Evaluations were performed 2 hours after the first application as well as at the end of the 40-day period. For example, in one recent study, snail mucin was extracted by “regular poking of the animal with a small stick” [25]. Second, optimal mucin production occurs when snails are well-rested and comfortable in their habitat, which is why Cosrx’s manufacturer tries their best to make sure that the snails are healthy and comfortable. Other studies have demonstrated that the skin benefits of glycolic acid go beyond its ability to reduce premature aging. Truth is, they actually do get hurt! Snail mucin has been used since ancient times for its skin healing benefits. Once they have entered the dermis they can then signal the production of endogenous growth factors [9]. Growth factors are high molecular weight peptides that encourage wound healing and tissue repair [1]. The fact that snail mucin is a growth factor that contains allantoin, glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid, and antibacterial agents means that it may possess a number of skin benefits in theory. Parvez, S., Kang, M., Chung, H. et al. However, growth factors have a large molecular weight which makes it difficult for them to penetrate the stratum corneum (the outer layer of the skin) barrier. (2010). Radiobiological and therapeutic factors’. This is largely due to its ability to increase collagen, improve the quality of elastic fibers, and shrink pores for a smoother complexion, Furthermore, topical glycolic acid can increase epidermal thickness and epidermal and dermal hyaluronic acid levels. Learn all about snail mucin in our first ever “Ingredients 101” series, and why you should start adding it to your skin care regimen! Overall, snail mucin is highly likely to have a beneficial cosmetic effect, although this benefit may be no more significant than other skin care ingredients that have more scientific backing and less ethical concerns. Snail mucin is another name for snail secretion filtrate, or ‘snail slime’ and is an animal-derived growth factor. ‘Clinical and histological efficacy of a secretion of the mollusc Cryptomphalus aspersa in the treatment of cutaneous photoaging’, Mazzulla, S., Anile, D., De Sio, S., Scaglione, A., De Seta, M. & Anile, A. Frequently asked questions include “how is snail slime harvested?” and “is snail secretion filtrate cruelty-free?”. Hyaluronic acid is a glycosaminoglycan that can bind up to 1000 times its weight in water [17]. How Long do Pimples Last? ‘The structure and function of the cutaneous glands in. However, in a 14-week study, where 25 patients with moderate to severe facial photodamage applied an emulsion containing 8% snail mucin and a liquid serum containing 40% snail mucin to one side of their face and a control cream to the other, there was a significant improvement in crow’s feet wrinkles and skin texture. Here are the Best of K-Beauty™ Winners That’ll Help, This Acne-Fighting Toner Is A Miracle For Acne-Prone, Inflamed Skin, An Esthetician Shares Her Experience with Soko Glam’s Skin Concierge, Our Favorite K-Pop Comeback Makeup Looks of 2020 and How You Can Recreate Them at Home, The K-Beauty Product That Worked For My Curly Hair, Glow Deeper™ Series: An Art Show by the Community, for the Community. The mucus secreted depends on the way the snail is stimulated. Other methods noted include placing the snail in a centrifuge (spinning the snails to extract mucin by centrifugal force), or subjecting the snail to sound vibrations, oxygen-less conditions, or temperature extremes (e.g. Insofar as Chondroitin sulfate is the main component of snail mucin, the general benefits of snail mucin are the same across the board. Michelle says. Let’s have a look at what scientific studies are available to answer this question. In addition, snail mucin contains natural antibacterials which provide a wide range of benefits for the skin. Topically applied growth factors have demonstrated effectiveness at enhancing wound healing and stimulating the production of collagen [8]. These regenerative effects are due to the complex chemical composition of snail mucin. The secretion from the Cryptomphalus aspersa mollusk is a mixture of glandular secretions from the mucinous, albuminous, and salivary glands, with each secretion responsible for different therapeutic effects. He also suggests that snail mucin would be beneficial in the treatment of wrinkles and stretch marks. (2016). ‘Topical effects of SCA (Cryptomphalus aspersa secretion) associated with regenerative and antioxidant ingredients on aged skin: evaluation by confocal and clinical microscopy’. Your email address will not be published. So, no matter how ‘gentle’ the stimulation is, it still has to create some level of perceived threat for the snail. In contrast, when the snail is disturbed or feels threatened, it releases a foamy secretion. Snail mucin is created by companies that make the raw materials, which in the case of Cosrx, one brand with popular snail products, is CoSeedBioPharm Co. Each manufacturer has its own know-how’s when it comes to collecting snail mucin, but what is common among them is the fact that they need to create an environment that’s comfortable for the snails and allow them have adequate rest to optimize mucin production.

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