Step 1: Find your meeting recordings through your Zoom client: Go to Meetings, then click the Recorded tab. In the Zoom app. Sign in to the Zoom client. Anyone who downloads a Zoom cloud recording to their local drive can then share it however they please, with whomever they please. By default, Zoom will save your recording in your Mac or PC’s Zoom folder (see screenshot above). You can do this via the Zoom app or by opening the corresponding conference file on your computer via file Explorer. Whether you’re recording just a few select meetings or every single one, Panopto gives you space for them all, without adding costs. From the Zoom interface, select Meetings from the bottom of the home screen. To store a video on Zoom's cloud, you must use cloud recording. However, you can share your local recording with others by uploading it to third-party cloud storage, content/learning management, or video streaming service such as Google Drive, YouTube, or Vimeo. If you’re not the meeting host, you can still record Zoom meetings with a free screen recorder. With unlimited, centralized storage and permissioning managed at scale, Zoom recordings can be shared securely through Panopto with just a few clicks (or none at all) and watched from anywhere on any device — without downloading anything. And its search features only allow you to search within your personal library of meeting recordings. These are both fairly reasonable processes if you’re occasionally recording and sharing Zoom sessions. Finding and extracting the information inside past recordings, as well as sharing recordings, is still exceedingly difficult. With Panopto, every Zoom recording can be uploaded automatically to your organization’s secure video library where you get powerful administrator controls that enable you to do the following: Here’s what else your organization can do when you integrate Panopto with Zoom: Moreover, with Panopto there are no limits on how long your videos will be stored or how many videos you can upload to your library. (as shown in the adjacent image) so the video isn’t publicly available. Zoom is one of the most popular remote collaboration platforms that is being used by a lot of companies and institutions to collaborate with their employees remotely. Note: If you only see the Open button, the meeting contains a cloud recording. Share a link to a meeting recording with others. How to share your recorded video in a Zoom meeting? If you have recorded the Zoom meeting to your local storage, then you can simply play it using a video player on your PC or Mac and then ‘screen share‘ the player to your on-going Zoom meeting. We show you how in our latest blog: After you record a Zoom meeting, you might want to share it with your colleagues who attended, or perhaps those who couldn’t make it. Panopto’s video management system is like a private internal YouTube for your business, but better. How to share your recorded video in a Zoom meeting? Local Recording saves your recording files on your computer. What’s more, hosting and sharing cloud recordings through Zoom does present some risk, and may not meet the security requirements of every organization. This will allow all the attendees to view the video in real-time along with you. Login to the Start Zoom app on your computer. Panopto’s interactive video player also enables teams to collaborate inside the video player through time-stamped comments and discussions, so no one has to create a new document or send another email. Manage user permissions and sharing restrictions for meeting recordings across teams and the entire organization, Set your own content retention policies and availability windows for meeting recordings, Know exactly who has watched what with detailed, Panopto also automatically transcribes every word spoken aloud and indexes every word shown on-screen in the Zoom meetings uploaded to your library with our AI-powered, With unlimited, centralized storage and permissioning managed at scale, Zoom recordings can be shared securely through Panopto. End your meeting. Add a new folder to your google drive called Zoom. Simply play the video using your desired video player and share this window in your ongoing Zoom meeting using the ‘Screen Share’ option. All of the time and resources expended on these tasks can easily offset any potential business gains from simply having an exact record of the meeting. Contact us to set up a demo of Panopto Enterprise today. With Zoom open and a meeting started, look for the Share Screen button on the bottom bar. Here you can see a list of recorded conferences in Zoom. But most organizations need additional support for managing and sharing on-demand video recordings. By default, Zoom will save your recording in your Mac or PC’s Zoom folder (see screenshot above). The MP4 file is the video file. Step 2: Select the meeting you want to share and click Open, to open the folder where your video file (mp4) is saved on your computer. Free Zoom accounts will only have the ability to record to a local computer, while paid Zoom subscriptions will have cloud recording automatically enabled. With more and more conversations taking place over Zoom, you might be wondering how to record your Zoom meetings for any number of reasons. Panopto includes an online video editor so you can cut out off-topic sections in the middle, trim dead time from the ends, and even splice together multiple Zoom meeting recordings. If you’re the meeting host, you can simply press record in Zoom. Want to learn more about how Panopto and Zoom work together to make recording and sharing meetings more efficient and your teams more productive? With many more teams now working fully remotely and people also working around other pandemic-related disruptions at home, even more meetings are being recorded and shared to support the continuity of work in this new environment.

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