I suggest you join blocks with a wider-than-normal seam allowance. SO important. Thanks. I also take lots of classes and watch for new products and trends. An individual quilt block is easy to navigate underneath your standard sewing machine. When tying be sure to use a heavy duty, durable thread. You can even stock up on those when discounted. Do you have any other tips that work for you? No worries. Make sure your 1/4″ seam allowance is accurate. So timely – I was just staring at this small block and agonizing why it wasn’t perfect. Do not attach backing at this time. Thank you so much for these tips. Use affordable, ready made frames. How much time I could have saved over time. Happy sewing! This. This way I catch both sides of the seam allowance, and I can keep the pin in longer before I have to remove it. Just press those seam allowances open to evenly distribute the slight bulk. Hello! This will shift your fabric and cause the top and bottom of the seam to not line up. I always analyze a pattern first to see if I can make it more efficient by cutting strips of fabric instead of individual squares, for instance. One idea/tip you might try is loading your pins from the left so the head is to the left of the needle and the pin tip is just left of your 1/4″ seam. Though I have ripped a few holes in fabric when I was in too big a hurry! Had I known this as a kid, I would have saved a year’s worth of sewing by this time! I embrace, depending on how the seam will be pressed, both a micro dot of glue and the pin method for precision points & seams. I’ve finally resigned myself to just do it – and it always pays off. A lovely, finished quilting block should never need to be cut. You can transform any quilt block into quilt-as-you-go by simply quilting the finished block to a matching square of batting. It’s weird, I’ve always used that method to rip seams! These are great tips, Julie! Check out my blog for free tutorials and tips. Thanks! I normally use my husband “Jim the ripper” for boo boo’s He doesn’t mind seam ripping and does a great job-his mother has taught him well, so he says. By that I mean to make sure you’re pressing your seams flat (whether it’s to the side or open). Make sure you give the finished quilt block a good pressing, too. Hand stitch the quilt section to a large piece of cotton. Fig. The more usual way to frame a patchwork would be finding a frame big enough to have the entire piece intact. I must try that pinning technique. That’s a good tip, Karee. But I do love my fabric scraps, and last time I started putting them randomly together because my fabric-scraps storage box was getting full. 40% OFF EVERYTHING with code BLACKFRIDAY! This is the finishing technique that matches that concept. Today I have 8 Tips to help you create a perfect quilt block. I trim quilted blocks to the original, intended block size (13" in my case) even if that means that a bit of the block edge is only batting with the raw edge of the quilt block say 1/8" from the trimmed edge of the block. TIP:  When a top seam allowance is facing down as it reaches the sewing machine needle, it will more likely create a gap at that intersection. Disassemble the frame by taking off the back and removing the mat. I use 3/8". You can transform any quilt block into quilt-as-you-go by simply quilting the finished block to a matching square of batting. These tips need to be embedded in every quilters brain. I'm Julie and I love to quilt, craft, read, garden, hike and spend time with my family. Fig. Not clever. Give it another press if needed. I guess that just felt natural to me. Pat. I like to pin most intersections with one pin inserted at an angle. I'm tying at each corner of each block with rusty orange thread for a fun contrast. Thank you Julie for sharing this excellent information. (I know someone’s going to ask). You can use picture frames to put your beautiful fabric scraps on display. Trim all of your quilt blocks to a consistent size after quilting. . A new pillow is in the works. An individual quilt block is easy to navigate underneath your standard sewing machine. I have a tutorial on the perfect 1/4″ seam allowance that will give you plenty of tips to get yours exact. Sometimes you can shrink or grow a quilt block just enough by pressing. 1/16th of an inch makes a difference. A quilt’s borders can be wide or narrow, pieced or appliqued, or a combination […] As a novice quilter, I have made all the mistakes you talk about. Making the trimming of blocks part of your routine is one of my favourite tips it makes joining blocks accurately so much easier. Now that I’ve been quilting for over 20 years, I can happily say that my quilt blocks turn out just right (most of the time). My blog post, Pressing seams open vs. to the side, explores that topic more in depth. About Julie Cefalu. Required fields are marked *. The couple spends much of their time as volunteers. Or do you have another post that explains why and when you do that? It’s a great DIY way to use fabric as wall art. How to Frame Your Mini Quilt. Simply quilt to one layer of batting - that's it! Here’s also a sneak peek into a few of my other scrap busting projects. Have a wonderful weekend! Use a frame hanging kit to add hardware to the stretcher frame or employ the hardware -- hooks, screws and wire -- that came with the frame. Just quilt along the seams that joined the blocks to each other OR consider tying the quilt for a machine-free finish. I like to recommend the quilt-as-you-go approach to new quilt makers, who often want to make a quilt for a queen or king sized bed. Leaving a little tuck at the seam will make your quilt block inaccurate. Have a look at how to frame a patchwork for display on the wall. Sure, you will know it's there, but does it matter? If you sign up at, Or …go straight to one of my currently most popular PDF patterns – the. I loved the tip about pinning the angled intersections. Get email updates and never miss out on new free patterns, printables and tutorials. Why, yes, there is. Your email address will not be published. Many many more hiding behind the camera, so stay tuned for more! Now she spends part of her time away from fabrics, sewing machines and quilting frames. These are some excellent tips. Make sure the glass front is free of any stains or dust – you might need to wipe it first. When you quilted your blocks, you already reinforced the patchwork and evenly attached the batting to prevent shifting or bunching over years of use. a picture frame. A 3/8" seam allowance ensures that I still have a full 1/4" of quilt top fabric in those seam allowances. I loved the process of sewing (improvisation, yey!) There's batting in my seam allowances!?!?!" Happy quilting! Glue basting seam allowances is another good method and it’s becoming quite popular. 5. This way, you can create the perfect gift, or decorate your home like a pro. I will give it a try soon. I’ts an affordable way to get your creative projects on display. Step 4: (alternative) Protect the quilt in a shadowbox. If you love patchwork and sewing mini quilts but wish to prevent them from gathering dust on the wall, have a look at this easy how-to. Easy! I have been making quilts for years, but always enjoy learning how to sew better. Make sure seam intersections are aligned and pin them well.

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