Thus the parents can submit their Application form for Nursery Admission In Delhi Private Schools 2021-22 on Open Seats. The Portal for applying opens on 7 January 2021. If you do not receive an automated email within one working day confirming that your application has been received, please contact the school. However, for any latest news and updates regarding Delhi Private School Admission Form is check here regularly. A copy of the passport photo page or birth certificate of the child (all applicants), A copy of the passport photo page or birth certificate of the parents/legal guardians (all applicants), Proof of employment in Denmark (for example copy of recent contract, pay slip or letter from employer) (Category a, b1 and b2 applicants), Proof of employment abroad where one or both parents are returned Danish employees working in Danish or international companies and organisations and have had a permanent workplace outside Denmark for a total of one year within the last five years (only Category b2 applicants). Applicants have the right to withdraw their application, and can have their personal data deleted at any time by contacting the school. Alternatively, you may contact the Municipality of Copenhagen’s Data Protection Officer, Tel: +45 71 74 54 54. RECENT PHOTOGRAPH [B2 size 3”x2”] of the candidate [child in the centre and parents on either side]. Copy of the child's school report from last year (all applicants). 3rd. Affidavits / horoscopes will not be accepted. The site will be disabled thereafter. If you have any questions or concerns regarding data protection, please contact the school. The last date to apply for nursery admission is December. ENQUIRY FORM FOR NURSERY PLACE at Chadwell Primary School Applications for admission into Nursery are to be made directly to the school. Hence, please do not be misled by persons who promise admission for a fee. Those belonging to the BPL category must attach a copy of the BPL Card, duly attested by the BDO. Before you apply, please note that your application must be accompanied by the following supporting documentation: Your application will be assessed based on the documentation you submit at the time of your application. There will be no refund of fees. Without the required documentation, the application is incomplete and will not be processed. Discrepancy in any of the submitted documents for admission, will lead to automatic cancellation of the seat. Application for Nursery Admission September 2020 - August 2021. Refer SUBMISSION OF FORM for further instructions. The APPLICATION FORM FOR NURSERY 2021-22 will be available ONLINE ONLY at a cost of Rs.200/- (Rupees two hundred only) between 26th October and 30th October 2020. PROCEDURE FOR APPLICATION TO NURSERY 2021-22 GO TO website Entries made after payment will not be accepted. Once you start the application process, you must complete it or the information you have entered will be lost and you will have to start again. September 2020 - August 2021. For details of NAME and AGE – refer ‘ELIGIBILITY’ below. If you are admitted to the school, the information will also be used for school and after school care enrolment and administration purposes. The application deadline for admission to our new Danish, English and French Nursery classes is January 15th 2021. Application for Nursery Admission. The Last date to submit an Application form at schools is 27th December 2020. Proof of guardianship of children not living with their parents (if applicable). The information on how to apply for a … ONLY ONE category to be selected from ‘CATEGORY’ below. Letters of Recommendation or pressure from any source will not be considered. The application process for these places will begin on 1 September 2021 with children due to start from September 2022. Please note that submitting an application does not guarantee a place at the school. PRINT THE APPLICATION FORM and paste the same photograph [B2 size 3”x2”] in the space provided. PAYMENT will be accepted only after final submission of the form. The age limit is 3 to 4 years for nursery, 4 to 5 years for KG and 5 to 6 years for class 1 (31 March). A statement from current teachers that documents the level of language 1, language 2 (first foreign language) and a description of the pupil’s social competences and strengths -, Municipality of Copenhagen Data Protection Officer. Candidates belonging to the SC / ST / OBC must attach a copy of the Caste / Tribe Certificate in the name of the candidate or father. Admission is based on criteria set by the Municipality of Copenhagen, a language screening and availability of spaces in the class you are applying for. It is obvious that all candidates cannot be accommodated. By submitting your application, you agree that your information may be used for the purposes of assessing your child's application for a place at the school. Applications will be kept for 24 months after notification of the outcome of the application, after which your personal data will be deleted. The documentation should be uploaded as PDF files. For data protection, we do not recommend that you send personal data or missing documentation to the school's email address. The certificate should have been issued within a year of the child’s birth; otherwise, the application will be rejected. DOWNLOAD THE FILLED-IN APPLICATION FORM – THIS IS MANDATORY. FILL IN RELEVANT DETAILS in the form - All fields must be filled in and required documents uploaded, as applicable. The information provided should be true and correct at the time of submission and if your circumstances change, you are obliged to inform the school. INFORMATION REGARDING ADMISSION TO NURSERY FOR THE YEAR 2021-2022, Parent’s Gate-pass / Child’s or Parent’s Medical Book, Caste Certificate of candidate or father / BPL Card, Candidate having their own sibling in Little Flower School, PROCEDURE FOR APPLICATION TO NURSERY 2021-22. REQUISITE CHARGES OF RS.200/- TO BE PAID ONLINE ONLY. Aadhar Card – Xerox copy - not mandatory at this stage. BIRTH CERTIFICATE issued by the Notified Area Committee / Municipality / Corporation. Delhi Nursery Admission 2021-22 Application Form – Like last year, this year also the Directorate has set the upper age limit. Documentation check list Before you apply, please note that your application must be accompanied by the following supporting documentation: After you have submitted your application and you have received an email confirmation with a link to 'My pages', you will be able to upload additional documentation to your application if required. The link for download will be enabled after requisite payment is made online. The school does not accept donations in cash or kind for admission, directly or indirectly. Please note that if applying for Nursery, parents should apply to both the full-time and part time settings as 1st and 2nd choice if they want to be considered for all 52 Nursery places at the school. Therefore, do not rely on this school only. BAPTISM CERTIFICATE in case of Catholics/Christians. The application deadline for admission to our new Danish, English and French Nursery classes is January 15th 2021.

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