Bill, legs and feet are black. A gregarious and cheerful little bird, it is often found in flocks in winter. The Prairie Warbler has olive upperparts with rusty streaks on the back, yellow underparts, dark streaks on the flanks, yellow line above the eye, a dark line through it, and a yellow spot below it. Hermit Warbler: Small warbler, gray upperparts, white underparts, black-streaked flanks. The Costa Rican Wabler has mainly olive-brown upperparts; dark cheek; black and white striping on head; buffy underparts. The female has gray head, gray to green back, gray head, white underparts, yellow breast sides. Female and immature birds are similar in appearance, but have paler underparts and lack the black mask. Adult males have a gray hood, black patch on throat and breast. The blackpoll breeds in forests of northern North America, from Alaska throughout most of Canada, to the mountains of New York and New England.They are a common migrant through much of North America. Cap is chestnut-brown. spring, but remaining distinctly recognizable in fall. Bill is gray. Note dark legs and feet, buff undertail coverts, unstreaked breast. If the bird lacks wing bars, but does have a white eye ring, bluish-gray head, and bright yellow throat; it’s a Nashville warbler. Bobs tail. in fall. (Not a warbler.) Wings have two white bars. Nonbreeding male has geenish back, yellow underparts with faint stipes, no face mask. Magnolia Warbler has darker back and tail. Wings are dark with two white bars. The male has a black crown patch; depending on the subspecies, that mark is reduced or absent in the female. Bill, legs and feet are black. Coloring is duller in female and immatures. It is named for the state where it was first discovered. The Bahama Yellowthroat has olive-green upperparts; mainly yellow underparts. Plain greenish back. The Lucy's Warbler has pale gray upperparts, whitish underparts, white eye-ring, small pointed bill, rufous rump, Adult males also have a small rusty patch on their crown. Depending on the subspecies it has a bold gold supercilium or supercilium that varies (front to back) from yellow to olive. The Black-cheeked Warbler has green-gray upperparts; rufous crown; long white supercilium; black cheeks, chin; pale throat. The blue-winged Warbler has yellow upperparts and underparts. Eats insects, larvae, and some fruit. White throat; eyestripe is dark and thick, white eyebrows widen behind eyes. To our eyes, the dorsal feathers of the Chestnut-sided Warbler (above and below) come in one of the most unusual shades of green found on any bird. The Santa Marta  Warbler has olive-green upperparts; whitish supercilium; white broken eye-ring; yellow underparts. They migrate generally in the eastern half of the country. Minnesota Supreme Court hears arguments over Minntac’s wastewater pollution, short or faint smudges on underparts = either species. The best bird guide and bird watching search engine to identify birds in the world. Worm-eating Warbler: Medium-sized, ground nesting warbler with olive-gray upperparts and pale yellow underparts. The only eastern warbler that nests in tree hollows. Lower breast and sides are yellow with black streaks and belly is white.Face is yellow with black crown and cheek patch and yellow crescent below eye. Mitch Waite Group. The material presented below is not intended to be authoritative, but Pine warbler nests are placed high in a pine tree, well out on a limb and hidden from sight by pine needles. Day 36 of 100 days of Blogging. © 2002- The The Semper's Warbler may be extinct. Immature: Small and short-tailed. This Tennessee Warbler was quite yellow, unlike its spring plumage. These two species are easy to distinguish, especially by the wings and but the intent of this article is to focus on identifying the regularly It is one of the largest warblers. The male American Redstart has blue-black back, head, throat and breast; orange breast sides, white belly. Note Log in, “Birders,” © Lou Ferreri @ Head is yellow with black throat and nape. The Golden-bellied Warbler has olive upperparts; yellowish underparts; reddish-orange crown stripe with black border. Note yellow rump. The Painted Whitestart has black back, head, and upper breast; bright red lower breast, belly; large white wing patches, white crescents below eyes; blackish bill and legs.

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