I think everyone is doing a great job and I like how everyone is rotating cooperatively and with enthusiasm. What can we do better next time to score more or stop the offense more. 5. throughout the game I would ask how each team is doing and how they got their. They must stay at least 5 feet away. Materials Needed: Flags, 10-15 footballs, cones. The way to blockers work is they must have their hands behind their backs at all times when blocking. Lesson Plans and Ideas for Elementary PE and Health Teachers. 6. They can be rescued by another team mate touching their hand and walking them back. After the games have been played I would ask them what have they learned. | Site Map, The students will be able to try each position of: QB, center, wide receiver and linemen Taxonomy Verbs | Lesson Students will learn the skills to play a proper game of flag football while demonstrating sportsmanship and teamwork. 1. Teacher Name: Brigid O'Brien: Grade: Grade 6: Subject: PE and Health: Topic: Flag Football: Content: Flag Football Positions and Rule Review: Goals: The students will be able to try … Prerequisites: Proper way to carry a football (three points). The field is marked with lines and cones of 40 yards. How can we get the ball from the Center to the QB better? There must be a center who hikes the ball to the quarterback. PE Lesson Plans. When a player has his/her flag pulled they go to jail on the opposite team’s field. The object for the defense is to stop the offense by grabbing the person with the ball's flag while they try to score. The object is to score the most touchdowns, which is worth 6 points (no extra field goal points). 1 flag per student (~15 red and 15 yellow). Today my 5th and 6th grade classes played this game of steal the flag with a twist: Throughout the explanation I would have students come and demonstrate what positions do what and have them show everyone like a mock trial run at it. The field is already going to be smaller than regulation size. The quarterback may run, pass, or hand off the ball in order to get the next down and score. They can run the football back or pass it to another team player. This middle school football activity introduces pass rushing for the first time so the QB is under pressure for time to make a pass before their flag is pulled. How do I throw and catch a football? Nerf footballs were used instead of flags The students will be able to score a touchdown | Help | Privacy I would bring them in again and teach them how to hike the ball and hold the ball run with it. I would also check to see if they know the safety rules. The original game begins with only 1 defender, but you can challenge your students by having groups play 3V3. | K-12 Teacher Newsletter They will then switch to snapping to one another. place a football near one corner cone and another in the opposite corner. This allows for students to see the ball better and catch it easier. To start off the game and after every touchdown scored they will start out on their 10 yard line and have to get the first down, the 20 yard line, in 4 tries. Understand how to throw the football correctly, catch, run, block, positions, strategies, sack, touchdown, center, hike, interception, wide receiver, quarterback, rush, blitz, hand off and downs. The balls are colored and bigger than regulation size as well. Lesson Plans and Ideas for Elementary PE and Health Teachers. ~12 cones to mark field Then they would go back out their and practice. 7. If the football makes it to the opposing team’s field without a flag pull it is a point for that team and both footballs go back to the starting position. 6 offense vs. 6 defense. Menu. 4. We are into the second week of playing and having run small games to help us learn the different positions of center, quarterback, lineman and wide receiver.

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