This game was the 3rd McDonalds game that was released during the 8 and 16 bit eras with M.C Kids being the first game released on the NES, with Global Gladiators being released in 1992 for the Sega Genesis, Master System and Game Gear. All graphics, games, and other multimedia are copyrighted to their respective owners and authors. It will not surprise you with unique mechanics but McDonald’s Treasureland Adventure is better than it has any right to be. ( Log Out /  Anyone who remembers playing Contra III: The Alien Wars, Axelay, or Super Castlevania IV are quite familiar with the handiwork of the different members that eventually went on to form Treasure. Genesis / 32X / SCD - McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure - Sound Effects - The #1 source for video game sounds on the internet! At least the gameplay is solid. ( Log Out /  I think if I was a 7 year old who loved McDonalds and I received this game as a gift for a birthday or a Christmas present, then the difficulty of the game would feel absolutely spot on because there is enough challenge so that it is not simplistic, but it is not so unfair that the game feels like a slog to get through. The graphics of the game are fantastic because Ronald actually looks really close to the mascot and the proportions of the sprite are spot on. Mike Matei / September 24th, 2014. Technically each stage is themed but they cover a lot of ground. Learn how your comment data is processed. Only the boss battles present any sort of challenge. One day while walking through a magical forest Ronald McDonald finds a piece of a treasure map. It is also a rare game where I want to learn to speedrun it because the level design offers itself well to speedrunning. Difficulty and length aside it is startling to see a licensed game crafted with such care. BrandeX September 24, 2014 at 8:22 am I really think that Treasure developing this game was great because the vastness of the level design reminds me of Dynamite Headdy with the fact that there are so many routes that the player can take to progress through the game. This game ticks all of the boxes for a fun and interesting platformer and I never expected it to come from a McDonalds licensed game. Gold is currency to purchase jewels and rings to restore health, continues, balloons to save you from pits and extra lives. The game is quite interesting in the way it approaches extra lives and continues because the game starts out with giving the player 3 lives and no continues. The first thing that I really liked about the game was the level design because it was not a simplistic, straightforward, left to right platformer because there is quite a lot to explore in all of the stages of this game. By collecting power-ups you can increase its power and size. The reason why it is a negative is that sometimes I felt that the stages dragged out for much longer than needed and after a while, I just wanted the stage to end, so that I could see what else the game had in store. McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure is a 1993 licensed Platform Game by Treasure (excuse the pun) for the Sega Genesis. Granted, McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure doesn’t quite have the mechanical brilliance of their later titles – it’s a game that comes off more bizarre than clever. To Ronald's surprise, its the piece of a treasure … © Copyright 2020 Games HAHA. The enemy sprites look good as well and it is easy to identify what each enemy to meant to be and I think that the overall aesthetic of the game is spot on as well. Hmm, didn’t Konami’s Buster’s Hidden Treasure also involve the search for a treasure map? While the game is easy overall I do question who they were targeting with the boss battles. Speaking of stages, there are only 4 stages to this game, which I think is both a negative and a positive. He first appeared in the early 1960s with a different design, which was featured in three commercials, before his design was changed to what he is today. Star magic is your main weapon and starts out weak. When it comes to licensed games like this, I really don’t expect much because quite often these sorts of games sell based upon the power of the brand and in the case of McDonalds, it is a name synonymous with fast food. Don Skiver September 24, 2014 at 12:38 am Oh nice! The biggest obstacle to completing Treasure Land Adventure is probably Looking at the game again, maybe he should have brought some of that McDonald’s personality with him, as this game is about as derivative as you can get. Most experienced gamers should be able to plow through this adventure in less than an hour, and the younger set shouldn’t be that far behind. The game does a good job of giving you enough that you rarely need to grind for progress. Hey, it is Ronald McDonald…. Comments. McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure has been played multiple times and is another one of the many Classic games that we offer, and if you want to play more games we have see the Platformer games page. I preface this review by saying thank you to KoffingRockz for recommending this game to me because it definitely was an interesting game to review and play. Even so, this doesn’t mean the game is a walk in the park. Gunstar Heroes was an unexpected surprise from Sega and established Treasure as a name to follow. Genesis / 32X / SCD - McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure - The #1 source for video game sounds on the internet! Change ), 22/06/2018 (Day 740: RaveTuba: Fellow Super Mario Land 2 Speedrunner And Great Tutor), 23/06/2018 (Day 741: Finally Cleaned My Bedroom Thoroughly). On the other hand, I’m not going to cover my eyes and deny that it’s far short of what Treasure is capable of, and it’s definitely a step down after the incredible debut the team had on the Genesis. like . Don’t let the licensed put you off playing it because the game is great and I really want to revisit it and complete the game. Treasure always know how to put fun gimmicks into games and this is no exception. ≡ Sprite Database SDB Contact Submit Downloads Articles Tags Forums. While it is a title aimed at casual gamers there are still some Treasure elements in there for the hardcore gamers. With that in mind however I do not think anyone expected their follow-up to be a licensed title, and a McDonald’s one at that. Along the way, he collects money bags which can be used to buy extra lives and energy. McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure has been played multiple times and is another one of the many Classic games that we offer, and if you want to play more games we have see the Platformer games page. Thanks again for the recommendation and onto the review. I give it a strong 7/10. McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure (マクドナルドトレジャーランドアドベンチャー) / Donald no Magical World / Ronald in the Magical World. You have a generous eight jewels for health. McDonalds Treasure Land Adventure is perhaps one of the biggest surprises of any of the games I have reviewed so far because I went into the game with really low standards as I have not had good experiences with other McDonalds licensed games. All Images Used Under Fair Use. The difficulty of this game to me personally felt somewhat too easy, but I do need to remember that I am not the target audience for this game. Genesis / 32X / SCD - McDonald's Treasure Land Adventure - The Sounds Resource Wiki Sprites Models Textures Sounds Login However, the reason why it is a positive is because of the fact that the game was obviously targeted at a much younger demographic than me and the game for a younger player I feel would be the perfect length. The large and colorful sprites might help in that cause, and the stages themselves aren’t too hard to navigate. Considering just how clogged the genre was in 1993, I expected much more. I applaud the amount of effort put into the level design because it really added something extra to the game, especially with the fact that the shops in the game, where the player can buy lives and continues are found by exploring the stages.

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