In India, Bihar is no.1 producer of Litchi fruit. there are colour or texture differences the land should be subdivided and Seed Propagation: This is NOT common method of propagation as seed propagation takes long time (about 7 to 10 year) to establish Litchi tree. This fruit is native to china and introduced in India at the end of 17 th century. Understanding this process is a key factor in managing lychees for optimal fruit production. The best and most common practice adopted all over the world is air- layering method. Health benefits of Litchi Fruit:– The following are the uses and health benefits of Litchi Fruit. Litchi is quite low in calories, contains no cholesterol and is rich in dietary fiber, hence aids in weight loss. In case of heavy vegetative growth, both root and shoot pruning needs to be done. It also helps to improve blood circulation, reduces weight and protects the skin. All treatments had similar leaf efficiency when branches were girdled during week 8. which sensible fertilisation can be applied to a specific planting. Lychee trees need warm, humid summers but at least 100 winter chill hours. Major Production States of Litchi Fruit:- Bihar, Jharkhand, Uttaranchal, West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Punjab and Haryana. This is only a guideline; correct fertilisation can only Seedless Early, Seedless Late, Early Large Red, Late Large Red, Calcutta, Rose Scented and Dehradun. Private Bag X144, Pretoria 0001, South Africa. tree peony cultivars exhibiting variations in flowering pattern. the average trees in the planting. Native to southeastern China, the lychee tree (Litchi chinensis) is hardy in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 10 and 11. The variation in flowering pattern between AFP and NAFP was largely influenced by differences in GA3, IAA and CTK levels at different bud developmental stages. Harvesting in Litchi Fruit Farming:- The litchi tree has a long growing period with four different phases. Cultivars Commercial Litchi fruit farming is gaining momentum is India. Leaf efficiency on branches girdled during week 3 was inferior to that girdled during week 8. Manures and Fertilizers in Litchi Fruit Farming:- The recommended dosage of manure and fertilizers in Litchi fruit farming as follows. Lychee trees bloom with long clusters of small, yellow-green flowers in early spring. Litchis were originally imported from China, India, Taiwan and include Kafri, Shorts Seedless, Johnstone's Favourite, Emmerson, Durbhanga, ARC-Institute for Tropical and Subtropical Crops Please advice. That … Shang Shou Huai, Kontand, Glutinous Rice and Three Months Red. National Department of Agriculture in cooperation with must represent a homogeneous area where there are no visible soil differences. On an average, the litchi tree yields 40 to 100 kg fruits annually depending on the variety, season & age. This fruit is being consumed as table, dried and canned fruit. Soil Requirement for Litchi Fruit Farming:- This fruit tree can be grown on wide range of soils. the 2 leaves coloured in the illustration. Mulching will also control the weed growth at the plant base. The results will provide valuable information on the type and quantity of We cannot say one crop is profitable and other is not. satisfactory yields and fruit of good quality, e.g. Climate Requirement for Litchi Fruit Farming:- This fruit thrives best in moist climatic conditions and required well distributed rainfall. There was a gradual loss of fruit when the girdling was applied during week 8. For further information contact the and concentrations are recommended per 100 l of water: Spray the trees from soon after planting with 100 g borax or 75 g Solubor/100 If Mostly bees are visiting on flower for collection of nectar during morning hours (6-11 … The following information is all about Litchi Fruit Farming. They sprouted well and are now about 5.5 feet tal in big pots. Make sure to have wind breakers as hot dry summer winds will affect the fruit crop. Rose Scented, Calcuttia, Early and Late Seedless. Well, Agriculuture/Farming is profitable only with your hard work, proper business plan, managing agriculture activities. Litchi orchards should be ploughed with soil turning plough & harrowed once after the rainy season in October and the second after the harvesting of Litchi fruits in June or July. In this method, Litchi is propagated successfully by cuttings and grafting. They are picked by hand using ladders to reach the fruit on the tree. be removed to ensure neat packing. The litchi season starts in December and continues for a few weeks into January. physiological functions; photosynthesis and dark respiration, two osmolytes (amino acid & free proline & Abscisic acid ABA) and the chlorophyll contents. Four cultivars of wheat used in this study were Al-gaimi, Sindy-1, Sindy-2 and Hab-ahmar. All the phosphate is applied immediately after harvesting. A 25-year-old tree can reach a crown diameter of 12 m. If trees are They even grow best bin light sandy loam soils and lime content in the soil also beneficial for its growth. - The depth at which the sample was taken. Irrigation in Litchi Fruit Farming:- Carry about 2 to 3 irrigations at the interval of 45 to 60 days during winter for fruit bearing Litchi trees. Growing Litchi Tree. The number of fruit retained on branches with two and three flushes was similar to the controls. International Journal of Agriculture and Biology. Cultivars grown in South Africa are divided into the following groups: This group is usually planted locally as well as abroad and produces Florida, USA. - The trees must be of homogeneous appearance and representative of The following aspects are important: - Select about 20 healthy trees, well distributed throughout the planting. Quantity of fertiliser per tree per year according to age On an average, the litchi tree yields up to 40 to 100 kg per tree annually.

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