0000121110 00000 n 0000136036 00000 n 405 0 obj <>stream Hi Lea, what size pot is your finger lime in? Apply fertiliser, compost or decomposed animals manure, as well as trace elements in spring. 0000004333 00000 n Hi Roger, Is your finger lime in a pot or in the ground? And how is the plant looking healthy in general? 0000125416 00000 n I’ve never tried this myself but you could give it a go. 0000134215 00000 n You can use your finger limes with seafood, in salads, drinks, desserts, sauces or marmalades. Your tree sounds like it is growing well. Over-watering could have been a factor, or too much fertiliser (Australian Native citrus like less fertiliser than regular citrus). 0000119936 00000 n 0000120040 00000 n 0000003332 00000 n A 60cm pot is fine though. Anna . The Australian finger lime (Citrus australasica) is native to the rainforests of the border ranges of SE Queensland and Northern NSW. Water containers every 3 to 4 days, and more frequently on hot days. Thanks in advance. 0000012273 00000 n they don’t mind dry soil. It will probably fruit very soon. The first thing to do is to prepare the new hole for your finger lime so you can put it straight in. Hi Susan, You can use a big piece of hessian or a tarpaulin to slide under the root ball, and use that to transport it to it’s new spot. I planted my own finger lime last spring after completing a bush foods workshop in Sydney with Narelle Happ. 0000014355 00000 n 0000134557 00000 n trailer endstream endobj 404 0 obj <>/Size 306/Type/XRef>>stream 0000120115 00000 n His Lis, They like well-drainage mixes around their roots so you would be better off planting it in a regular pot rather than a wicking pot. 0000062867 00000 n Hardiness Zone: 9-11 Evergreen/Deciduous: Evergreen Height: 6-8′ Spread: 4-5′ Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Partial Sun Foliage: Green Flower: White with Purple Water Usage: Moderate Australian Finger Lime is … the finger lime. Is it very different to your inside environment? x�bb 0000007568 00000 n Best of luck. Finger limes are a hardy shrub to small tree and in cultivation plants usually grow around 2 to 5 metres and can be pruned to a manageable height to make them easy to harvest. Soil should be well-drained with a pH of between 5 and 6.5. 0000135355 00000 n 0000125683 00000 n And good question.These are grafted onto regular citrus rootstock so you can use a standard potting mix (high quality) rather than a native potting mix. Hi Edith, It sounds like your finger lime is under stress of some kind. Feel free to check-in with us to let us know how your fruits are going  ��L;+(�4�Ĭ���9�@��/L`��͍"3���/�'a!�r�C�ccѢV�)��S�Pr9qh��$�&�^� P�D#��iz!/�`�d�)t�T�q� d!�&��8Lp�*��W��8dĩ�BJ��P�Kt4@B�P&���%((�S��b6 ``` MK�*�J3))E@5��P\�n\�7�tg�E��'0�c�b4be`d8ä�p�)�!�!�9��*#/�U�d� ��ؘy2��1�ejf�d�cZ����.�6�M�K�����%�W����}4� ��I& vc(gTc�a�dx�p�1�M��5c:k�Fg�Eoc8wq�bHd`dl�� ;��B�X�a���\ .C��$,�43��&P�2�_���s��!������@� If you are not sure, feel free to send some photos to my email address. 0000120734 00000 n I purchased my finger lime 12 months ago as a quite small plant and repotted it to a 21cm pot. Like other citrus, finger fingers like well-drained soil/potting media. Hi Erika, That’s great one of your trees is having good crops. If your pH is out of range, this will effect the availability of any nutrients you add to the soil, despite what and how much you add. Trees can tolerate dry conditions and cold weather, but do best in their natural growing regions. Particularly pay attention to keeping as much of the surface roots as you can because citrus have shallow feeder roots that they don’t like being disturbed. MID VALLEY TREES | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED | WEBSITE BY OUTLAW CONSULTING GROUP, INC. When it’s warm plants recover better. Monitor your tree for any signs of pests, check the leaves are a good green colour, and use your fingers to check you are watering at the correct amount (not over or under). You can use regular citrus fertiliser, it just won’t need as much as other citrus because it isn’t producing the volume of fruit and foliage. Trees are thorny, producing distinctive finger … The best thing to do would be to pH test the soil (you can buy a kit from your local nursery or even online if you don’t have one). Nursery stock  are usually grafted onto common citrus rootstock varieties. 0000134671 00000 n What location are in? 0 I am keeping the water up. Required fields are marked *. 306 100 0000130658 00000 n Hello, Are the leaves edible like the kaffir line trees? Ensure the soil is at the same level in the new hole and give it a good water in and some seaweed tonic. 0000135127 00000 n National tree planting time. 0000002343 00000 n Are they both in similar in similar sized pots? 0000011334 00000 n 0000060217 00000 n Avoid picking fruit when they are wet or early in the morning to lower the risk of rind damage from the release of oil from damaged oil glands (oleocellosis). 0000119542 00000 n Leaves are significantly smaller than regular citrus, and they have thorns and slender finger-like fruit from 6 to 12 centimetres long that come in a range of colours including black, green, red, pink, and yellow. 0000012141 00000 n 0000003394 00000 n You also need to look out for dark brown spots that could be a fungal disease called melanose.

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