Get the latest Updates and tips delivered right to your inbox. You will also have more have more patience and understanding to deal with misunderstandings and disagreements that may arise. Lavender works as an anti-fungal and can promote hair growth in alopecia sufferers. It prefers full sun with little to no fertilizer. When the energy flow is corrected, old issues will be brought to the surface, and they will be properly resolved. It will inspire you to make tough decisions and deal with the consequences with courage and confidence. of lavender are imaginative, gentle, free spirited, active, sensitive, Add some lavender to your body lotion or massage oil for a calming healing experience. We have also said that a purple color may symbolize nobility and feminine beauty at the first place. Lavender has a strong connection to springtime. In designs: Teaming lavender with minty green gives a cheerful look, blending it with blue brings in sophistication and coolness, mixing it with red evokes warmth, combining it with light brown or beige produces an earthy look. Personal products made of lavender have been proven to produce calming and relaxing scent. Lavender seeds and flowers can be kept in pillows to aid sleep and relaxation. It can also alleviate the pains caused by misaligned bones in the sacrum, vertebrae, or skull. The origin of the name of this color is quite vague. It can help your body undergo detoxification. Many people consider lavender to be the more mature version of baby pinks. An Overview of the Lavender Color Meaning. In some cultures, the flower is included in cultural events and ceremonies to cleanse one’s soul or celebrate one’s purity state. Lavender Meaning. one choses to make lavender as the theme color for wedding then the person is Anoint the wrists, throat and ankles daily to bring tranquility and serenity to your life. Moreover, lavender color expresses its own meaning and symbolism as well. Lavender essential oil can be used to help with anxiety, depression, insomnia, and general restlessness, it also can aid with vomiting, nausea, relieve headache pain, toothaches, and sores, soothe insect bites and has anti-inflammatory properties. With its subtle sophistication and vibrant energy, lavender reels in passersby. Lavender is a very spiritual oil. Lavender honey can be used on infected wounds, to aid in the healing process. Lavender Meaning Wicca In Wiccan, it is said to increase clairvoyance. Use a few drops in your bath to relax and calm your body mind and spirit. Ancient monks grew lavender flowers to use as medicinal herbs throughout the Middle Ages. You’ll likely benefit from the healthy outlook that lavender upholds. When seeking counsel, allow lavender to shower you with wisdom. Even when you’re experiencing trials and going through tumultuous times, it will keep your body, heart, mind, and soul peaceful and strong. When you use Lavender Stone or even simply keep it with you, you will achieve prosperity at work and be able to explore various ways to succeed at what you do. Please remember, although the powers of crystals and stones are well documented and have been proven to help bring positivity into people’s lives they are never a substitute for medical advice. The Spiritual Meaning of Colors Aura Colors, Healing Colors . perceived as dainty, elegant and feminine. A lot of beauty products use this amazing herb to help wash and purify skin and hair. In Tuscany, pinning a sprig of lavender to your shirt is a traditional ward against the evil eye [ 3]. It is a perennial herb that grows in a variety of shapes including small to large shrubs. Moreover, Lavender Stone gives you an aura of royalty while at the same time reminding you to be generous and share your blessings with those who haven’t been fortunate enough to experience such extravagance. The world’s natural beauty surrounds us as always, occasionally reminding us to stop and smell the lavender. Wedding theme: If With that said, it’s become a symbol of this Christian celebration. This stone will inspire you to be independent and self-sufficient, even when you’re in a committed relationship. It is often used as an essential oil. Lavender Stone will enhance the good aspects of your relationship and help you work on its weaknesses. The crown or 7th chakra is located at the top of the head and the vibration of the crown is the highest vibration in the physical body. As a friendly hue, lavender is held in high regard. Lavender inspires us to transcend the norm in the hopes that we’ll make novel discoveries. Anoint the heart chakra to receive love. Lavender Stone is a powerful metaphysical tool that holds great spiritual energies for the person who incorporates it into his or her meditation routine or into their everyday life in general. More specifically, this color is heavily featured in Easter traditions. It is also a useful tool for healing, love and purification magics. It will give you peace in the middle of a storm. Roman soldiers were said to have used the lavender plant to wash their clothes with and make their bathwater smell good. grace, elegance, purity, serenity, devotion and calmness. Anoint the top of the forehead using a downward motion. Lavender Stone gives off an important energy that will help you make use of your imagination to the fullest. The stone carries vibrations of determination and willpower, which enable you to chase after your passions with full force and enable yourself to work on your goals every day in order to see your dreams culminate into a reality. It will help you protect your loved ones, your own physical security, and your own possessions. Soak in the bath for twenty to thirty minutes. A Lavender Stone symbolizes your personal power and the things that you can achieve using it. It will also make you feel bolder, stronger, and more confident about yourself. It grows low to the ground and boasts beautiful white, purple, and blue flowers throughout the summer and fall seasons. Add a few drops on a cotton cloth in your dryer. However, there are three varieties of lavender that are considered more popular than the others. Spike lavender is known for having tufted leaves. Lavender Stone will recharge your emotional energies so that you will not run out of patience for the person you love. They are spike lavender (Lavandula spica), English lavender (Lavandula angustifolia), and Spanish or French lavender (Lavandula dentate). It will make you less focused on what other people expect of you, and more on what feels good and natural for you. This will earn you the respect of the people around you, even those who doubted your abilities to achieve anything in life. Fortunately, seemingly all of them are favorable. In the past, they were used to decorate the kings’ rooms or the queens’ parlors. Cleopatra is said to have worn the scent to seduce Julius Caesar and Mark Antony, and the Romans used it in their extravagant baths. Add a few drops of lavender to some witch hazel and cleanse your face with it. Your intuition and spiritual understanding can become heightened from incorporating lavender into your meditation.

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