, if we play Eb major, but start on D, we get the following: As you can see, both approaches have produced the same result for D Locrian. ©2020 If you have any questions, send us an email. The Locrian mode is played from B to B in the key of C Major. Announcing the Eric Steckel Signature “Candy” Humbucker Set. Try to come up with some other places to play all of these modes. The Dorian mode or Dm mode, the E Phrygian or Em mode, the F Lydian mode, the G Mixolydian Mode and the A Aeolian mode. Copyright © 2020 Seymour Duncan. B Locrian mode tablature starting at the 7th fret position. Therefor, if we play the A major scale and start on G#, we are now playing G# Locrian: That’s it. Let’s look at the derivative approach first and then look at some examples. What we now have is the following: We have just produced the C Locrian mode using the parallel approach. The instructional program is available online and includes a compilation of over 150 professional online guitar lessons.”, Guitar Secrets Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved. This is the last mode we have to learn in the key of C major. Let’s do 1 more example and use both approaches to get there. Yes, there are a few composers who have used it, but both rock and jazz prefers chords to resolve, more than anything. D major has the following notes: In order to turn D major into D locrian, we need to lower the 2nd (E becomes Eb), 3rd (F# becomes F), 5th (A becomes Ab), 6th (B becomes Bb) and 7th (C# becomes C) notes: We have just constructed D Locrian using the parallel approach. You should remember the Ionian mode in the key of C major is played from C to C. Look at the image below and notice the fingering for the B Locrian mode. It’s also the seventh mode of the melodic minor scale, so B Super Locrian is the 7th mode of the C melodic minor scale. Hopefully this series on modes have helped some of you readers that might have been confused on what exactly these mode things are. As you study these modes, remember you can play them at different locations. It contains a b2, b3, b5, b6 and b7. Cool thing is that any scale can have modes- we call the 5 modes of the pentatonic scale ‘boxes’. Basically, there are two different ways of producing the one mode. Chords And Extensions. So far we have covered the C Major or Ionian mode. All for only $19.95 – Instant online access, Order today! The best way to practice modes in theory and in application is to go over the information until it makes as much sense as possible and then start playing the mode in different keys. This is why the Locrian mode is sometimes called a ‘theoretical’ mode: it isn’t used much in our Western harmony system. As you most likely know, C Major contains the following notes: Now, to turn C major into C locrian, we need to lower the 2nd note (D becomes Db), 3rd note (E becomes Eb), 5th note (G becomes Gb), 6th note (A becomes Ab) and 7th note (B becomes Bb). Learn the modes and also learn the relative minor and major scales to each scale. Check out individual Locrian mode keys. Or to put it even more simply, to play the locrean mode, we play the major scale and start on the 7th note.

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