The R&D team has more than 50 aerospace and automation professionals, over 70% of which are master and doctor. The Dynam Spitfire is a fantastic looking RC plane. The attention to detail is excellent from the replica small guns to the engine exhaust. Promise: People-Oriented, Customers First, Development in harmony, Target:  Hobby rc  Expert, Going to pay back the community. The employees should regard themselves as service staff, so as to carry out the policy of “To offer best customer service, to create company service personality” and build up the sense of service. To develop the good sense of service.“To offer best customer service, to build up company service personality” need teamwork spirits of all departments, not only depending on a single department. 4ch transmitter 3.  Wing Span:       961mm It has strong power to do loops, rolls and other warbird … Dynam airplanes come complete with a vast array of features that range from convenient and innovative to proactive and future-facing, allowing you to trust in your investment for far longer with a product that is more reliable, high-performing and built to last. Airplane kit With full of passion and innovation, the enterprise is striving to developing itself continuously. Tool package, Receiver We hope our excellent products,warm-hearted service can obtain your favors! DYNAM is provided with some plenty experience engineers on rc domain and advanced electric equipment, assure the products are high performance.  2. Channel: 5 Channel What we are doing? Our products export to more than 120 countries and regions, and bring excellent enjoyment to the users around the world. For intermediate pilots, Dynam also produces scale warbirds such as the F4U Corsair, T-28, F6F Hellcat, Spitfire, B-26 Marauder, P-51 Mustang, FW-190, P-47, Hawker Hurricane, Hawker Tempest, and the BF-109. For intermediate pilots, Dynam also produces scale warbirds such as the F4U Corsair, T-28, F6F Hellcat, Spitfire, B-26 Marauder, P-51 Mustang, FW-190, P-47, Hawker Hurricane, Hawker Tempest, and the BF-109.  Motor:           Brushless A-22 Purpose: Do our best to satisfy the customers. The average flight times are about 5-20 minutes. Dynam model Co.,Ltd , founded in 2005, is a vibrant company who makes long-term commitment to development, manufacturing and sales of industrial intelligent UAV, intelligent mechanical and electrical equipment, intelligent electronic control product, precision sensors and servos. Dynam offers some great twin-engine RC Airplanes including the Grand Cruiser, PBY Catalina, C-47 Skytrain, and DC3. Dynam Model Co.,Ltd,a professional company integrated in the design, development, production and marketing of aircraft models. Wholeheartedly welcome your support and cooperation!. for: RC helicopter, RC airplane, RC products  4.  Servo:           9gX4pcs  Wing area:       13.2dm2 Now is your best opportunity to join our company, RC airplane products account for a growing market share.  Radio:           4CH, Reviewz package contents  Item: DY8930, SPECIFICATION: Our industrial zone covers 20 acres and has 28000m² modernized industrial buildings, which consists of precisely manufacture model workshop, CNC machining center, electronic workshop, quality-control center and injection molding workshop. It devotes to making the user has the perfect flight experience by developing leading-edge production. As a team of Dynam loyal followers, we commit to continue providing high quality products to hobbyist around the world. It has strong power to do loops, rolls and other warbird maneuvers. Product Name: SPITFIRE Product Description: 4CH RTF RC Airplane Item: DY8930 SPECIFICATION: Total Length: 789mm Wing Span: 961mm Wing area: 13.2dm2 Battery: 11.1V Li-Po 1250MAH Motor: Brushless A-22 Servo: 9gX4pcs Radio: 4CH Reviewz package contents 1. Dynam Model Limited Company profile details,  3. Product Name: SPITFIRE Dynam Model, realize dream, colorful sky. Dynam Model has two brands: Dynam, Dynam Model. The enterprise has 2 software copyrights, 3 invention patents and dozens of utility model patents. If you have a need for speed, Dynam also has a great lineup of RC jets including the Turbo LearJet, A-10, Me-262, and Meteor sports jet. 4ch transmitter All of these reflect that the enterprise always gives priority to quality of production. The details are as below: Now what you are waiting for,please join us and to be one of our member quickly! DYNAM is a manufacturer that it is main produce RC products and sale. Dynam Model—major in UAVs and UAV core components. Like with all the Dynam airplanes, the detail is outstanding and is why customers keep coming back to Dynam. Dynam Model has already accumulated rich experience in the fields of UVA (unmanned aerial vehicle) and approved as a National New High-tech enterprise. For absolute quality control for your Dynam RC electric model airplane, has worked to bring official replacement parts and components into our online store to ensure you always have the best experience possible.  Total Length:    789mm For beginner pilots, the Hawk Sky v2, J3 Cub, Primo and Scout are all great choices. Together with Detrum Tech radio and TomCat motor/ESC, which are all under one manufacturer, we provide full line of RC products. Just a few of the many unique features in Dynam RC model airplanes include pre-installed EDFs, energy efficient motor designs, electronic retractable landing gear systems, powerful brushless outrunner motors and much more. Li-po battery 11.1V 1250mAh Dynam—major in airplanes and relate electronic parts. The core enterprise culture of service will come into being in the enterprise. from product development, manufacture and service. The Dynam Spitfire is made from a high strength EPO foam which an extremely durability material. Weight:8.8g We are recruiting distributors and agents all around the world.  1. Regardless of whether your landing gear is damaged, your ailerons are misaligned, or your model’s fuselage is broken, our team can help you select the ideal part and get airborne once again.

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