Because the only abnormality was the in- stability of the fibular head … In the course of a few months her knees grew worse, preventing her going up and down stairs and attending school. Analgetics did not relieve the disability. Feel for a Fibular head laxity can be assessed by grasping the proximal fibular head and performing an anterior-posterior glide. The fibular portion of the sciatic nerve is more susceptible to stretch injuries than the tibial portion because of its lateral position, and the shorter distance between the piriformis and the fibular head than between the piriformis and the tarsal tunnel (i.e., the … Ask the patient to plantar flex their foot while you monitor the fibular head. Some physicians will perform a two-point discrimination test. Ask the patient to dorsiflex their foot while you monitor the fibular head. While not overly scientific, I consider excessive laxity as a translation of greater than 50% of the head of the fibula as compared to the resting position. Feel for an anterior glide of the fibular head. A positive test will cause an electrical “zap” into the foot with percussion of the peroneal nerve at this location. In the case of peroneal fibular head entrapment syndrome, the injury point is where the nerve wraps around the fibula. Move (motion testing): Active motion testing: 1. 12,13 As described in the present report, the patient was unable to dorsiflex his foot, providing evidence that he had a posterior fibular head dysfunction. 2. fibular head caused it to dislocate more than 1 cm anteriorly (Figure 3). fibular head dysfunction.) If the fibular head was maintained in a posterior position, then the ankle would be restricted in dorsiflexion.

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