The level of vibrancy of any communications, and whether the communications are meeting community needs, are also salient metrics. Stack Overflow is an open platform where programmers can find answers for free and answer other users’ questions for upvotes and reputation purposes. Call attention to recent discussion board threads, blog posts of interest, and recently-edited wiki pages. FeverBee has created an in-depth resource covering the entire ROI calculation process including the best data sources to look into and the common pitfalls leading to over or undervaluing a community. At its simplest, it measures the efficacy of an investment. Then send the message to the target audience and post it to the KM program's web site. Nir Eyal’s hook model uses internal and external triggers to nudge the audience into participating in and contributing to the community. Is there an old community that is inactive but could be resurrected or migrated to form the new community? Brown and Duguid explain the knowledge capture process as follows: “A rep submits a suggestion first to a local expert on the topic. In classical Greece, for instance, “corporations” of metalworkers, potters, masons, and other craftsmen had both a social purpose (members worshiped the same deities and celebrated holidays together) and a business function (members trained apprentices and spread innovations). Because communities connect people to each other and enable knowledge to flow between them, they are a powerful enabler of knowledge sharing. identified guidelines for creating a community, Communication Technologies in Today’s Organizations, Digital Habitats: Stewarding Technology for Communities, create a feedback loop that keeps members returning, sometimes overlapping roles of employees in communities, the ability to change behavior is the primary success metric, up to 30 percent of knowledge workers’ time is spent searching for data, Balancing Act: How to Capture Knowledge Without Killing It, measure improvements in the user experience, The Cultural Anthropology of Stack Exchange. Hewlett-Packard has an internal CoP composed of the group’s North America-based product delivery consultants. For more details, see Community of Practice Tools: e-SCENT-ials. Local organizations tend to think of creating local communities and sharing within them, but are reluctant to expand to a global community. The number of participants varies; however, in his book, “The Tipping Point,” Malcolm Gladwell documents several examples where companies or organizations have found that optimally efficient group sizes include 150 members or less. Include a summary of a community event, a useful link, or a thought-provoking topic to stimulate discussion. This is not the case for communities of practice. Customer satisfaction, for example, increases with a successful external community. Through communities individuals find the answers to those needs of sociality, belonging and experiences’ sharing that organizations succeed to satisfy with growing difficult. Innovate through brainstorming, building on each other's ideas, and keeping informed on emerging developments. Although not an internal system, Stack Exchange has effectively built a community – and subsequently captured knowledge – that nearly every programmer has used as a reference. Key components of communities of practice (Wenger, 1998a, p.73, as cited in Kok, n. d.) Face-to-face meetings help overcome this challenge by introducing members to one another. It also consists of the careful management of contributions according to community members’ skill level. However, although these measurements can assess the community’s success in attracting participation, they do not measure whether learning has actually occurred. CoPs, because of their voluntary nature, often last much longer and may eventually replace a CoE. Look for relevant discussions that are taking place in email exchanges, public distribution lists, or outside of your organization. Based on ten years of practice, I provide a checklist for success with Communities of Practice. To keep members enthusiastic, the infrastructure should provide ongoing content that participants find valuable and that attracts new members. After adding these new members, be sure that some useful posts are made to demonstrate the value of remaining subscribed to the threaded discussion. Look for people who have declared a specialty, expertise, or an interest in the topic, and invite them to join the community or subscribe them to the threaded discussion. So, let’s take a look at some of the best examples. Speakers can be from within or outside the community. American Management Systems organizes a yearly competition to identify the best stories. But the advantage of CoPs is that the learning they facilitate and the advancements they promote occur organically once the basic components are established.

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