Recipe: Weeknight Lemon Chicken Skillet Dinner. Breaded and oven-fried chicken breasts are briefly baked with prepared spaghetti sauce and mozzarella cheese. A delicious, classic chicken dish -- lightly coated chicken breasts braised with Marsala wine and mushrooms. A satisfying casserole with all of your fall favorites. Watch our videos to get expert advice. The light and luscious lemon sauce really pops without being too acidic; it is simply divine. She is known for her chicken and noodles, and everyone thinks she makes them from scratch. ​Pineapple juice and a variety of spices and seasonings flavor these simple baked boneless chicken breasts. You can serve it over rice, use it to top a taco salad, as the stuffing for tacos, and more. Recipe: Skillet Chicken with Beans and Greens. Lemon Cream Chicken. Broth isn't just for winter, try our spring version with plenty of greens and meaty chicken breast. Great served over rice. We make it every year for our Halloween block party. Get inspired! Alternatively, make the recipe vegetarian by topping with chunky, fresh guacamole, Ready in under 20 minutes, this burger with spiced chipotle chicken breast, in toasted brioche with guacamole, makes for a satisfying weeknight treat for one. Use chicken breast cutlets or tenders in the recipe. The Spruce Eats uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using The Spruce Eats, you accept our, Top 61 Best Boneless Chicken Breast Recipes, 35 Chicken Breast Recipes for Delicious Family Meals, 54 Dinner Casserole Recipes for Easy Family Meals, Simple Crock Pot Chicken and Turkey Recipes, 22 Surprisingly Easy Baked Boneless Chicken Breast Recipes, 18 Quick and Easy Instant Pot Chicken Recipes. ‘Tis the season to ditch your all-white palette in favor of something a little bolder and brighter. Coconut milk, fish sauce, red curry paste, and ginger add authentic Thai taste to this boneless chicken breast dish. Enjoy! Recipe: Sheet Pan Greek Chicken with Roasted Potatoes. These chicken breasts are sautéed and then finished with tomatoes, capers, lemon juice, and chicken stock. A real kid-pleaser! The Instant Pot produces tender, juicy chicken breasts every time, easily answering the age-old question, "What's for dinner?" This tasty curry sauce flavors these boneless skillet chicken breasts. It's baked to perfection without any fuss, and you only need 4 ingredients! Serve chicken over hot cooked rice or noodles. Phoot: Beth Dreiling Hontzas, Credit: MyRecipes, Credit: Chicken breasts need to reach an internal temperature of 165 degrees F in the thickest part of the breast before they are safe to eat. A happier bird makes for happier food Cheese, spinach & mushroom stuffed chicken, Mexican-style bean soup with shredded chicken & lime, Spring vegetable broth with shredded chicken, Popcorn chicken with zingy soured cream dip, Smashed avocado with crispy chicken, pickled onions & tortillas, Real chicken nuggets with smoky BBQ sauce. Baked Boneless Chicken Thighs That Are Our New Go To. Make sure to serve with plenty of pan gravy. You can freeze chicken breasts, well wrapped to keep out any air, for up to 3 months. BBC Good Food online webinarsExpand your cooking skills with our online masterclasses. Photo: Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Missie Neville Crawford; Food Styling: Torie Cox, For a quick and easy dinner option, you should always keep a pack of, Credit: Photo: Antonis Achilleos; Prop Styling: Missie Neville Crawford; Food Styling: Torie Cox, Credit: Chicken breasts are fast, easy, and anything but boring. Here are 20 of the best recipes that are loved by our community. Recipe: Chicken with Artichokes and Wild Mushrooms.

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