The Macy program has been expanded to serve 1,200 students. A little progress each day adds up to big results. The dress code is simple and affordable. Keep in mind that the grades you receive for the third marking period are the grades that show in your permanent transcript. The protest occurred over installation of airport-style metal detectors and x-ray scanners, which had already been installed in many other schools throughout New York City. Sugar Ray Robinson, champion prizefighter (class of 1938). [16], DeWitt Clinton teams are known as the Governors; there are approximately 35 teams. The History wing is named "Guernsey Hall" in his memory, and one can still see the library cart named "Doc's Special" on which he sat while students wheeled him to class during the last years of his tenure when he was sick. The Health Occupations S.L.C. Advanced Macy students are invited to join the even more selective Einstein Program, which has about 50 students in each grade. As of 2006, the school has a large Hispanic population, followed by African-Americans and Asians. The cricket team's formation was encouraged by the large number of South Asians. Location: 100 West Mosholu Parkway South, Bronx NY 10468. The program offers Specialized and Advanced Technology (SMT) courses, Science, Math, English, Law, Government, Philosophy and Great Books. Theater is vulgar in the best sense'", "DeWitt Clinton Hidh School, Bronx, New York", "Bruce Jay Friedman Is Hanging by His Thumbs",,, "Writer Creates a Scholarship for Journalists", "In Memoriam: Richard D. Heffner 1925 – 2013 - The Open Mind, Hosted by Alexander Heffner", "Stanley Kauffmann, Critic, Dies at 97; Spent a Half-Century at the Movies", "William M. Kunstler: the most hated lawyer in America", "Selling a Dream of Elegance and the Good Life", "A Heritage Press Retrospective-How These Books Came to Be", "Sunday Interview with Bob Poydasheff: 'Fort Benning is Columbus and Columbus is Fort Benning, "Mario A. Procaccino, 83, Who Lost to Lindsay in 1969, Dies", "Rangel, Charles B. [21], The institution was featured in A Walk Through The Bronx with David Hartman and historian Barry Lewis. The school receives government aid because of the low income status of its students. Perhaps its most famous teacher was history teacher Dr. Irwin Guernsey, known to generations of students as "Doc" Guernsey. Facing the main entrance of the building, Paul Avenue runs to the east and Goulden Avenue to the west. Borough: Bronx. This school was renamed for New York governor DeWitt Clinton in 1900.[5]. The school faces Mosholu Parkway, and has its turf field and track behind it, followed by the softball field, and then the school's baseball and grass football field, Alumni Field. Copyright 2016 © DeWitt Clinton High School. Some teams which no longer exist, such as fencing and rifle. It is after this point that DeWitt Clinton's territory ends, meeting that of Bronx Science. School Number: X440. These include Forensic Science, Robotics, Anatomy, Business, Consumer Chemistry and Electricity. DeWitt Clinton Ramsey, admiral, US Navy (class of 1908). Hutch Press. It was under this principal that the school moved to its current location in the Bronx. This program has even more rigorous academic performance requirements. Visitors who have addressed Clinton assemblies include: Public high school in Bronx, New York, United States, Organization-houses/small learning communities. [19], The school is located at Latitude: 40.88111 : Longitude: -73.8875[20], The ceiling of a hallway had a 1930s mural by Alfred Floegel called "Constellations", a part of the Federal Art Project. EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTION. Recently, DeWitt Clinton High School has received poor evaluations from the New York City Department of Education. In 1996, Clinton was selected by Redbook magazine as one of the five most improved schools in America. In 1999, Geraldine Ambrosio became the first woman to hold the principal's post at the school. He came to Clinton in the fall of 1914 and retired in the spring of 1959, due to illness. From its original building on West 13th Street in Manhattan, it moved in 1906 to its second home on 59th Street and Tenth Avenue (now the site of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice). The third marking period began on Monday, November 7th, 2016! The Macy Program, begun in 1985 with funding from the Macy Foundation,[8] attracts intelligent, hard-working children and preparing them for exceptionally selective colleges. DeWitt Clinton High School in the Bronx. DeWitt Clinton High School, Bronx, NY. [12] In November 2016, after Department of Education investigators found evidence of grade tampering, Taveras was removed as principal.[13]. Students receive chromebooks and … Accessibility: Partially Accessible. We offer a huge variety of rigorous academics that help drive all of our students to success. After more than a century of operations, producing a raft of accomplished alumni, DeWitt Clinton High School in the early 21st century has faced serious problems involving student performance and security. DeWitt Clinton High School has a rich history of educating students in the Bronx for over 100 years. School Contacts and Information. [14] The Macy Honors Gifted Program in the Sciences and Humanities has its own teachers, and a nine-period day compared to the regular New York City eight-period day. He was also head of the Honors Association, Arista. DeWitt Clinton High School is located at 100 West Mosholu Parkway South. From at least 1998 to 2002 some students went directly into the Excel program. Location: Conference Room, School Closed till Tuesday, January 3, 2017 Designed to be the Largest Building and One of the Best Appointed for Such an Institution in the Country", "Making it Work; F's to A's in the Bronx", "Santiago Taveras, a former DOE official, returning as a principal", "Principal removed for changing grades to boost graduation rates", "Macy, Coordinator: P. McCabe-Department Information", "DeWitt Clinton High School- School Newspaper", "DeWitt Clinton High School, Bronx, New York, USA", "A historic decades-old mural was painted over at a New York high school during a repair project", "A Walk Through The Bronx. Published yearly, the historic color edition of this magazine came out May 2007. Prominent graduates from DeWitt Clinton High School include celebrities, politicians, business people, athletes and more. 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Opened in 1897 in Lower Manhattan and initially operated as an all-boys school, it maintained that status for nearly 100 years. Location: 100 West Mosholu Parkway South, Bronx, NY 10468; Phone: 718-543-1000; Fax: 718-548-0036; School Website; Overview School Quality Reports. about the Program", "DeWitt Clinton High School Chorus-Trailer-Showtimes-Cast-Movies-New York Times", "He's Agent 86'd – 'Get Smart' Star Don Adams Dies", "DeWitt Clinton High School, Bronx, New York", "Theater; Lured Back for One Last Great Role", "Ewing, Five Former Knicks Among NBA's 50 Greatest", "Plus: Track and Field – National Scholastic Championships - Ayre of the Bronx Speeds to Victory", "The DWC Alumni Website- Notable Alumni Hall of Fame", Allyn, Bobby "DeWitt Clinton's Remarkable Alumni", "Afterglow; BALDWIN Early Novels and Stories By James Baldwin Edited by Toni Morrison; The Library of America; Volume I: 970 pp., $35; Volume II: 870 pp., $35", "Flawed look at career of blacklisted director", "Martin Balsam Is Dead at 76; Ubiquitous Character Actor", "Longtime activist and Assemblyman Samuel Bea is dead at 80", "Lou Bender, Columbia Star Who Helped Popularize Basketball in New York, Dies at 99", "A Birthday Salute to the Father of Public Relations - For Immediate Release: Edward Bernays Is 100", "Harlem artist Robert Blackburn remembered", "World Series / No Ordinary Path / After up-and-down times, Bronx' Borbon Jr. up again", "Al Casey: Swinging guitarist with Fats Waller", "Another Year, Another Oscar Strategy – Movies: Gilbert Cates finds a different set of circumstances for this year's Academy Awards, his second as producer of the annual awards show.

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