Finally, a shadow crept across and allowed the men to slip down. After consulting with Rankeillor, Ebenezer agreed to pay David two-thirds of the Shaws' yearly. Ebenezer gives him a cold welcome, and seems very interested in the death of David's father. He came to a spot where the stairs completely stopped. David understood that his earlier story would allow Rankeillor to claim that he could not identify Alan. David thought often of separation. A sequel, Catriona, was published in 1893. Men hiding in the bush pulled David inside. He quickly died. Ebenezer and Rankeillor then work out an agreement that David would get two-thirds of the yearly income of the House of Shaws. Kidnapped: Summary. David believes Alan, and they escape to the home of James Stewart, or James of the Glens. David's father, Alexander Balfour, has recently died, and his mother died some time before, so he is now an orphan. Not affiliated with Harvard College. Alan exclaimed that they must reach the mountain and offered to carry David. One of the people in Campbell's party accuses David of distracting Campbell so that he could be shot, and just as soldiers are about to apprehend David he is pulled away by Alan, who has been fishing nearby. The first person narrator, David Balfour, begins the novel by introducing his journey from his home, Essendean, in 1751. Alan cried that he was acting like a traitor to David. After a few days, a fisherman comes in a boat and reveals to him that the river gets very low at high tide, and David crosses easily. Rankeillor wrote him a letter to the a bank and a lawyer who could represent David to the advocate in the murder case. Straining to understand the crew, David caught the English word "tide" and realized that the island was connected to land during low tide. What weapon did Alan use to fight in the ship? By describing how foolish it would be for Alan to take part in a murder, Alan convinced David that he had no part in the crime. Alan is a Jacobite, someone who believed the Stuarts, a Highland clan, should be on the throne, whereas Whigs were supporters of the current English monarchy, following the line of William and Mary. Soon, the man demanded more money, taking out a knife when David refused his second request. It turns out that Ebenezer and David's father had had a dispute over a woman, David's mother. Rankeillor did not want to take Ebenezer to court since information about David's link to Alan could leak out. David's father had asked the minister to deliver a letter to his son. David agreed to come aboard. As a man jumped through the skylight, David nervously drew his pistol. The characters teach the reader loyalty, courage, forgiveness of enemies and friendship. David talked to the boy and learned of the tortuous life aboard the ship. David heads this way, meeting several disreputable people along the way, including a notorious blind robber; but the young man manages to avoid any great dangers. Mr. Shuan sat, staring blankly. Finally, the Captain agreed on sixty. They escape and go to a mountain where they rest for several days and send word to James, hoping to get a little more money so that Alan can escape to France. David sprang up the hill, yelling after the murderer. David became fearful now that he had witnessed a killing. There is some brief trouble when Alan meets Robin Oig, one of the sons of the well-known Highlander Rob Roy Macgregor, who was also a Campbell. The girl finally agreed to help. Alan and David were victorious! Kidnapped is a historical fiction adventure novel by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, written as a boys' novel and first published in the magazine Young Folks from May to July 1886. David spent some time with Ransome who could not believe the stories David would tell him. In Alan's eyes, the hunt for them had likely slackened. Nevertheless, David continues on to the House of Shaws. By midday of the third day, the sun came out. Kidnapped is a novel by Robert Louis Stevenson that was first published in 1886. Alan finally apologized, saying he would leave if not wanted. Kidnapped tells the story of David Balfour, a young man of the Lowlands, the southern part of Scotland. At that point, David and Rankeillor reveal themselves, having caught Ebenezer in the confession. As they approached the ship, Hoseason thrust David on board. Hoseason asked for money. David told Alan that they must part company. He ran to the creek he had found earlier and waded across to the main island. David told the story of his adventures, referring to Alan as Mr. Thomson on Rankeillor's suggestion. David told the man that he had a letter of introduction. King George demanded rent from the Highlands he had conquered and was aided by Colin Campbell, who was left in charge of the area. David decides to go to Cramond, where his uncle lives, and meet his wealthy relatives. After a few days at this new job, the Covenant strikes and sinks another boat. David related to Rankeillor his plan. Henderland told him about Alan, Ardshiel, and Red Fox. He walks with the minister of Essendean, Mr. Campbell, for some of the way. Soon the men came again. It began to rain. He hoped for death. Suddenly, a fountain of water spurted high, caused by water breaking on a reef. They walked in the dark until they came to a cleft of a great mountain named Corrynakiegh, where they hid in a cave for five days. With his little swimming experience, he did not reach the shore for over an hour. They take some time out to rest, but David oversleeps on his watch, and a troop of English soldiers nearly takes them by surprise. The button was returned to David. Hoseason told Alan that the ship was very difficult to maneuver without Shuan. In 1715, he ran off with rebels until he was apprehended by David's father. Hoseason demanded to know if Shuan realized he had killed the boy. In the morning, they bought cheese and bread from a pretty girl. The next morning, Henderland arranged for a man to bring David to Appin. Though risky, Alan knocked on the door of the first house they found. David then stays at a house, and discovers that Alan himself passed through, having survived the wreck. The man fell in shock. Alan swears he had nothing to do with the murder, but he must now draw attention away from the real killer. Hoseason then asks to speak to David on the boat, and David agrees, being interested in seeing more of the boat. They must run through the wide, flat land on their hands and knees, hiding in small brush and behind rocks. His clansmen still held him as an authority. When the sun rose, they were in a valley, quite visible. Finally Ebenezer decided not to leave. David was told about an unfinished tower of the house. David feels that with his parents dead, it is the time to move on. Before he could, a small boy named Ransome arrived with a message for Ebenezer. To rectify the situation, David plays a trick on Ebenezer. David told him much of his story, leaving out Alan's name. When morning came, Alan gave David one of the silver buttons on his coat. The old man seemed very miserly. Rankeillor, David, and Alan go to the House of Shaws. Alan helped transport the rent from one side of the English Channel to the other. Rankeillor says the agreement is not legally binding, and that David is the true heir of the estate. Rankeillor believes his story, but David's uncle Ebenezer must be dealt with somehow. Alan grew weary of being apologetic. David felt he would be safe in town. GradeSaver, 29 October 2000 Web. David thought it best to cross the river, whereas Alan wanted to cross the sea. Alan asked David if he wished to continue or rest. During breakfast, Ebenezer told the boy that he would find employment for him. David's father, Alexander Balfour, has recently died, and his mother died some time before, so he is now an orphan. Being from the south, the catechist and David got along well. I think it's a great book for convincing kids that classics can be readable and fun, although it is a boy's adventure novel and as an adult I found it thin in places. Cluny takes them in his hideout in the mountain of Ben Alder, and while David sleeps for nearly three days, Alan and Cluny play cards. The minister tells David to continue studying the Bible and gives David four gifts: money for his father's books, a Bible, a shilling, and a recipe.

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