Flexibility to increase or decrease production of raw materials or components may be lost as the company may need to sustain a level of production in pursuit of economies of scale. Business integration is a strategy which is used to synchronize information technology (IT) to achieve immediate goals and objectives aligning with business culture. A company can also opt to go the horizontal integration via internal expansion, through acquisition or merger. Forward integration is a business strategy that involves a form of vertical integration whereby business activities are expanded to include control of the direct distribution of a company’s products. It determines the growth objective of the company, i.e. It may also employ vertical integration to take over the reins of distribution of its products. That destination affects all the strategies and decisions in every other part of your business. It can be a supplier, a distributer, packaging firm any of these. By acquiring Otlan, Ferrero improved quality of its product the hazelnut chocolate that gives a unique taste to many of its popular products, such as Nutella, Ferrero Rocher and Kinder Bueno. — Business Strategy Simulation Games My core teaching areas are Marketing Strategy and General Management. In forward integration, you take steps to assume the role previously provided by one of your distributors (forward in the supply chain). Both Facebook and Instagram work in the same sector of social media and were in similar business such as photo-sharing services. I am a creative individual; I write because I have the urge to translate expressions of life. If you’re happy with your business’s current position in the market, you may adopt a “no change” strategy. All three levels — corporate, business, and functional — influence each other to the point that if one fails, the others begin to break down as well. With a dedicated corporate level strategy, your organization will get valuable insight into the myriad factors that affect the way you do business, such as: The knowledge and power you gain when you have control over these factors can help you increase your market share like never before. In backward integration, you take steps to assume the role previously provided by one of your. Made around the world. In forward integration, you take steps to assume the role previously provided by one of your distributors (forward in the supply chain). It gives you the focus and foresight necessary to keep your business running smooth and strong through the ups and downs of your industry. Continue doing what you’re doing, but plan for a time when you want to grow or retrench. 3) Integrated An integrated business level strategy combines the ideas of low cost and differentiation into one common goal. Think of it as testing the waters before committing to a specific strategy. A company can think of acquisitions and mergers for horizontal integration in the following situations: The advantages of horizontal integration are economies of scale, increased differentiation (more features that distinguish it from its competitors), increased market power, and the ability to capture new markets. As touched upon earlier, the management of a company should be able to handle the bigger organisation efficiently if the advantages of horizontal integration are to be realised. The second is backward integration, a method of vertical integration in which a firm will gain ownership of its supplier. Implementing a corporate level strategy may seem like a complicated process — especially if you’ve never had one. Rather than growing to new markets, you would attempt to increase profits by: You would use a stable investigation strategy as an intermediary between the other extremes of corporate level strategy (growth and retrenchment). TATA manufactures low value, long and flat steel products while Corus produced high value stripped products. So, you know that your business needs to break into new markets to survive (hence your corporate level strategy). Progressive companies use that data as part of their strategic planning process as well as the planned execution of that strategy. That can make it much easier to define the specific actions that your business needs to succeed. There is a third type of vertical integration, called balanced integration, which is a judicious mix of backward and forward integration strategies. A deep analysis of its strengths and resources will help it make the right choice. But the fact is that the diversity in my career has strengthened me as a person and definitely enhanced my skills. as an intermediary between the other extremes of corporate level strategy (growth and retrenchment). The quality of goods supplied earlier by external sources may fall because of a lack of competition. — Management Consulting. The best way to answer that is to put it in context with the other types of, The same concept applies to business strategy. Corporate level strategies, by nature, are far reaching and will affect the entire organization for the better — from the owners at the top down to the new employee just starting out. Ikea said the deal would allow it to manage wood sustainably at affordable prices. That becomes the guiding force for everything your business does from now on. A ca… Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. corporate level strategy. You want your business to adapt and cope with consumer demands and market and industry changes. When everything else has failed to make the business profitable, you may choose to cease production, sell all your assets, and close the business completely. One of the biggest examples of horizontal integration is of Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012 for about $1 billion. Because corporate level strategies apply to your business as a whole, they are naturally going to be more complex. That’s because they are extremely broad and often incorporate a great many moving parts (the success of your departments, the market, your competition, the economy, etc.). As a teacher, I have always maintained the academic rigor in my classroom, I have always believed and practiced academic engagement while lecturing, I believe in experiential teaching-learning. Increased market power: The new company, because of the merger of companies, will become a bigger customer for its old suppliers. Corporate level strategy is the top of the planning pyramid. The same concept applies to business strategy. But with a strong corporate level strategy, your business can be proactive instead of reactive. And a comprehensive corporate level strategy can set your business on the path to increased efficiency in all areas. — Core Competencies In simpler terms, horizontal integration is the acquisition of a related business: a fast-food restaurant chain merging with a similar business in another country to gain a foothold in foreign markets. I love meeting people, reading, travelling, listening to music, cooking, gardening, teaching, writing. Think of it as testing the waters before committing to a specific strategy. In a concentration growth strategy, you would focus resources in order to increase the vertical or horizontal participation in your respective market. If one breaks down, you may be able to limp along for a while, but eventually, the car will quit running. direction, timing, extent and pace of the firm’s growth. This strategy allows flexibility in both price and added value. Corporate level strategies shouldn’t be set in stone. Corporate-level strategy, on the other hand, is used when deciding what business units to sell and purchase, and how to integrate operations and find synergies between them. As a company grows bigger with horizontal integration, it might become too rigid, and its procedures and practices may become unfriendly to change. The corporate strategy gives your business a goal to shoot for and provides a road map of sorts for how to get there. Blogging has been a recent addition and am loving it. Economies of scale: The bigger, horizontally integrated company can achieve a higher production than the companies merged, at a lower cost. That may mean expanding existing production lines or implementing completely new ones to produce the parts you need to build your primary product. There are two types of integration strategies: horizontal and vertical. Read about our services and pricing. The acquisition or merger helps the main acquiring company to increase its size, diversify its product offerings or services, achieve economies of scale, help in gaining access in a new market, and of course reduce competition. Romanian Government welcomed the Ikea deal but conservationists are concerned that it may pave the way for encroachment into areas such as the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains.

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