Walkthrough - FAQ/Walkthrough Walkthrough for King's Field: The Ancient City Playstation 2: Kings Field: The Ancient City WalkthroughAuthor: SeorinE-Mail: seorin@wi.rr.comCreation Date: 04-07-2002Version: FinalRevision HistoryFinal - Big changes this time and also the final changes. I'm pretty sure this now contains all the information in the game. Bone Hands: This is found in the well near Cecile Yeala. 1.2 - Added a few websites that asked to also host the FAQ 1.1 - Added locations of Earth Folk Chests (thanks to gozioso!) Lobos Plays King's Field: The Ancient City (Pt. Demon Armor: Ancient city level 2, there is a door opposite the great graveyard. Return to the beginning of the game and drop down. For King's Field: The Ancient City on the PlayStation 2, GameFAQs has 6 guides and walkthroughs. King's Field: The Ancient City Item Location FAQ Author: Seorin E-Mail: seorin@wi.rr.com Date: 04-07-2002 Version: 1.3 Revision History 1.3 - Added Magic Crystals (thanks phermat!) I'm also pretty sure that the vast majority of the people that read this can understand everything with no additional help. Look for a secret submerged door containing a skeleton, kill it for the Bone Hands. KING’S FIELD: THE ANCIENT CITY INTRODUCTORY GUIDE FOR EARLY LEVELS By the waynemanor © 2012. 1) - YouTube This document copyright 2002 Nick Emmerich This FAQ is free for personal use only. King's Field: The Ancient City Walkthrough Author: Seorin E-Mail: seorin@wi.rr.com Creation Date: 04-07-2002 Version: Final Revision History Final - Big changes this time and also the final changes. Enter and hunt for the forest folks chest containing this armor. Im pretty surethis now contains all the information in the game.

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