On December 20, 2019 the full soundtrack I Medici (Music from the Original TV Series) was released by Sugar Music with a total of 47 tracks composed by Paolo Buonvino.[20]. Luca Bernabei, executive producer and CEO of Lux Vide, told Deadline, “The third season sees Lorenzo as the undisputed leader of Florence, who faced Popes and Kings to become the first man in history to reunite the economy, culture and politics in one great vision that made Florence the heartbeat of Europe. They weren’t just confined in the palace running the household, but while Lorenzo was often away on state business, they were were also instrumental in helping him run the bank. Conectează-te la contul Netflix pentru a viziona imediat conținutul, fie online pe netflix.com de pe computerul personal, fie de pe un dispozitiv conectat la internet cu aplicația Netflix, inclusiv dispozitive Smart TV, smartphone-uri, playere media de difuzare online, tablete sau console de jocuri. Tuscany is famous for its charming small towns, Medieval hilltop hamlets and scenic walled towns rich with atmosphere. Most recently she starred as Annain Alex Hugo and Annabelle in Pauline enslaved. As much as I appreciate how stunning Daniel looked in the prime of his youth in season 2, I absolutely love his soulful performance as the older Lorenzo. We want to hear from you! His utter heartbreak when Giuliono was savagely murdered and when Clarice suddenly died was palpable… it’s not just grief of losing someone he loved, but also immense guilt that ravaged him as he felt responsible for their demise. Recurring actor Sam Taylor Buck portrays Young Lorenzo in season 2. Pardon the clichéd statement that there’s beauty in sadness… but it’s truly the case with Daniel’s performance portraying Lorenzo’s final days. Il semble que l'attente soit enfin terminée car la série Netflix Medici est très bonne pour arriver pour la période. Amir El Kacem portrays physician, politician and freemason Joseph Gulliotin. As Lorenzo had plotted to kill Girolamo Savonarola, in the last minutes leading up to that event, the camera showed multiple close-ups of his conflicted face. Though he’s not crowned, he’s practically a King as the Medici’s family dominated practically all aspects of the state. Air Force Leave Web Login, Who were the Medici, real Masters of Florence? Both Italian editions have the original audio track in English and the Italian-dubbed audio track. Small towns in enchanting locations, full of turreted towers, romantic archways, secret passageways and plenty of magical atmosphere. Meanwhile, the political situation in the city is troubled by plots against the Medici family's power, and their vision for the future of Florence - which will then lead to the Renaissance - is in danger. [5], The series is broadcast in 190 countries countries worldwide, including on SBS in Australia,[6] on Fox Premium in Argentina, SFR's premium SVOD service Zive in France, Sky 1 in Germany,[16] on RTP1 in Portugal, and on RTS2 in Serbia. Big Bang Theory: When did Bill Gates star in The Big Bang Theory? The series deals with family drama and dealings after the death of the family patriarch, Giovanni de’ Medici. Official blogger for the Twin Cities Film Fest (TCFF). The second season was also released in Blu-Ray (Region B) on the 24 January 2019. [4], The series is broadcast in 190 countries worldwide, including on Netflix in the United States, Canada, the UK, Ireland and India,[5] and on SBS in Australia.[6]. Last but not least, there’s Medici’s unlikely ally, Caterina Sforza Riario (Rose Williams). On the 16 October 2018, a novelisation of the events told in the second season titled I Medici - Lorenzo il Magnifico was published in Italy by Michele Gazo. Well, you’ve [hopefully] read the first part of why I LOVE Medici: The Magnificent series. Despite her brief appearance, she made quite an impact politically for the Medicis.

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