Because the way I am seeing the problem most of the time, is that the possible answers to the actual question are actual pretty few and often quite simple. Try not to stress out. Just because the answer could be unsettling or be used against you does not mean it is not relevant to the case. Regardless of intent, the result of that can come across pretty disrespectful. Highly logical in most matters, gets to the point, great executive functioning. I am definitely with needing the answers to Gardner's questions mentioned at the end of her comment: What should we do? My husband is a bottom-line kind of guy. Submitted by szgrrl on Sun, 03/18/2012 - 18:53. More information is here. So I have talked to him about the idea that my question can be taken at face value... and if he whirls on ahead through a whole range of thoughts before arriving at some other, sometimes not related answer, he will have to accept that I might ask the same question again. Handle Uncomfortable Questions with Polite, Direct Language. Still, it is important to him, and I want him to understand that for that alone, it is important to me. a skill like Excel, or the need to give presentations). How does your child respond to these questions? Submitted by hard to function on Fri, 03/16/2012 - 23:21. Tracy Stackhouse, MA, OTR She would tell me it was the only way to get my attention. But if I have PMS or he has been particularly distracted, well then lets just say that is where the instant anger can come up. Sigh. It is critical to understand why it is so difficult for children with FXS to understand and respond to these questions, before we get to the how of getting answers. Combine these two conditions and you have the perfect scenario for not answering a direct question! It's fine to ask the interviewer to define or explain their question. You can then include that answer as part of your follow-up communication. We hope they are helpful and that you’ll share them with _______! You are patient. . I once asked "Honey, why don't you answer the question I ask?" I would not suggest pretending what my partner said made sense if it did not. This realization can help keep you from panicking if you can't answer a question well. I know this was not your intention, but thank you for making me laugh. (Chinese proverb), The important thing is never to stop questioning. He who asks a question is a fool for a minute. If the question is important enough to ask, it should be repeated with the caveat that this time, remove the filter (not so easy at times, but necessary). ), patiently (HA! He understands some of my issues better than most as concerns my ADHD. That really depends on the sincerity and validity of the question. Other times, interviewers may deliberately try to stump you to reveal how you'll respond to challenging questions and situations. :eyeroll: an ADDer living with my dad would have a breakdown inside a week as he can't stand anything except the exact answer to only the exact question he asked. Winchester, VA. Use this checklist to help you make sure your court reporter is handling as much as possible for you. I’ve told both my husband and my therapist that when a question is asked and I am experiencing that difficulty, I can visualize a path I have to go through to get to the answer, sometimes even when I THINK I know what the answer is. I am realizing while I write this that by curing one problem I have created another. . Before you give me a answer to an entirely different question, wouldn't it make sense to ask me if I really meant X? In the case of a child with FXS, asking direct questions is the least likely way to accomplish either of these goals. My husband is a bottom-line kind of guy. I think that maybe ADD people have that inability to filter their thoughts and go ahead and say inappropriate things way more than average because we DO have SOOO many things going on in our brains at the same time. . Submitted by YYZ on Sun, 02/05/2012 - 20:32. This might not work with someone who is in denial about his or her symptoms. It has been well documented that individuals with FXS often experience a hyperarousal response to direct social interaction. You’re pretty clear on what will happen, who will be present, and what you should do if you are unable to answer a question. The ADHD Effect on Marriage was listed in Huff Post as a top book that therapists suggest all couples should read. I could have written your description of the invitation question because that kind of thing happens so often. Your information is safe with us. What would be the coolest animal to scale up to the size of a horse? Why would I continue to do this if it was easy to correct? You can say something like, “Tanisha, you’re an MBA. He who does not remains a fool forever. My husband just gives up and moves on and 30 minutes later, I'll answer his question. Very few jobs require workers to have all of the answers on the spot. I'm trying to learn to just say "Okay, thanks. You’re pretty clear on what will happen, who will be present, and what you should do if you are unable to answer a question. I can answer it in part but would like to consider it further and get back to you.". (2) Aspen replied: Do you generally believe this to be true? I just wonder if this makes him angry, to ask again. This post was very interesting. So then, how do we find out where Mouse is going at the end of the day, or if Mrs. Miller gave your child any homework? Because the way I am seeing the problem most of the time, is that the possible answers to the actual question are actual pretty few and often quite simple. We provide help for today and hope for tomorrow. I can NOT ride a skateboard now. I am stressed all the time because my marriage has been in shambles for the past two years, I have two young children whom I love more than my own life, and I am just sad, sad, sad.>>>. Again as long as we are each working on it, I guess that is the truly important part! She is a leading pediatric occupational therapist involved in clinical treatment, research, mentoring, and training regarding OT intervention for persons with neurodevelopmental disorders, especially Fragile X syndrome and autism. (1a) I really feel for you here. So perhaps Gardner is right, I probably do have some bad coping mechanisms on top of the genuine issues I brought up here. Free VIRTUAL OFFICE HOURS with Melissa during the pandemic. Submitted by gardener447 on Sun, 02/05/2012 - 08:58. I really enjoyed this thread and learned a lot.

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