You can often overhear heated arguments regarding the topic, with people vehemently claiming one coffee chain to be better than the other. Free and premium plans, Customer service software. Best of all, they somehow manage to pull off sounding both genuine and grandiose. We all know about the infamous rivalry between Dunkin' Donuts and Starbucks. Follow our simple guide to create your own small business description in less than 20 minutes. Seattle Cider Company's profile is fun, and engages the user through compelling graphics that demonstrate the company's cider process. Overall, Delta's company profile is simple and uncluttered, but includes all the necessary information to demonstrate why Delta is unique. It typically describes how you capture value and your unique selling proposition.The following are illustrative examples. Business / 9+ Company Description Examples – PDF. The design allows for users to click-through if they want to learn more. We have all the pieces needed to make a powerful business description for your website. The profile reads like a creative story from the very first line -- "In 1887, John W. Nordstrom, at 16 years old, left Sweden for the United States. You can find [product, search term] for [audience or occasion]. Check out this free, downloadable collection of company profile templates. If your company has an interesting and lengthy history, you might consider creating a visual timeline, like Nordstrom did on their company profile. Job Description Example. Additionally, the entire design -- including the page's background, which displays a floor-plan -- mirrors the company's purpose. HubSpot doesn't mention their products until further down the page. Based at: Sparkly New Products Co Ltd, Technology House, Newtown. Here's an example using our fictional company called Terra Engineering. The web page uses clickable boxes to separate topics, allowing users to choose which subject they'd like to learn more about. Nike's company profile portrays a larger, grander vision, compelling an audience to believe in their brand even before they purchase a product. Additionally, Bloomberg's profile proves the company knows its audience -- they offer a few quick statistics, and then link to other areas of the site, such as Careers and Tech. This is a great example of how far you can take the perfect product description formula above and really hit a homerun. A user won't care about what you're selling until they believe in your brand. Interns might be the most under-utilized marketing tool out there. Title: Sales and Marketing Executive. Via Weber. It can intrigue a new visitor to check out your products or services in more detail, and nudge potential customers into choosing your business over competitors. If your company has an interesting and lengthy history, you might consider creating a visual timeline, like Nordstrom did on their company profile. Size: 271 KB. Free and premium plans, Content management system software. If you want to add your company history in a more compact way, consider adding a company timeline, like this one: Here, you'll want to say what your company stands for on a larger scale. Sample: “We’re the Coffee Bean and we’ve been roasting and serving organic coffee here in Toronto since 1981. Ready to get your company profile started but still need some added guidance? I don't know many other coffee stores that could claim, "our mission: to inspire and nurture the human spirit". In just a few words, HubSpot explains that the company's goal is to help businesses grow through its specialized inbound software. The company summary in a business plan—also known as the company description or overview—is a high-level look at what you are as a company and how all the elements of the business fit together. For both cleanliness and ease-of-use, take a look at Diehl Group Architects' company profile. Business Description Examples for Directory Listing. At the end of the day, they both sell coffee -- but they've each cultivated strong, unique brands, and have attracted very different audiences as a result. Starbucks' company profile is a fantastic example of a store with a common household product -- coffee -- managing to stand out from the competition through their mission and values. Keep the description to less than 50 words and include your business name, some background info, and what makes your business unique. Focus on a high-level overview of your company. A business concept is an idea that is the basis for founding or transforming a business. As you scroll, you'll see information on their internal diversity and inclusion initiative, their global community impact, and their sustainable business program, with very little mention of their products. You can link to a Product page if necessary, so keep this section relatively general. Ultimately, this section should help users understand how your employees can uniquely serve them. Aim to express your company's values or mission in your company profile, rather than just your products or services. Below, beside the asteric, it says, "If you have a body, you are an athlete". Here are some great examples: “Since 1994 Jax Fish House has served up the finest and freshest the ocean has to offer to the masses that squeeze into the packed downtown Denver hotspot. Consider adding a timeline or synopsis of your company's history, including information regarding expansion or growth. Here, we'll explore seven of the most creative company profile examples, to ensure you're able to create a company profile in 2019 that will attract and engage the right audience. For more information, check out our privacy policy. Depending on your audience, you might choose to include graphics, visuals, or video. Only recently did it occur to me that this could be ... 7 Creative Company Profile Examples to Inspire You [Templates], 17 Truly Inspiring Company Vision and Mission Statement Examples, Check out this free, downloadable collection of company profile templates, Everything You Need to Know About Employer Branding, Corporate Image: Why Your Brand’s Public Perception Matters More Than Ever Now, 3 Tips For Hiring a Great Marketing Intern. You can find all types of lab equipment for schools and colleges. Outline your audience, differentiators, services and mission. Tell your company's story with the help of our 3 free company profile templates. Job purpose:. Tell your story in a compelling way -- for instance, HubSpot starts their About Us section with, "More than ten years ago, we had a vision -- an inbound world". Additionally, their initial introduction is this: "Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete* in the world". They've included brief meta-descriptions below each category. With a good balance of image and text, the timeline serves as a reminder of Nordstrom's stability and growth. Here's an example: Provide a picture or brief paragraph describing your team -- you might focus on leadership, or provide an explanation of your company's culture.

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