The long awaited Qiantu K50 electric supercar from China is finally ready. China's NextEV claims its NIO E9 is the world's fastest electric car. It will be officially launched on the Chinese car market on the 8th of August 2018. The 1360hp NIO EP9 Is World’s Fastest Electric Supercar From China News Desk; November 26, 2016 May 15, 2017; Chinese Cars, Electric Vehicles, International, News, Video; Chinese automobile manufacturer NextEV introduced its global brand of electric cars NIO in London on Monday. Our company started to produce this car in 2014 and it took us three and half a year to finish it from the time when we prepared to manufacture it. The Qiantu K50, the latest China vehicle aimed at the United States, is a high-performance supercar with electric motors at both ends SUBSCRIBE NOW 99¢ per month for 3 months With cool outlook, the CAMMUS electric supercar is a pure electric super car , the first handmade one in China. Here's a look at why the country is becoming a hotbed of electric vehicle activity. BYD E-Seed: made with a little help from ex-Ferrari and Merc men too An all-electric sedan, Geometry A is the first car to be released under Geely's new pure electric brand, Geometry.. The Qiantu K50 is manufactured by Qiantu Motors, a company owned by CH Auto, which is a Beijing based automotive technology company. The E-Seed GT is, of course, a little removed from BYD’s more workaday electric SUVs and crossovers, but it certainly shows ambition. The most accomplished result since then is surely the classically proportioned gullwing supercar concept shown in China this week. The operating system graphics are similar. Geometry A by Geely. In interior the Youxia X is the first car planned with a Tesla-like center console touch screen. This car has more than 10 thousands spare parts made by ourselves and all handmade. YOUXIA Electric Supercar of China.

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