SARALAND AL.....................7.32 Hurricane Gustav made landfall in southeast Louisiana on September 1st in 2008. Several tornado warnings were issued around the Pensacola area. The weak system became extratropical on September 4 and was absorbed by another low on September 5. [58] Mandatory evacuation orders have since been given. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, it was considered to be the worst storm to hit the area since Hurricane Betsy in 1965. LEAKESVILLE MS..................3.76 [57] The residents of low-lying Grand Isle, Louisiana, were under a voluntary evacuation order beginning August 29. The highest rain totals occurred just east of the track of the center of the storm. Cuba's electric company, indicated that a total of 136 electric towers toppled over and that the electrical grid on Isla de la Juventud was 100% damaged. Although downgraded to a tropical storm, it still had a pronounced eye in its mid- and upper-level structures. A fuller assessment of damage can be expected when more residents return to the coastal areas and further insurance claims are filed. NHC Tropical Cyclone Report - Hurricane Gustav LOXLEY AL.......................8.40 STATION 1 MS......3.32 The swirling wind in the stadium tore awnings, threw team benches from the sidelines of the playing field into the stands and littered the stadium with debris.[139]. [109] [4] The tornado also injured two others. Hurricane Gustav, with winds topping 110 miles per hour, slammed into southern Louisiana Monday morning but with far less fury than feared. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration [114], According to Pinar del Río civil defense authorities, 86,000 homes were damaged, 80 electric towers and 600 electric posts fell. PENSACOLA FL (SHERIFF)..........4.50 [60], The Mississippi River was shut to all ship traffic between the Gulf of Mexico and New Orleans on August 30. Most people waited out the storm in private homes or hotels. Local Data [77] Some evacuees were being placed in Northeast Texas, including in Dallas County, Tarrant County, and Tyler, Texas. [110] Total damage in Jamaica was estimated at $210 million. [118] By August 30, 76.77% of oil production and 37.16% of natural gas production in the Gulf of Mexico had been shut in. [73], Hotel and business closures related to Gustav had impact on New Orleans's Southern Decadence celebrations, which were scheduled for August 27 through September 1, 2008. [27], On August 30 Gustav made landfall twice on Cuba: first, on Isla de la Juventud and then on the mainland near the community of Los Palacios in Pinar del Río Province. The seventh tropical cyclone, third hurricane, and second major hurricane of the season, Gustav caused serious damage and casualties in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Cuba and the United States. [55] The following day, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal declared a state of emergency, activating between 3,000 and 8,000 members of the Louisiana National Guard. The maximum amount in Arkansas was at Hamburg, where 11.25 inches (286 mm) had fallen,[145] [38] American Airlines canceled all of its flights into and out of Port-au-Prince on August 26, stranding travelers hoping to escape the storm. Overall, the area was considered to have dodged a bullet. It inundated Jamaica and ravaged Western Cuba and then steadily moved across the Gulf of Mexico. [123] At Ellender High in Houma, the school's new gym was heavily damaged, with a rear wall collapsed. [147], On August 30, President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney canceled their planned attendance at the 2008 Republican National Convention. The storm was also found to have restrengthened nearly to hurricane status. [19] [31] On the evening of August 31, Gustav weakened to a Category 2 hurricane and remained at such intensity until landfall in the U.S.[4] Gustav made landfall along the Louisiana coast with 105 mph (170 km/h) winds near Cocodrie,[32] at about 9:30 a.m CDT (1430 UTC). In Plaquemines Parish, Parish President Billy Nungesser flew in a helicopter counting the number of vessels and barges that potentially would be a safety issue to people, property, and the levee system during a hurricane. Instead, the news services, "echoing a Yankee press organization dedicated to the media war and campaigns against Cuba," reported about the defection of TV actor Yamil Jaled. Fast Access 930,000 chickens had to be euthanized. [22][23] [105] Two more were killed in southwestern Haiti when their house collapsed. Many streets were closed due to high water as the heavy rain could not run off due to above normal tides. Satellite proved to be temporary as a well-defined eye wall formed that same night. Panhandle beaches had rip currents,[143] and officials in Pensacola Beach had been passing out pamphlets warning of deadly rip currents that could continue for days. [54], According to Haiti's National Director of Civil Protection, 77 people died as a result of the hurricane. A tropical storm watch was issued for the Haitian coast, north of Port-au-Prince to the northern border with the Dominican Republic. [2][3], Once into the Gulf, Gustav gradually weakened because of increased wind shear and dry air. In Alabama, scattered damage already reached multimillion-dollar levels, with the destruction of the Dauphin Island berm (sand dune barrier) by storm surge waves,[142] flood damage to island roads & homes,[142] and extensive flooding around Bayou La Batre. "[155], Because of the damage and deaths, on April 22, 2009, the name Gustav was retired by the World Meteorological Organization. [36][37], The Haitian government ordered emergency shelters to prepare. Gustav continued to strengthen and gained hurricane status early on the 26th as it approached Hispaniola. Awareness Weeks Gustav made landfall that same day as a Category 2 hurricane in Cocodrie, Louisiana with 105 mph winds. Sept. 1, 2008, Gustav, ... Read the list of all Louisiana hurricanes here. LOXLEY AL.......................8.00 [152] Obama also announced that he would ask his large network of donors and volunteers to contribute money, goods and work to assist victims of the storm according to what was most needed after the storm hit. Its outflow improved throughout the night of August 26,[20] [111], On Saturday August 30, 2008, Gustav made landfall on mainland Cuba near the community of Los Palacios in Pinar del Río—a region that produces much of the tobacco used to make the nation's famed cigars.

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